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Syslinux 3.83 is released

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Posted 05 October 2009 - 10:32 PM

Hi all,

I have just released Syslinux 3.83. Special thanks to my employer,
Intel, for letting me spend time on this.

It is somewhat of a meager release despite four months, as most of the
work has gone into the future-work branches.


Changes in 3.83:
* PXELINUX: clear memory before handing over to a chainloaded
NBP. This may help avoid a bug in Windows RIS.
* PXELINUX: fix localboot after NBP chainloading on certain
BIOSes (including ASUS A8N-E, but possibly others.)
* chain.c32: support chainloaded bootloaders on ISOLINUX.
* PXELINUX: allow filenames up to 251 characters.
* MEMDISK: fix problems booting from USB on Thinkpads, and
possibly other machines or hardware combinations.
* isohybrid: fix the -id option.
* HDT: updated to version 0.3.4.
* MEMDISK: the stack size is now configurable, with the stack=
* Simple menu: fix Ctrl-W (word erase) in command-line edit.
* Simple menu: fix crash on some platforms.
* Gfxboot: fixes to the configuration file parsing.
* PXELINUX: add a tool to override specific DHCP options via
values hardcoded in the pxelinux.0 file. These hardcoded
values can be either "before DHCP" (defaults if DHCP do not
provide values), or "after DHCP" (overrides DHCP). The tool
pxelinux-options can be used to set these options. This
feature does not apply to gpxelinux.0; when used with gPXE
this is better handled by modifying the embedded script.

Download from: http://www.kernel.or.../boot/syslinux/

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