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Posted 15 January 2007 - 11:53 AM

I'm a new member here........ joined to learn more about the Mindows project, and after installing the slimmed down OS, all I can say is BRILLIANT!!!

I booted of my original win98 cd to Fdisk and change the File system to FAT32 (was running XP ntfs), I then formatted c: then inserted a copy of win98 with the mindow files and changes, ran install.bat and the setup flew!!! I didn’t time it but it seemed like under 10 minutes.

So far so good, although I wasn’t sure if I should have chosen the typical setup, because I chose the Laptop/portable setup hopefully that didn’t take anything out that was needed.

I love the idea of these types of projects, Hack the fat out of the OS and only leave what is absolutely necessary. I am very much a computer minimalist, and am very obsessed with saving as much ram and cpu cycles as possible. I think it would be awesome if everyone had non-bloated OS so that they could get the most out of their PC and even allow the extra speed to do something useful like run one of the distributed computing project that do things like FINDING THE CURE FOR CANCER or searching for extraterrestrial life (SETI@Home)


MicroS*#§ has got things so backwards, instead of building a better future for mankind they cater not to the consumer but to the large companies who want money, money, money. It just really upsets me that new OS's like Vista, go even farther to force DRM on us, and also force use to upgrade all our computers because Vista requirements are ridiculous. Functionality and efficiency should come first and eyecandy second and optional!

Newsflash to Bill 'Micro§*#%' Gates we don't all have tons of money to upgrade our OS's and Hardware every few years, and what about all the people in third world countries who could really benefit from older donated computers with a non-bloated OS that does what is needed to help bridge the 'digital divide' in poor countries, and give every living person in the world the same access to the knowledge and resources that we in the more developed parts of the world now take for granted.

Basically the only people who need the latest and greatest computer hardware are gamers or maybe High end HD multimedia creation artists, but for probably I'd say 95% of the computer users out there we could get by on much much slower computers, if those Micro§*#% programmers would make us a better OS. I'd even argue that for grandma and grandpa who just want to do basic things like check their email and do some surfing, could get by on a 486! that right I said it A SIMPLE 486!!! That is of course if you use the right software that isn’t bloated, sure maybe a few things wont work that great like really flashy websites, but the large majority of websites out there will work just fine.

In my opinion the best thing Micro§*#% has going for it is hardware compatibility, and that is only because the majority of hardware manufacturers make their drivers only for Windows, and so when people go to buy a new computer it comes bundled with a copy of the latest MicroGarbage OS and so part of the money you paid goes to Bill and the rest to the hardware makers, it kind of a symbiotic relationship with these two groups Bill needs hardware for his OS and the hardware makers need a widespread OS to design and program the firmware and drivers for. Because why would a big hardware company waste their time and money getting their programmers to code software and firmware that is compatible with OS’s that have a much smaller market share. So because the hardware is coded to work specifically for WinBlows it happens to be optimized for maximum performance under WinBlows this is probably the main reason why many people have not tried the multitude of very high quality OS that are available. This is why gamers tend to always stick with Windows because they will get the max out of their expensive graphics cards under Windows where as if they were to use of something like Linux they may have an inherently more stable system but the frame rates in their games will suffer because it can be very difficult to make an open source driver that will get the max out of closed source firmware (when you don't know how the hardware really works, good luck trying to write software for it).

So I guess my point is that maybe we can take the best parts of Windows (mainly hardware compatibility) and then cut out the fat, and add back 3rd party BETTER Software, we might just have an ideal solution here.

Anyway, sorry if I’ve annoyed anyone with my ranting, its just I’m very passionate about creating a custom OS install that could allow even very old hardware to run quite smoothly or even to take a project like this and install it on a high end PC and let my extra CPU cycles go to BETTERING HUMANITY!

I am a very idealistic person, and am very exited about this project, so if all goes well you guys should be hearing back from me about my ideas for how to take this project to the next level.


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Posted 15 January 2007 - 03:10 PM

first thing, welcome. :P

You might want to have a look at the rules:

Expecially #7.

I am slightly editing some of your remarks, leaving the concepts behind them, but removing what could be considered vulgar language.

Look at the bright side of it, if Microsoft did the right things from the start, a lot of us would have had lots less fun in trying putting them right! :P


So I guess my point is that maybe we can take the best parts of Windows (mainly hardware compatibility) and then cut out the fat, and add back 3rd party BETTER Software, we might just have an ideal solution here.

That's the idea behind ReactOS:


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