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Parted Magic 4.0

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#1 Icecube


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Posted 04 April 2009 - 11:50 AM

Parted Magic 4.0:

A new release with some exciting new features! Parted Magic now has full support for partitioning Device Mapper RAID partitions. The initrd was completely trashed and Parted Magic now boots from a initramfs. The new initramfs is only about 500KB and all drivers needed to boot the media are built directly into the kernel. The isolinux.cfg/syslinux.cfg files are drastically different, please make a note of this. The "Low RAM" option was changed to boot Xvesa, TWM, and GParted at 800x600x4. It now runs very well on a computer with 64MB of RAM. The pmagic.sqfs is now a squashfs-lzma image and the new overall size is about 70MB. You can now "Save Session" with the CD version (CD-RW required). The PXE version can merge initramfs for module installation. Loading debs (without dependency checking and resolving) at boot time like tgz packages is now supported. We also have all new artwork in a clean blue theme that matches the look of the new website.

These packages have been added: btrfs-0.17 (kernel module), btrfs-progs-0.18, ndiswrapper-1.54, truecrypt-6.1a (with gui), added hdt from syslinux and syslinux menus entire, multipath-tools-0.4.8.

And the following packages have been updated: gparted-0.4.4, file-5.00, fsarchiver-0.4.6, xfburn-0.4.1, xfce4-screenshooter-1.5.1, xfsdump-3.0.0, xfsprogs-3.0.0, udev-140, hdparm-9.13, cairo-1.8.6, glibmm-2.18.1, pango-1.22.4, cairomm-1.8.0, gtk+-2.16.0, pangomm-2.14.1, glib-2.20.0 gtkmm-2.14.3, mount-gtk-1.0.3, lsscsi-0.22, lftp-3.7.10, LVM2.2.02.45, tar-1.22, firefox-3.0.8, libburn-0.6.4.pl00, libisofs-0.6.16, dc3dd-6.12.3, ntfs-3g-2009.3.8.

I can't say enough how grateful I am for this new computer you all have given me! I can compile a kernel in 15 minutes compared to an hour with my 8 shiny Intel i7 processors. :good:

#2 risolutore


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Posted 04 April 2009 - 01:02 PM

I tested the pmagic-usb-svn-28Mar,233902 That was vary stable.. with the nice new look and feel. can you tell the changelog from the 28 mar ver? If it is not significant I will stay with this.
Can you explain the use of modules, such as Flashsupport in firefox.
I have good success with Slax and the modules packed in *.lzm. Is it possible to use them?
I also read about the use of deb package, can you point me to the right direction .? Thank you Icecube for this stunning project

#3 Icecube


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Posted 04 April 2009 - 01:23 PM

The uuid parameter stuff is fixed. There is also support to split the large initramfs for the PXE version in different smaller files so avoid the 32MB filesize limit of some tftp servers. Gparted 0.4.4 is added (in your version, it was a development/prerelease/testing version of Gparted 0.4.4). Probably some other changes too.

You have to place the modules in: /pmagic/pmodules/.
You can place a *.tgz a *.7z or a *.deb file in /pmagic/pmodules/ and it will unpack at boot time (only works with the NOT livemedia options).
*.lzm packages are not supported (at least for the moment).

You can find some modules at the following link:

UBCD50b12 has more recent antivirus modules for Parted Magic.

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