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VistaPE RC1b Script Templates for rapid script development

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Posted 11 October 2009 - 12:13 PM

After many months of continuous stress at work, I finally found some time pick up a bit of VistaPE work again. Since Winbuilder 78 is released now I started to dust off my old VistaPE script templates for rapid script development and migrated them to VistaPE RC1b. The templates have been designed such that the application scripts built from them are easy to maintain for developers and users. All templates generate the location for the start menu shortcut automatically based on the location of the script below the project folder (I like to change my mind about where scripts should belong and got tired of editing scripts to update the start menu shortcut location).

  • Basic Template (v5): Basic script template with options to create application shortcuts. Basis for other, more sophisticated scripts templates. Posted Image
  • Download Template (v6): Based on the basic template. Downloads the application from internet Upgrading an application to its newest version requires in most cases just a click on the download button. Some applications have version dependent download urls and require a little more work. For those the download url needs to be updated before the application is downloaded. Only if the application changes is installation logic, the script must be updated.This template is suitable for most applications which can be unpacked and do not require extensive installation. As the application is not contained in the script no legal issues should arise. Posted Image
  • EULA Template (v5): Based on the basic template. Requires the user to read and accept an end user license agreement (EULA). This template is handy if the application must be contained in the script (because neither download nor deploying from a local installation is feasible)Posted Image Posted Image
  • Local Application Template (v4): Based on the basic template. Requires a locally installed and configured application. When the installed application in updated to a newer verson, just a rebuild of the VistaPE project is needed to get the new version of the application onto the bootable CD image. As the application is not contained in the script no legal issues should arise. Posted Image

You may check the VistaPE Script Templates blog entry for script templates updates. If anyone is finds these scripts usefull, I'll post updates in the VistaPE forum as well.

Have fun,

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