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Time for a challenge....

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#1 was_jaclaz



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Posted 18 November 2006 - 10:54 AM

First thing let me say that I am amazed at the quantity and quality of new scripts and more generally at the "success" that Winbuilder is having, so compliments to Nuno for starting (and keeping pace) with this project and to all .script developers. :P

but I have to say that I've the feeling that little by little we are re-creating a BartPE, a UBCD4WIN or a Reatogo, i.e. a portable system with (hopefully) hundreds of plug-ins (or scripts) that can run hundreds of apps......

....I am not so sure that this is the right way for the evolution of winbuilder, but however I am here proposing an alternate path, which is not incompatible with the main one, and that could give some more practical uses of Winbuilder.

Starting from the excellent results of picoXP/hojoPE, why don't we start thinking about "specialized" builds?

I mean VERY small builds that ONLY perform a few chores, but do them very efficiently, without "bell and whistles".

As an example, in my post here:

there are at least 4 possible ways to install XP:
1) from a booted 16-bit environment through WINNT.EXE
2) from a booted 32-bit environment through WINNT32.EXE
3) from a \I386 or \minint folder by invoking SETUPLDR.BIN (which is what the normal install CD does)
4) from an "expanded" pre-install bootfolder $WIN_NT$.~BT like in the flyakite multiboot DVD tutorial

to which you can add:
5) from an .iso using Windows Server 2003 Sp1 or greater SETUPLDR.BIN and RAMDISK.SY_ a method that needing a HUGE amount of RAM for a RAMDISK

I enumerated what I think are the possibilities to install 2K/XP/2003 when booting from a USB stick.

Method 1) is fully documented here:

Method 2) is (partially) documented here:

Methods 3) and 5) are in the works here, thanks to cdob:

Method 4) is in the works here, thanks to porear:

As I see it, a derivative of picoXP/MojoPE would be the ideal solution for method 2), with a minimal overhead (cd/disk occupation).....

.....any taker? :P


#2 pscEx


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Posted 18 November 2006 - 09:25 PM

but I have to say that I've the feeling that little by little we are re-creating a BartPE, a UBCD4WIN or a Reatogo, i.e. a portable system with (hopefully) hundreds of plug-ins (or scripts) that can run hundreds of apps......

If you look here:
I'm 120% with your opinion! :P

Starting from the excellent results of picoXP/hojoPE, why don't we start thinking about "specialized" builds?

I had the opinion that somebody would expand HoJoPe with Explorer, Xobelite or whatelse.

But unfortunately, most .script developers are trying to do exactly that, what is not <see my signature>

Glad that you wrote this :P

Peter :P

#3 Oleg_II


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Posted 19 November 2006 - 07:55 PM

Hello everybody!

You are making great job here :P

This is my first post here and I'd like to give my vote for jaclaz's suggestion about "specialized" builds.

I agree that modular support is important and everyone can make his/her own build according to their needs. But this will be much more effective using "polished" bare-bone system capable to accmplish some simple (and not) tasks and at the same time could be expanded by modules if needed.

The bid advantage of WinBuilder is that it makes really small and working systems. This advantage shouldn't be lost :P

Take care! :P

#4 Mike69



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Posted 28 December 2006 - 03:59 PM

i agree with you jaclaz!!

i already sugested to nuno brito to build a specialized version to be used on htpc´s!!

it should have drivers for tv cards, a front end media center (media portal) for example,etc.

i think this is a good idea and a lot of people are interested in this kind of thing

#5 Ove


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Posted 02 January 2007 - 06:40 PM

I also agree with jaclaz
Sure, it is fun to add A LOT of stuff in WinPE, and to make it work, but i think that is pointless.
When I started this project I just wanted a smaller BartPE, to fit on my unattended XP CD (not removing anything from XP). Now I'm hooked and continuing. Before I heard of Batcher, I tried to substitute the 200 MB BartPE with Windows 3.1, wich I made to boot from CD (How to make Win 3.1 boot from CD)

My idea of WinPE is a tool for PCs wich stop working, mainly to copy files to USB sticks or CDs before formatting (beacause of viruses)
An imaging program is really useful, and a partitioning tool also
An antivirus program is vital too, as well as tools such as archiving programs, and Total Commander (without wich I can't live without :P )

I really don't see the point for drivers (sound, video), DirectX, visual styles, VMWare Player, Virtual PC, Windows Media Player, Visual Studio and all those other programs. But I'm not against them (it's fun to push the envelope).

All the essential programs can be made really small.

#6 Yorn


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Posted 03 January 2007 - 05:32 PM

I personally need a CD/DVD with the following:
1) Boots from XP source
2) Gets files automatically from Microsoft to do RAM boot (or SDI) or whatever is best
3) SATA support on boot
4) Every possible network driver (From Bashrat's DriverPacks would be fine, both Ethernet and WLAN)
5) Explorer
6) Free backup software or just NTBackup
7) USB/Mass storage support once in explorer
8) Computer/Disk Manager and all subtools
9) Anti-Virus with an auto-update feature through network AVG Free is fine.

Every one of those things is important/integral. I can't have one and not the other, need SATA for it to even be worthwhile. Need every network driver for the AV to automatically update. Need disk managment to troubleshoot issues. Need event viewer to look at log of what has been going on. Need NTBackup or equivalent to save drive contents. Need explorer to navigate easily.

The following would be optional but still very cool/good:
10) Spybot automatic/silent run (Already created this seperately)
11) Start Windows Install, preferably from a newly inserted DVD or via an ISO or something so I can use my nLite/DriverPacks/RVMIntegrated/AutoImage'd install DVD.

The last one is kind of getting into new areas, but it covers what jaclaz was talking about. If there was a build that could do two functions, 1) troubleshoot and then if not salvageable, 2) reinstall OS then I think I'd use it.

#7 Nuno Brito

Nuno Brito

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Posted 17 July 2007 - 11:22 AM

A project is being worked to solve this challenge, some contacts were already done here: http://forum.driverp...pic.php?id=1536

This was sometime ago but was not forgotten.


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