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Posted 15 July 2006 - 06:12 AM

Hi everybody!

First of all - my apologies for the inconvenience of having to shift away from the invisionfree hosts after starting the forums two of months ago. I've tried to rescue the database, but they have placed a great deal of problems regarding this matter.

This will unfortunately mean that every registered user on the old host will have to re-register in these forums to make a fresh start.

And a fresh start it is - lots of changes have been added, and a lot of services are now possible or have been improved..
  • No more google adds
  • Possibility to use the rich text edit feature from IPB 2.1.x
  • Forums have themes (suggest more themes and I'll add them..)
  • Integrated download manager - makes it easy to look for files and organize them
  • Customization - Forums can be modified to look and act better
  • Free hosting services available - lots of space to host members pages for free with no nags
  • Safer databases - allows to easily make backups of the database
Hosting services - this host provides 20Gb disk size and 1Tb bandwith (wich I in a realistic way think it should be around 100Mb of bandwith), so there's a lot of space to host small web sites and documents for everyone who needs them, it's a service guaranted by dreamhost for the next 2 years and I will renovate/upgrade whenever needed.

I think that it's quite fair that members (advanced users/script developers/developers/beta testers..) who post around here with some regular frequency should have acess to an ftp and/or email account on boot-land.net wich they can use to upload files.

People looking for a forum to host their projects are also welcomed too.. all of this is always available for free and completely rid of any limitations or nags - the only concern here is trying to balance the proportion between used disk size and bandwith to always be bellow the max permitted level, avoiding huge files (more than 100Mb) to be massively downloaded by thousands of people per month (I can provide other external hosts if necessary to workaround this situation..)

These forums are for the community, and people should make these forums have what they need. At the moment I've also installed wordpress blog at: http://www.boot-land.net/blog, and any other free php service can be implemented, just post your ideas and we'll see if it's possible to implement them..

As you can see we're pretty much doing a fresh start here, so everyone's help is really important to get things back on the right track again.

Thanks for all the support so far!

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