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Changes in DumpReg 0.6

Version 0.6
  • V 0.2
  • -reviewed command line
  • -can now dump security hive
  • -dumps usrclass.dat
  • -dumps security hive fine
  • -supports x32/x64 operating systems
  • Version 0.4
  • -tested on xp, win7 and win8.1.
  • -the gui will propose to save/restore COMPONENTS & DRIVERS if the hives are seen in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\hivelist
  • -the cmd support /CO for COMPONENTS, /DR for drivers
  • v 0.5 uploaded.
  • -If drivers and/or components files are found in sysdir\config (and not in registry), then the hive(s) will be loaded and therefore one will be able to save/restore it.
  • v 0.6 uploaded :
  • -compatible with x32/x64 windows.
  • -software hive dump issue fixed.
  • V 0.7
  • -The restore ALL option has been implemented (GUI and CMD).
  • -The GUI now uses regrestorekey as default instead of regreplacekey.
  • -The GUI also offers the option to use one API or the other (options menu).
  • Note that a reboot is required in both scenarios.
  • -The GUI will also create a folder named after the computername in the destination folder to store the saved hives.
  • version 0.7.1
  • -regreplacekey is the default option
  • -restore will propose to reboot once completed
  • -usrclass.dat should be restored ok now
  • -special credits to Wimb in the help->about menu
  • -changed app tile to "Online RegDump" to avoid confusion : regdump is pointless for now under winpe