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GpuRamDrive: ImDisk in Graphics Card's RAM:

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Posted 4 days ago

Hi Olof and Everyone
Great app!


RAM is always at a premium and in use (Superfetch etc)
GPU RAM is not.
Most all GPU memory is free and idle except when playing games etc.


allows you to make a RAM Disk in GPU memory using ImDisk's Proxy feature:


Intro and
For Nvidia:


For AMD:
(the original/1st version creates a RAM Disk in system RAM, not GPU VRAM on AMD Graphics Cards)


Wish List: 
(I'm new to ImDisk and still learning, so much of the below may already be do-able with the Toolkit..?)


It would be great if GpuRamDrive was fully integrated into ImDisk so that the VRAM disk could be easily auto created and loaded with files at every boot.


It would be even nicer if said disk was auto mounted as a VHD at boot, so that various disk caching apps (StoreMI, Primocache, Readyboost, HDDTurbo etc) could/would auto use it.


Dynamic resizing would be great!?


The Ram Disk created by GpuRamDrive is dissapointingly slow.
Apparently the software is Proof of Concept with much room for improvement and ImDisk's Proxy feature isn't exactly blisteringly fast either!? :)
It wou be really great if the whole lot were optimised for better speed.
Perhaps multi cored memory access like SoftPerfect's RAM Disk uses??


This would be a great and unique feature for ImDisk..!?

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