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How to Access Documents and Settings Folder in Vista

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Posted 02 November 2009 - 01:33 AM

Trying to access your Documents and Settings folder in Vista from an explorer window? Then your probably received this error: Location is not available. C:\Documents and Settings is not accessible. Access is denied. [OK]

I ran into this but was reminded that we are dealing with a junction for compatibility to older OS's .

Junction Points in Vista

2/2007 - A Junction Point is a physical location on a local hard disk that points to another location on that disk or another storage device. It is essentially a shortcut, thus the shortcut icon on Junction Point folders in Windows Vista.

For the most part, you can ignore Junction Points for everyday use of Windows Vista. The Junction Points are in Vista for backward compatibility of pre-Vista applications. Pre-Vista applications (applications written for XP and 2000) look for folders that are no longer used in Vista. Folders with the “My” prefix such as My Documents, My Pictures, and so on. There are also folders in your user profile that have been changed in Vista, and pre-Vista apps might be looking for the old folder structure during installation. If you don’t set the option to Show Hidden Files in Windows Explorer, you will rarely even see the Junction Point folders.


normally, the "Documents and Settings" folder is called "Users" under Windows Vista


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