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A Bunch Of Questions

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Posted 19 November 2009 - 03:28 AM

Hello gurus-
I've had excellent success with LiveXP, getting it to look and act exactly like I want it. I can easily create scripts for whatever apps I want to add, and I use the finished build daily. But...

I thought I should try my hand on VistaPE. After 10 full days of working with VistaPE I have many questions and no hair left. It seems like I've built at least 100 variations- from no apps at all to simple to default to complete to recommended and everything in between. I've literally spent hours trying different search terms in the forums in an effort to find any answers. When it looks like I may have an answer, I find that it refers to an older version of either the script or Winbuilder, neither of which looks anything like what I've got. I downloaded ISO's of versions that others have built sometimes they'll have something working that I don't. For example, 'Sarah's' has Computer Management working (in German, while the rest of the apps are in English) but not networking. 'H33t' has about 14 control panel apps available under 'Computer Mangement', and some actually work. No networking there either, and no Disk Management.

I'm using Winbuilder 78sp4. I've used several versions of Vista DVD's- Home Premium, Business-LRMBVOL_EN, Business-SP1, en_windows_vista-all_with_sp2_x86_dvd_342266 (MSDN). I've tried both versions of Vista AIK. I check every day for changes to the default scripts. I try to run my builds of VistaPE on two different machines- a brand new netbook w/celeron cpu, 4G ram, 250G HD, w7 64-bit, and a core2quad desktop w/XP. I've gotten some of my apps to work- Image4Windows, GetDataBack-NTFS, Partition Wizard HE 4.2. Others give no errors while building- but if the folder exists in Program Files it's empty and there's no shortcut.

So my questions and frustrations today are:
1. 'Addons/Support for running *.CPL files' script- if I use the Explorer shell, Control Panel is empty. There is no Control Panel in BSExplorer but some CPL apps are in Programs/Computer Managment. Is this as good as it gets?
2. Which script is creating the mis-labelled 'Accessibilty' folder? Accessibilty apps are for visually or physically handicapped people, Accessories are Windows apps like Notepad, Paint, etc.
3. Which script is creating empty folders (Imaging, Unlockers, System) under Programs in the Start menu? How does the menu structure work under BSExplorer? Can it be modified?
4. In Programs/Administrative Tools: Neither Computer Management or Disk Management works. Disk Manager error is 'Disk Manager could not start Virtual Disk Service (VDS)' but it if I try to start it manually it says 'The dependency service failed to start'. Device Manager is just empty. Any hints where to start figuring this out?
5. Every time I change screen resolution (System/Screen Resolution/32/1024x768) it opens Windows Explorer automatically.
6. Combo Box: Why can I not disable the password option? Why doesn't MultiRes work?
7. If I try to run MultiRes using it's own script, it hangs every time (but it works in the H33t build).
8. Is there an accurate guide anywhere describing how to create a script? The best I can do is find a script that works and is similar to what I need and then modify it until I get it to work.

I know that this is all created and supplied by volunteers, and I have a real admiration for them and their work. I'm just really frustrated and discouraged. I expect I'll get 'eaten alive' (Hi, Jaclaz) for this post, but I'm sure there are some answers out there that I just can't find.

I'm grateful for any help. Thanks.

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