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My Fast System Settings

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Posted 10 August 2008 - 05:08 PM

My Fast System Settings


In this tutor i am going to tell you what i do to have fast system, but befor starting the tutor
iwould like to mention some points:


There are a lot of cases that can cause system to not work ideal,and some of them can make windows
to act very slowly.

There are a lot of tweeks in web for making system faster,but not all of them will work on all systems.
and also some of them can make problem for some systems too.

I think first of all we should be assured that all our hardwares are OK and Compatible with our windows.
and then Do some tweeks just based on our needs (not more).

When doing Tweaks,do not forget to:

1.Back up your data (most of the times your registry settings) befor applying tweeks.

2.Note that ,Not all tweeks and registry settings in web and computer books are good for your system.
because most of the times , tweeks are good for one or a series of systems only, not all systems.


What I Do to have fast and Ideal system:

A)_ Forethought

1)_.For Safty and for Easy Restoring purpose,For the time that my system gets currupted because of
unwanted situations I do items below:

A)_.After installing windows , drivers, my favorite programs , and applying all tweeks and settings,
when i get assured every thing are working OK ,I take image of my windows drive by "ghost" or other
backup programs and save that in some place in my hard,and also another copy in DVD or other
storage devices.

:cheers:_.In most times i have installed two windows in my system ,one in C: and other in other drive.So
when i get problem with one of them,it is not important ,because first i go to other window and do
my needed works,then i have enough time to work on repairing or restoring the currupted one.

:cheers:_ Disabling some unneeded services

When we install windows XP ,It will work in default setting made by MicoSoft.If you know that what
do you want from computer,and study a little about applications and sevices that works in MicroSoft
default mode,you will surely will found out you do not need all of xp services and applications.and
also you will see that you do not like some settings used by windows xp.

For example i do not like the windows default back ground picture of desktop , or i do't like default
folders views settings or i do'nt want to have default shared folders in my computer.

So I change some settings as below:

There are some sevices that i think i do not need them so i disable them,for example i do not need
"Automatic Updates" so i apply registry tweek below:

In list below you see all services that i do't need them and disabled.

Alerter ,Automatic Updates, Background Intelligent Transfer Service , ClipBook , COM+ Event System ,
COM+ System Application , Computer Browser, DHCP Client ,Distributed Link Tracking Client ,
Distributed Transaction Coordinator ,DNS Client ,Error Reporting Service ,
Fast User Switching Compatibility ,Help and Support ,Indexing Service ,IPSEC Services ,Messenger ,
MS Software Shadow Copy Provider ,NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing ,Network DDE ,Network DDE DSDM ,
NT LM Security Support Provider ,Net Logon ,Network Location Awareness (NLA) ,
Performance Logs and Alerts ,Portable Media Serial Number ,Protected Storage ,QoS RSVP,
Remote Desktop Help Session Manager ,"Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator ,Remote Registry ,
Secondary Logon ,Security Accounts Manager ,Server ,Shell Hardware Detection ,Smart Card ,
Smart Card Helper ,SSDP Discovery Service ,System Event Notification ,System Restore Service ,
Task Scheduler ,TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper ,Telnet ,Terminal Services ,Themes ,Uninterruptible Power Supply ,
Universal Plug and Play Device Host ,Upload Manager ,Volume Shadow Copy ,WebClient ,Windows Time ,
Wireless Zero Configuration ,WMI Performance Adapter ,Workstation

1. For disabling these services you can use svc.reg from attachment.may be
this is good to know that In svc.reg ,for disabling purpose,i have typed :


You can use line below for using services in Automatic mode :


Or You can use line below for using services in Manual mode :


2.Use my reg file just if you know what are you doing and if you think you do not need these sevices too.

it is better study about services and disable just ones that you do not need.for example i do'nt use
NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing or i do not want windows automatic update ,so i disable them.Ofcourse
you can disable services one by one and test to see it is needed or not.

C)_ Antivius and firewall notification

I like to use my Favorite Antiviruse and security programs ,so i do not need to see Antivius and
firewall notification of xp every few miutes,so i disable them as below:

;Disable Anti-virus Notifications
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center]

;Disable Firewall Notifications
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Security Center]

;Disable Security Center


D)_ Some other tweekes

I do not need to report errors to microsoft so i disable it as:

;Disables Error Reporting, but notifies when errors occur


I use my own way to restore currupted windows,so i do not need windows restor and
disable it as:

;Disable System Restore Service


When we go to a page in web ,and that page has some error,script debuger windows automatically
appears and asks for debuging. as i know web pages can not be debugged by this way,so we do not
need that and i diable it as:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
"Disable Script Debugger"="yes"


When we connect to internet,by windows default settings,we can use only 20% of bandwidth,
for using all (100%) bandwidth,i do as below (see pic_1 from attachment):

1.Click on start menue,select Run and type gpedit.msc ,then click on OK.Group policy page
will be shown.

2.In left panel, under Computer configuration ,extand "Administative Templates.

3.In New list extand Network ,then select Qos Packet Scheduler .

4.Right click on "Limit reservable bandwidth" and select properties

5.In seeting tab of property window enable "Enabled" item ,then type "0" in
"Bandwidth limit(%)" section and then click OK (see pic_2).

6.Now go to Connection that you are connected to internet by that ,right click on it and
select properties.

7.in properties window go to "Networking" tab, and make sure that "Qos Packet Scheduler"
is enabled there.

8.Click OK and restart system.


By default,windows uses Ram for his works,then when needs more place, uses swap files to
store data ,and if needed, windows makes swap file size larger. this makes system to
work slowly (you will understand that your system works slower than befor).I do as below
to make limited swap file size:

1.Go to control panel , and double click on "System"

2.Go to Advanced tab of system properties , Click on "settings" on performance section.
"Performance options page will be shown.

3.Go to Advanced tab in this page and ,Click on "Change" in virtual memory section.

4.In comming page set maximum size and initial sizes to 400M .

5.Click OK and restart your system


It needs a lot of time to talk about all tweeks,So in lines below i bring just some other
seettings that i use without description :

; Disable 'Send Information To The Internet' Prompt
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Zones\3]

; Disable Auto Upgrade with Windows Media Player

; Disable Codec Downloads in Media Player

; Enable Word Wrap in Notepad

; Show File Extensions (.exe/.bmp etc.)

; Remove Search Dog Assistant
"Use Search Asst"="no"

; Speed up Shutdown
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

;Disable remote assistance
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet001\Control\Terminal Server]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet002\Control\Terminal Server]

;Diable CD Autorun (needs restart)

;Disable UPS

;Disable Indexing Service

;Disable Wireless Zero Configuration

;Disable Smart Card Helper

;Disable Portable Media Serial Number

;Disable Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

;Disable Imapi CD-Burning Service

;Disable IPSEC Services

;Max your Internet Explorer's simultaneous downloads to 10 (default was 2)
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

;Disable the Desktop Cleanup Wizard

; Enable Status Bar
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

; Disable Codec Downloads in Media Player

; Show Detailed Information in Device Manager
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment]

; Remove Shotcut To.. Prefix on Desktop Shorcut Names

; Speed up Opening of My Computer and Windows Explorer

;Classic Start Menu

;clasic Control pannel

C)_ Last Notes and tips

1.Editting registry can cause problem if you are not expert,So be careful and use in your risk.
and do'nt forget to backup registry befor applying any changes.

2.There are hundreds of tweeks I can say but you should do just and just needed ones.

3.Some tweeks can not work with all systems and needs some modifications to work in other system.

4.Some good notes for having faster windows are:

_Do not place A lot of files and shortcuts in desktop,if you do ,your system will work slowly.

_Do not Install a lot of unneeded or less needed programs in windows,they will slow down your
system .when you need a program install it,then when you do not need that for log time,uninstall it.

_If you remove and install applications a lot of times every day,it may currupt your system.

_Do not use large size of pictures for your desktop's background,it can slow your system.

_May be it is better to have two windows in your sytem,and install some programs in one of them,and
some in other.and use each of them as needed,for example,i use one window for internet,and small
works and other for testing projects and more advanced works.


That's not all,but it is begining.study more,test more,learn more and let us to know your exprements.

have nice times

shirin zaban

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