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Restore Damaged MBR in dual boot XP and Linux

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Shirin Zaban

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Posted 12 November 2008 - 12:31 PM

Repair Damaged MBR in dual boot XP and Linux


Some users have several OS installed in their computer.For example Most of the times i have 3 OS's
in my system.one windows XP in drive C ,another windows XP in drive D .and UBUNTU linux in my last
drive.(ofcourse i am sorry that i do not linux and i use that mostly for repair purposes.)

When you use XP and Linux together,it is clear that your system boots by grub boot loader,and you
select the OS you want to use from grub boot menu.

So if some time for any reson,you want to reinstall your windows XP,after setup process you will see
that you can not access to Linux.Because XP setup may write new MBR code,and you will not have grub boot
loader no more.

For solving this problem,there are several methodes.One easy way is using free software "HDHacker"
(it is only 28k).Dowload this program,get copy of MBR of your had disk (ofcourse when your
system is OK),and save it some place.

Any time that you need ,you can restor your MBR by "HDHacker".the process of saving and
restoring MBR by "HDHacker" is as below:

1.I suppos that you have downloaded "HDHacker",and you have it in D:\HDHacker\HDHacker.exe

2.Run HDHacker.exe ,and select "Physical Drive(MBR)",and "First Sector(MBR)",Then click on
"Read sector from Disk" button (as you see in fig_1 in attachment).

3.you will see a window like fig_2,now click on "Save sector to file" button.and it is better to
save that in D:\HDHacker\ directory by your favorite name.


Now any time that your bootsector got damaged,do as below:

1.Run "HDHacker" and select "Physical Drive(MBR)",and "First Sector(MBR)",Then click on
"Load sector from file" button (as you see in fig_3).

2.In next window select the file you have made above and in next window click on "Write sector on disk"

that's all,in few second your damaged bootsector will be fixed.(see fig_4)

have nice times

shirin zaban

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Posted 12 November 2008 - 01:35 PM

For the record:
1) HDHACKER homepage:
2) this won't actually "repair" anything, it will "replace" a corrupted MBR with a copy you saved before, IF you saved it before, i.e. "restore" - changed topic title accordingly.
3) more properly the first sector of a "Physical drive" is a MBR (Master Boot Record) NOT a bootsector (which is the name generally used for first sector of a "Logical drive")
I slightly edited the post to reflect this.



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