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[PortableApps] Make Portable App Example Step by step in detail (Part2)

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Posted 28 August 2008 - 04:27 PM

Make Portable App Example Step by step in detail (Part2)


I part_1 we have talked about several kinds of programes an now it is time to start the process of
creating an easy and small portable program.

_. I have selected The freeware "DriveImage XML 2.01" for this example and I suppose that you have
downloaded it and you have placed it in D:\DriveImage\dixmlsetup.exe

_. I descibe my favorite way to make a portable program and there are several other soloution too.

_. Isuppose that you have installed "Total Uninstall 4.9.4 (Other versions are a litle bit diferent).

Step # 1 : Installing software And detecting changes made in our system

1.Double click on D:\DriveImage\dixmlsetup.exe ,you will have Drive image setup page and also
Total Uninstall message See Pic_1 from attachment. click on Total Uninstall icon as you see in pic_1

2.Another window will appeare ,Click "Next" as you see in pic_2,Total uninstall will begin to save
condition of your system befor installing DriveImage and after that we will have another window
as pic_3.

3.Do not do any thing by this window for now,and at this time go to "Drive image setup page" that we
had in #1 ,and setup DriveImage XML normally.

4.After finishing setup process above ,go to Totall uninstall page (we had in #3) and click on "Next"
Totall uninstall will begin to save new codition of your system,then will compare this condition by
condition in #2,and after a few seconds we will have pic_4.

5.Click on "Close" in this page,you will have another window,go to "File" menu,select "Export",then
click on "changes".the program will ask a place to save changes made in system over there.give the
address "D:\DriveImage" and go ahead .
It will save all information about the files changed or added or deleted,and also directoy or
directories created in your system, and also,the changes made in registry,in:
D:\DriveImage\dixmlsetup - Changes.txt file.

6.Now again go to "File" menu,select "Export",then click on "Registry Changes" and in coming window
click on "OK" then "Save".
It will save all changes made in registry of your system in D:\DriveImage\dixmlsetup.Install.reg file.

Step # 2 : Creating our portable DriveImage XML
At this time we have all informations needed to make our portable DriveImage XML and we do as below:

A_ If you read dixmlsetup - Changes.txt carfully you will notice that "DriveImage XML 2.01" setup,has
made just :
contents of D:\Program Files\Runtime Software directoy .
some shortcuts in inside D:\Documents and Settings directory.
Some changes in system registry (as dixmlsetup.Install.reg in #5)

B_ For this example,if you just copy D:\Program Files\Runtime Software directoy, and place it in your
LiveXP or other projects,by clicking on ""D:\Program Files\Runtime Software\DriveImage XML\dixml.exe"
the program will be run,and you do not need to install it.

c_ It is better to run the reg file made befor first run of software (of course not needed for this example).

D_ If a software has serial number,in step_1 #3,after finishing setup process,befor going to step_1 #4,run
the program,and give serial number and OK it,then proceed to #4.and also place SN inside installed
directory,in some systems it may ask SN,and you can use that.

Now we Have made our very easy portable program. Now we can convert all files we have saved in this project
to an exe file by our icon.about creating exe file from our files and directories ,i will write in
Totorials page in few days.

hope this tutor will be helpful

shirin zaban

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