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Windows7 as source?

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#26 yahoouk


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Posted 11 January 2009 - 03:50 PM

Thanks for your reply Guru. :)
Here is a log file which I tested just now.
Attached File  log.rar   59.24KB   234 downloads
Normal size is over 700mb and after mounted, ISO size is 225mb.
Errors are over 600 files; could not be copied.

Hope, it will help a tiny bit.



#27 reti



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Posted 11 January 2009 - 11:26 PM

Cool! Would love to hear about the 10%.
Maybe then VistaPE would make sense to me too. :)


well, i can answer to that, i've been using bartpe since ages to run my project for my cpuz frontend on hundreds of machines, i've tested it on a wide range of brands and type of laptops and pc's. And one thing made me change to vistape, it boots on every machine i've seen, with one exception, it has problems with AHCI setting on SATA raid. Sometimes i get a 0x00000007 stop error, but changing the AHCI setting tot RAID IDE in the bios, and the problem is solved.

At this moment i've managed to bootup every laptop/pc since i've started working with VistaPE. I work in a very large store were they sell laptops. VistaPE is better in installing drivers at boot, that does the trick for me. And the bootimage for my custom project is smaller +- 200MB so it's speedier since i run from cd. I use final 11, 12 has some bugs with cd-boot.

The only BartPE is use at my work is a cd-media with a Direct3D enabled detonator driver to run a ppt presentation.
Directx works on vistape, but widescreen resolutions are necessary for this project. BartPE can still be useful, but it isn't perfect anymore.
The newer chipsets from AMD/ATI have some issues with 0x00000007b stop error on BartPE.
And a BSOD as presentation in a large store just isn't good for my business.

So there is a future for Windows 7 PE or Vista PE 2.0 :) respect !

#28 Dohnut



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Posted 12 January 2009 - 03:44 AM

I am sure there will be a WAIK for windows 7. After all windows 7 will not be much more than vista with a few tweaks. I think you will find that the memory and hardware requirements for Windows 7 will be very similar to Vista.

I currently have a copy of Windows 7 Beta build 7000 running on an AMD 3500+ with only 1gb of DDR2 (2x512) 667. I find that Windows 7 is a lot faster and smarter than Vista in a lot of respects.

Vista Home Premium on my other system after bare install uses over 800+MB of RAM sitting there idle whilst Windows 7 only uses a little over 400MB of RAM. CPU usage seems to be alot lower on 7 than Vista and the Aero interface takes a lot less power to run than Vista's did.

As far as WAIK is concerned, I wouldn't be surprised if it was extremely close to the last one as most programs I have installed on Win7 seem to run just fine, or as well as they did on Vista anyways, some crash yes, but hey, it's a Beta right? :):)

All in all if development of Win7 continues as it is now, it shows serious promise and I might, key word: "might", even drop XP for it. :)

#29 powaking


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Posted 26 January 2009 - 01:35 PM

Sorry I haven't been in the loop lately with this new job (it has TOTALLY taken my enjoyment of this type of project away from me :cheers: ). That being said do we know if Nighman or any other folks are taking the initiative of tweaking the current VistaPE project (or creating one from scratch) for Windows 7? Or possibly adding an option to the VistaPE project to select which source to use (vista or 7)???

Just wanted to see where this stands.

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