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Posted 08 October 2009 - 11:31 AM

In the [Main] section of script.project there is an entry like:


On project build, single file process, or CodeBox process, WinBuilder evaluates this line and defines 3 global variables:
  • %ISOFile% - the complete path, e.g. %BaseDir%\ISO\nativeEx_barebone\nativeEx_barebone.iso
  • %ISOFileName% the file name only, e.g. nativeEx_barebone.iso
  • %ISODir% - the folder only, e.g. %BaseDir%\ISO\nativeEx_barebone
Rule #1: Never access [Main] ISOFile from a script! Use the suited variables instead!
Rule #2: Never change one of these variables!

How to work with these variables
Let me stay with nativeEx_barebone as sample project.

In ProjectInfo.Script two new internal variables are defined:





In this sample it will result with:
  • %ISORootName% = nativeEx_barebone
  • %RAMISORootName% = nativeEx_barebone_RAM
All ISO producing scripts like CreateISO.Script, RAMBoot.script, use these variables to define %burnISO%.
E.g. in RAMBoot.script:

Rule #3: In ISO producing scripts, only use %ISORootName% and %RAMISORootName%, and define %burnISO% permanent!

ALL ISO using scripts
  • Emulators qEmu.Script,VirtualBox.script, VMWare.script
  • Burning scripts like CDRecord.Script
use only %burnISO%

Rule #4: In ISO reading scripts, only use %burnISO%!


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Posted 08 October 2009 - 11:48 AM

Nice to see you have Finalize your decisions about the subject
(%burnISO% is not history anymore :thumbsup:, i will write them back )
I will follow methods described here.

Well it is nice to have final rules :hypocrite:

here is sth i notice:

LiveXP have 3 create image scripts,

%ISORootName% = nativeEx_barebone
%RAMISORootName% = nativeEx_barebone_RAM
one more:
%WIMISORootName% = nativeEx_barebone_WIM

and maybe more in future

it is not important for me if it is written permanent by project info or sth else, just informing.

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