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[LODR-U] VMware Converter Standalone 4.0.1

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#1 joakim


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Posted 14 September 2009 - 07:53 AM

Another LODR package similar to my other ones.


From the readme.txt:

Converter 4 was rewritten quite a lot and now fully depends on VSS for the snapshot. This is the main reason why it was not as easily put to PE as version 3.0.x was. A working VSS is required and can be achieved by using this package; http://www.mediafire.com/file/nz4zhyrz5t3/vss_fix_2003.rar

If the command "vssadmin list writers" fails or returns nothing, then Converter 4 will definately NOT work when converting local drives.

How to:

Preferrably use the batch, VMware-converter-4.0.1-161434_extracter.cmd, to unpack the installer. Copy "Converter401_LODR.exe" into the directory "Converter_401". This directory can be renamed to whatever later on if wanted. Get the installer from; https://www.vmware.com/tryvmware/p/activate.php?p=converter&a=DOWNLOAD_FILE&baseurl=http://download2.vmware.com/software/vi/&filename=VMware-converter-4.0.1-161434.exe

From a running PE, locate the prepared directory and execute the loader, Converter401_LODR.exe, once. This is a slightly stripped down version. If you want all files, then remove the "/EXCLUDE:c401_setup.txt" from the batch.

Cloning local drives will require VSS, and VSS is often associated with the term hotcloning. This operation we now do is in fact coldcloning, since probably nothing is run from or is open from the "to-be-cloned" local drive. So we now do coldcloning in hotclone-mode. Lets call it "tempered-cloning".


Version 4 has broader support for OS and image formats to convert, than version 3.


- 32-bit only.

- 2003 sources are required if cloning local machine (tempered-cloning).

- Needs writeable %SystemRoot% and at least 1 NTFS formatted partition (vss limitation).

Last note.
The VSS fix for 2003 builds, should let you do most of what VSS was made for, including working on local shadows.


#2 NeBlackCat

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Posted 18 October 2009 - 01:43 PM


Do you know where else to get a working VSS package/LODR from - I can't get the above download to work!

#3 joakim


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Posted 18 October 2009 - 10:22 PM

The converter 4 package only works on 2003 sources, and confirmed working on MOA. If you have built another 2003-based PE with another engine, that might be good enough.

Since you mentioned having problems with drivers and detection of local disk, then VSS might fail because no ntfs formatted partitions are visible. You also need write permission on X:\. What kind of PE-build did you try this on?

This converter 4 package is not recommended to start with and I would suggest version 3.0.3 which is easier to get running.


#4 EarthQ

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Posted 14 November 2009 - 06:24 AM

Would it be possible to get your loader AutoIT sources?

Furthermore, I would suggest everyone distributing their scripts/loaders/etc. with sources, so anyone interested can take a look at it, learn from it, contribute with ideas and enhancements and so on.

BTW, I would suggest the following changes to the extracter script:

@echo off

"%~dp0VMware-converter-4.0.1-161434.exe" /a /v" /qb TARGETDIR=""%temp%\converter4_extract"""

mkdir "%~dp0Converter_401"

copy "%temp%\converter4_extract\system32\drivers\*.sys" "%~dp0Converter_401\"

copy "%temp%\converter4_extract\Windows\system32\msvc*.dll" "%~dp0Converter_401\"

xcopy /e /s /h /EXCLUDE:"%~dp0c401_setup.txt" "%temp%\converter4_extract\program files\VMware\VMware vCenter Converter Standalone\*.*" "%~dp0Converter_401\*.*" 

rmdir /q /s "%temp%\converter4_extract"

Thanks for the good work!

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