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Posted 04 August 2008 - 02:30 AM

Welcome NEW LiveXP USER section

Beginners, Please only read the short POST #1

Baby Steps:

IMPORTANT: livexp server changed, check http://www.boot-land...showtopic=12390
to download with winbuilder, select
for server name in the list (or add the list yourself). Following instruction made old server (livexp.boot-land.net) , Change your "superman x-ray view" and see livexp.boot-land.net as www.livexp.galapo.net untill I find time to change pictures and other things :cheers:.

to get latest "LiveXP Recommended", download with winbuilder.exe and put it in an empty folder,
example: i have mine in C:\WinBuilder_LiveXP\ (C:\WinBuilder_LiveXP\winbuilder.exe)
and double click winbuilder.exe
Posted Image
You need to have "internet access" :). Also some other files need to be downloaded during process. If you are using proxy, you are clever enough to make proxy settings available on download section. (you will notice proxy button with wb076 and later versions)
choose ONLY livexp server in the list like shown on picture and press Download button.

and than click "Update" button on interface
("Update" button tutorial here: LiveXP - how to update winbuilder.exe for LiveXP (mini tutorial with pictures + movies) )

3)Attention Attention: Windows USERS:

3a) ALL Windows users - AV
Some antiviruses or/and firewalls can cause your build fail. If you trust boot-land comunity disable them, if you dont than depending on your av/firewall quality (quality is not equal fame) your build may fail.... so it is up to you to trust or not to trust.
for more info look
here: http://www.legroom.net/node/534/184
here http://www.boot-land...mp;hl=antivirus

3b) Vista&Later WinOS users:
Vista DEP: - Bootsdi
Windows DEP is not tolerant of WinBuilder and vdk. Switch off DEP and LiveXP builds OK. niche99 post26 probably warning for Vista Users
ps: xp-->no problem, 2k3-->set settings to xp settings, Vista-->switch off dep

Vista "Driver Signature Enforcement" - Bootsdi
I guess mostly Vista x64.
"Driver Signature Enforcement" stops mounting utilities (ex: vdk.exe) prevent working (example post 13). We need a creation of .img/.vmdk files with a way like wimpack without mounting.
Solution: Vista64 Users, disable "Driver Signature Enforcement", there is plenty of methods on net you can find with a quick google-fu

now all you have to do is pressing Big Blue Play button

**Use UnTouched (not nlited, not modified, etc etc, totally UnTouched) sources (xpsp2, xpsp3, 2k3sp1, 2k3sp2)

:cheers: :) :cheers: B) :) :) :)
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :) :rofl:

At this stage if you have a problem, please support us and report at LiveXP Section
If everything goes good for you (%99), than continue.
LiveXP - how to get complete package

Intermediate steps:
After Baby steps :), now you start to understand :cheers: how wonderful LiveXP.
it is time to discover what can be more done .

How to add the scripts i found around?
if you are asking it now :), you are a noncarelful and nonpatient user which havent finished baby steps. Answer already given in LiveXP - how to get complete package

How to add Lan/Nic ?
check How to add drivers to LiveXP: on this topic :).
(Careless user note: CTRL+F with your browser)

Advanced steps:
Now you are familiar with winbuilder and LiveXP :cheers:

Time to read Super Amalux's Wonderful tutorial :cheers: (King Amalux=King of the LiveXP tutorials) , if you dont you will never know how great things you miss ;)
Amalux do a great job on this topic. Now it is time you do a great job too: READ.
Amalux Newcomer's Tutorial - LiveXP w/ Optional BootSDI!

And if you need more info, check Tutorial section


Rest of this topic includes a step by step tutorial, my notes & findings (Related/UnRelated to LiveXP), Some Food pictures from Turkiye, Some comics pictures/writing, personal info etc. etc. etc. etc. B)
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  • Interests:*Mechanical stuff and Physics,
    *LiveXP, BartPE, SherpyaXPE,
    *Basketball and Looong Walking,
    *Buying outwear for my girlf (Reason: Girls are stupid about buying bad stuff to make themselves uglier :))
    *Girls (Lyric: Girl,...., You will be a womann, Soon)
    *Answering questions for "Meaning of life",
    *Helping people,

    Kung with LiveXP, Fu with Peter :)

Posted 14 August 2008 - 10:22 AM

LiveXP Common Questions

What is LiveXP Project:
LiveXP = nativeex barabone barabone - somethings replaced - not added + LiveXP Team many addings
for core requirement: nativeex responsible --> Peter psc
for additional and LiveXP specific stuff LiveXP Team responsible --> Galapo (The Boss), fxscrpt (The Master) , Lancelot (The Turtle)

LiveXP Project Info:
Special Thanks to :
Nuno: We are here because of him , boot-land and winbuilder now exists with his great effort and time, thanks a lot :)
Administrators of LiveXP project:
Galapo (The Boss): Is THE Man who made LiveXP with various fantastic options and applications. He is the HEAD of the project.
fxscrpt (The Master): A MASTER in anything related to windows, the project administrator of Reg Factory and author of verrry vital scripts.
Lancelot (The Turtle): A good guy who Loves LiveXP and helping on maintance of LiveXP. (no coding skill etc. ;), just a good man)
To ALLLLLL who spend their time to share many things with all community, who make many things possible with their contributions by feed back, utilities, scripts, tutorials, packages, ...... You will see some of the names on scripts and applications, keep in mind there are a lot of heros that contribute this project whom we don't know their names.

LiveXP Size Test Results (Lancelot):
(Explorer based + ramdisk , source xpsp2enu)

Mini: 53MB (Compressed 20MB)
+Dps (+7MB): 53+7=60MB (Compressed 27MB)
+MMC (+16MB): 53+16=69MB (Compressed 25MB)

Mini+Dps+MMC+Compressed=32MB , Rest is up to your imagination and requirements. :whistling:

How to start to building LiveXP (first steps):

1A) ***1st method:
download file from here,
LiveXP Single file download (Current)
and extract it to a folder like
so winbuilder.exe is in folder like this:

1B) ***2nd method (Adviced):
Download latest authorized winbuilder.exe from here
put WinBuilder.exe in a folder:
(or ask/look for it in boot-land)
-double click WinBuilder.exe, go to download section (it should be default)
-only check livexp.boot-land.net in server list, uncheck others
Posted Image
-choose complete
Posted Image
-start download
***During download sometimes download ends, please click again to download section to see if there are more download needed. I click download section 3 times and continue my download till there is no download on the list (number can change).

-1A) or 1B) continue from here:
**Click this to get latest winbuilder.exe used with livexp
Posted Image
ps: the button on main screen is shortcut for exeandchangelog script button http://img367.images...atestexeuy0.png

**Click big blue Play button without changing any option
Everything should work. :)

Source Selection for LiveXP:
****USE XPSP2 OR 2003SP1 as source.
*If you dont have source (XPSP2 preferred) download X11-03905.iso (566mb) (search with google) which is 2k3sp1 trial and i think it is best for a starter. :)
*If you dont have source (XPSP2 preferred) or cant download X11-03905.iso download X13-05665.img (or any other in your language) from MS web site
*Don't use OEM cd's which may cause some troubles (ex: Dell Oem CD look here for some utilites that convert OEM to regular cd which may work or not)
*Winbuilder supports spaced folder etc, but to get more sure "Confirm for me please that the source is in a root folder w/out spaces or odd characters i.e. C:\xpsp2 (or similar)". (Thanks to amalux, look here post 286 )
Show source as root cd not i386, as an example, click source button on wb gui, you will get a screen like that:
Posted Image
click folder icon on right of empty box
This is Right
Posted Image
This is Wrong
Posted Image

For very new starters:
( and for ones who dont want to write a cd after build )
Disable imgburn iso script (Finish --> 4 Burn Image -->ImgBurn ISO) means:
Posted Image
this kind of terminology is used all over boot-land, i guess you get it

Advice from Lancelot for new starters:
**Dont forget to use "Clean Temporary Files" before making a new build
also i advice to uncheck "Also delete source dir info" if you are sure your source is made right as described before.
Posted Image

Advice from Lancelot for new starters:
You should send log files when you have errors, it is better to
Enable: Tools-->Options-->Log Name with TimeStamp
to when you save log, logs wont mix
Posted Image

Advice from Lancelot for new starters:
LiveXP project ramdrive is preferred as B:\ by projectmaster galapo, Sometimes this adjustment forgetten, you can do it yourself by
Basic-->!WBManager-->Define Fundemantals==>Ram Drive Letter==>B:
Posted Image

Advice from Lancelot for new starters:
LiveXP project "Do not refresh shortcuts on ISO boot" is unselected by projectmaster galapo, Sometimes this adjustment forgetten, you can do it yourself by
Basic-->Build-->Build Model==>Do not refresh shortcuts on ISO boot==>NO (Unselected)
Posted Image

How to add new files from source cd:
it is a very mini tutorial, look here

Some Notes for manually adding required files:
To enable fbwf in createiso script, use fbwf 2.00.0965.0
fbwf 2.00.1024.0 cause 0x00000044 BSOD in some cases, look here for more info
To get fbwf 2.00.0965.0 download this http://thuun.boot-la...plugin/fbwf.cab , extract fbwf.sys, fbwflib.dll inside .cab file and use it in livexp createiso script.

Error verify.log reason:
when you make changes that dont suit (that will cause livexp malfunction if build made), verify warn you with giving required information, as user should remember what he/she changes he/she should change back.

How to add drivers to LiveXP:
***Method1 - Using Ethernet Drivers you already have:
in penetwork settings with some 'intelligence' , there is "add drivers from this directory" section, where you can add your (or a set of) ethernet drivers.
Just click "explore" button on the screen (Follow Red arrows on picture), this will open windows explorer in the specified folder, put your driver in this folder.
Posted Image
****This is made specially for ethernet (nic) drivers but reported that works with many drivers too :). User responsible for test results, Author of penetwork only concentrates on nic drivers. To use with none-nic drivers enable the checkbox "Copy driver files for all found device classes not only Net-class" (Follow Big arrows on picture)****
*** If you are an old pebuilder user, there is no similar simple method like pebuilder, check examples on driver scripts.

***Method2 - Using Ethernet Drivers installed on your 32bit os: (taken from post 181 amalux)
1) Start over with a fresh (non-run) project folder (delete existing build and re-extract sfx just like before).

2) Open WinBuilder but don't run it, go to a tool called MyNIC in the script tree:
Posted Image

3) Click Run and you will see a window like this; confirm you see your NIC listed at top and click Make Script
Posted Image

4) You'll see some text generated like this and then close the tool interface and WinBuilder.
Posted Image

5) Go to the folder where your new driver script is created:
Posted Image

6) Copy it to your new projects Network Driver folder here:
Posted Image

7) Open WinBuilder again and before running confirm your new script is selected in the script tree
Posted Image

8) Run the project as before and test your NIC in PE

Create ISO in LiveXP:
If you dont use extra features of LiveXP you dont need to change settings in Create ISO,
As i use extra features :) , I guess It is better to share my settings for starters
Here is my Create ISO settings in LiveXP, i put required files (fbwf.sys+fbwf.dll (fbwf 2.00.0965.0) + ramdisk.sys (2k3sp1), setupldr.bin (2k3sp1)) to folders, It works nicely for me
Posted Image

To get more scripts visit:
LiveXP - how to get complete package, mini tutorial with pictures + movies
LiveXPExtra apps scripts, collection of LiveXP compatible scripts
Boot-Land - Apps scripts section (Warning: all scripts in this section not compatible with LiveXP, read the instructions about scripts

LiveXP -- Regfactoy :
To enable regfactory, click enable here
Posted Image
Regfactoy is only (current only 2009-04) avalible with LiveXP ;) , thanks to fxscrpt for this very nice feature.
Building CD with using Regfactory takes time but result is a verrrrry fast boot cd ;)
To make a build, it is adviced you have more than 512ram.
Also to make a regfactory build, you HAVE to install imdisk to the current windows os (if you hadnt before), just click YES when this screen comes.
Posted Image
after imdisk installed, this question will never asked again.

LiveXP -- WimBoot with WimPack :
*Basic\!WBManager\!Fundamentals.Script (Define Fundemantals), Use with default settings (RamDrive Letter B: )
*Basic\Build\9 - ProgramFilesPE.Script (ProgramFilesPE) , Define %ProgramFiles% location B: (leave other settings default)
*Basic\Shells\Addons\Imdisk.script , Use with default settings ( Choose NTFS or NTFS Compressed, enable "Create ramdisk at boot")
*Finish\1 Optimization\Wimpack,
DO NOT select "Pack 'System 32' folder" option
EMPTY "Additional folders to pack to pack" box
ps: default written: i386\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.Tools.VisualCPlusPlus.Runtime-Libraries_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.0.0_x-ww_ff9986d7
just delete it :)
**Be happy with the marvelous and unique build ever made :) (Thanks to nikzzzz)

LiveXP -- What does "Run from RAM" means :
Read this short topic to get an answer.
Important: "Run from RAM" option available with LiveXP too, dont bother "(VistaPE only)" notification(s) in old scripts

LiveXP -- grub4dos (hd32) or (0xFF) mapping :
Check here post 23 for more info
Here is a partition of post23 taken 2009-10-21

title LiveXP.iso (0xFF)

find --set-root /LIVEXP.ISO

map --mem /LIVEXP.ISO (0xFF)

map --hook

chainloader (0xFF)

title LiveXP Bootsdi.img

map (hd0) (hd20) && map --hook

map --mem /BOOTSDI.IMG (hd0)

map --hook

chainloader (hd0,0)/NTLDR

title LiveXP_RAM.iso - direct

find --set-root /LIVEXP_RAM.ISO

map /LIVEXP_RAM.ISO (hd32)

map --hook

chainloader (hd32)

title LiveXP_RAM.iso - mem

find --set-root /LIVEXP_RAM.ISO

map --mem /LIVEXP_RAM.ISO (hd32)

map --hook

chainloader (hd32)

title LiveXP_ISO.iso - direct

find --set-root /LIVEXP_ISO.ISO

map /LIVEXP_ISO.ISO (hd32)

map --hook

chainloader (hd32)

title LiveXP_ISO.iso - mem

find --set-root /LIVEXP_ISO.ISO

map --mem /LIVEXP_ISO.ISO (hd32)

map --hook

chainloader (hd32)

LiveXP -- Tiny Miny - Cosmetic -- Where is the line :) :
Posted Image
Solution: Basic--->Tweaks--->Explorer Shell - Tweaks and Settings ---->Disable "Display simple folder view in Explorer's folder list
Posted Image

LiveXP -- Basic-->Shells-->Explorer Tweaks-->WinLogon / Shell: (reference post 1261,1262 thanks to fxscrpt)
When "XPELogon" used, how to create a Password-Hash (MD5)
One method:
1. create an empty txt file.
2. open created txt file and type your password (w/o CR/LF)
3. save file and use winMd5Sum.exe from Tools folder to create
the hash.
4. use created hash for FixShellWinlogon.Script/XPELogon
-5 password : generate md5 hash for the given password, the hash will be copied into the clipboard (please use passwords less than 16 characters long)
password: 12345
Password Hash (MD5): 827CCB0EEA8A706C4C34A16891F84E7B

Winbuilder-Option (optional):
If you are sure what you are doing but getting errors, than use this to finish your build even there are Error(s):
In winbuilder "Disable-->Options-->Stop build on Error" as shown in picture.
Posted Image
I dont use this option anymore since all bugies cleaned (2008-11-30), so keep it enabled if you dont have any trouble.

-Recommended Option by Lancelot:
Check LiveXP minor findings topic to see if error(s) you get are reported before and probably there can be a temporary solution.
Also search in boot-land, and create a new topic to report your finding. **dont forget to attach your log file.

-How to make adding without building all again (thanks to galapo post 1237:
****Only required step for wmi:
Make sure you have these settings enabled on WimPack on first run:
Posted Image
if you want to make a change in the project without running everything, run the particular script you want to add, then run WimPack manually (optional), then start the Finalize Batch script.

LiveXP Disk Management Trick:
We dont have plug&play on LiveXP (but i guess we have with LiveXP-Regfactory) which cause a small thing.
Here is a workaround using Disk Management
Now a user (you) trying to use "Disk Management" to format a new unformatted drive with extended partition:
"Disk Management" --> new partition -- extended -- next finish
"Disk Management" --> new logical drive -- next - next - next - next - perf quick format next - finish
******Here the error screen comes: "partition or volume is not enabled, please restart computer to enable it"
solution 1:
1) start hwpnp at this point (HWPnP(Install all hardware/force all))
2) than start mounstrope or maybe it is already started (see task man :) ) ==> this will give drive letter as C:
---At this point using "disk management of XP" to format dont not work, gives same error
3) open "my computer" and see C:\ , right click on it, choose format -- quick format
and it is working :)
solution 2: (dera post 5):
1) 'diskmgmt.msc' create the partition only (i select the disk > Right click > 'New Partition...') - no drive letter assignment, no format
2) 'Action' > 'Refresh'
3) Select the disk > Right Click > 'Change Drive Letter and Paths...'
4) restart the shell - so i use the option 'PELoader' and tick the 'restart shell' check box in the 'Winlogon / Shell' script in '\Basic\Shells\FineTune' - i kill the 'explorer.exe' process via 'Task Manager',
5) reopen the 'Disk Management', then format the partition
solution 3:
1) reboot livexp :(
2) "disk management of XP" can be used to format now
solution 4:
Well i always used hdm (paragon harddisk manager which is available with LiveXP) and similar utilities which would probably wont give such an error (not tested now).
Solution 1 does briefly this:
with absance of plug&play:
plug&play --> manual hwpnp does that (mostly)
new partion not mounted --> mounstorpe does that (mostly )
ps: also check post 1518 from fxscrpt to get informed about the real issue on disk.sys.
Main Solution: Keeping disk.sys alive :)
This can be done only if there is at least one disk exists at all time.
We dont have a utility to do that for now
With Bootsdi+Firadisk, image on X: is always alive like on real windows so disk.sys service never stops :>
Information about disk.sys unload issue: (reference fxscrpt post 73 )
- it exist only for xp build's (If someone can tell fxscrpt, fxscrpt will give him/her 10 thanks)
- real pc's not affected
- qemu not affected (we can add hdd.img)
- virtual box not affected (we can add vdi or vmdk image)
- vmware not affected (we can add vmdk image)

LiveXP on a USB External HD:
read jaclaz post 9

LiveXP on a USB External HD with BootSDI+wimpack:
After making usb mbr to boot with xp ntldr (with either tinybit or another method)
copy files from LiveXP_Ram.iso as shown in picture
**Copy files first, than folders
Posted Image
Code for boot.ini:
[Boot Loader]



[Operating Systems]

C:\grldr="Start GRUB"
Code for menu.lst
title LiveXP SDI

find --set-root /SETUPLDR.BIN

chainloader /SETUPLDR.BIN

PS: This is the simplest explanation, important thing is making usb bootable. After geting livexp work with this method, you can make some other changes that looks better.
Personally i make the arrangements and put BootSDI.img and WIMs.vmdk to the root of usb. With some trials you can do the same.
Additional (and I feel better) method is, now we have grub4dos mapping working nicely. Having only 2 files
LiveXP_RAM.iso (contains only bootsdi.img ---->~=70MB) + WIMs\WIMs.vmdk
at the root of the ufd/hd/cd will look better/tidy with grub4dos mapping (post 23):
title LiveXP_RAM.iso - direct

find --set-root /LIVEXP_RAM.ISO

map /LIVEXP_RAM.ISO (hd32)

map --hook

chainloader (hd32)

LiveXP i cant see my harddisk:
Adding hwid of INTEL Mass Storage to dps

LiveXP error starting with cd:
cd connected to sata when ahci enabled gives this error (maybe ide too)
General solution:
connect cd to the 2nd south bridge controlled sata connection.
disable ahci on this sata controller (in some bioses "Use compatibility mode" or "ide access mode")
Example: gigabyte ds3r mainboard , solution:
1) connect cd to purple sata connection (where jmicron chipset controls)
2) disable ahci of jmicron controlled connection with bios
Click for bios picture

0x0000007B means "inaccessible boot device"

LiveXP STOP: 0x0000007B BSOD [usbmultiboot]
One should already make usb bootable with grub4dos (ex: grubinst, USBMUlti boot 10)
put bootsdi.img to root and make a nice menu.lst

LiveXP STOP: 0x0000007B BSOD (0x79C8528, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) on usbhd when using PeToUSB:
Probable reasons:
- usbhd havent prepared as primary active (solution 0: make it primary active)
-"Add Win wk3sp1 setupldr.bin and ramdisk.sys" didnt selected when creating iso (or maybe old create iso script used)
-put RAMDISK.SYS from 2k3sp1 to livexp's ..\system32\driver folder on usbhd
-put SETUPLDR.BIN from 2k3sp1 to "livexp's root folder on usb" (minint or i386 ...)
-add ramdisk=ramdisk.sys line to [ScsiClass.Load] section in txtsetup.sif of livexp's which is in "livexp's root folder on usb" (minint or i386 ...) (Thanks to Shirin)
ScsiClass.Load section of txtsetup.sif will probably look like this.
Use winbuilder to create livexp with Bootsdi (not create iso) and control with qemu that it is working.
Make usbhd bootable with grub4dos
put bootsdi.img to root and make a nice menu.lst

LiveXp:'Boot Disk Expired' ERROR - Why asking password
It is NOT an error, 'cause of nature of Winbuilder gui you probably enable a wrong script before starting the build.
Solution a:
disable shell security script before building (Basic--->Shells--->Explorer tweaks--->Shell Security)
Solution b:
if you use wimpack and enabled password on wimpack script, disable it

LiveXp: Start without ramdrive (thanks to amalux)
if you dont want to use ramdrive (i like using ramdrive :)), than you have to use "Create ISO with fbwf" OR "BootSDI with freespace", so instead of ramdrive you use systemdrive.
Here is an UNTESTED solution:
Basic ---> !WBManager ---> Define Fundamentals: SettingsDrive to 'System Drive' (**Forget 'RAM Drive Letter')
Basic ---> !WBManager ---> Verify Project --> Disable
Basic ---> Build ---> TempPE: Check 'SystemDrive' and clean the 'Subdirectory' text box.
Source link

Setting back amalux's ready packages to default settings:
basic-->!Wbmanager-->DefineFundemantals==>RamDrive letter: B:
basic-->!Wbmanager-->DefineFundemantals==>Settings Drive: RamDrive
basic-->shell-->addon-->Imdisk (enable this script)
ps: post 14

LiveXp: Add/Remove Upper Filters
What is it, where to use it :)
Check topics to get an idea
and if you have still confusions, just dont select the script (which is NOT selected as default :) )

LiveXp: I have XPx64 as host, is it okey to use winbuilder with livexp
All compatibility issues are solved with using host as x64 (tested with XP64 & 2k364), so you can use without problem
for x64 compatilibity there are little things you should be carelful when adding new scripts to your project
Be carelful when using "get files" option as you are hosting a x64 :)
be carelful about scripts that configures itsself with the existing installed utilites (rarely, there is no such a problem in LiveXP project scripts)
For further XPx64 notes look to the post #1 of this topic. Info's there updated regularly.
Check my Live XP minor findings topic to see info and solutions for xp64

LiveXP Tips:
*'RunFromRAM' command in LiveXP:
Defination (galapo post 1195)'RunFromRAM' command in LiveXP sets programs to be run from the ram disk. In case of using BootSDI or FBWF and setting profiles to %systemdrive%, then programs won't be on a ram disk.
info post 1197
--"Run From Ram" + "CreateISO" + "fbwf selected" ==== Program will be on ramdisk
--"Run From Ram" + "CreateISO" + "fbwf selected" + "disable fbwf at startup" ==== Program will be on ramdisk
--"Run From Ram" + "CreateISO" + "fbwf selected" + "disable fbwf at startup + Define Fundamentals Settings drive option set to %SystemDrive% + no ModelRam.exe created ==== program will be on ramdisk
--"Run From Ram" + "CreateISO" + "fbwf selected" + "disable fbwf at startup" + Define Fundamentals Settings drive option set to %SystemDrive% + ModelRam.exe created ====program won't be on ramdisk

Slipstream: (I dont Have xpsp3, xpsp2 as source but have xpsp1 or xpsp0):
:) DO NOT USE ;) nlite etc. utility, FOLLOW M$'s way to slipstream:
Here is mini tutorial:

How to obtain XPsp2 source from XPSP0 or XPSP1 source CD:
copy your cd to c:\xpsp2
download WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe (assuming your xp cd is english)
put WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe to C:\temp
open command line in temp and write
WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe -s:c:\xpsp2

How to obtain XPsp3 source from XPSP0 or XPSP1 or XPSP3 source CD:
copy your cd to c:\xpsp3
download WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe (assuming your xp cd is english)
put WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe to C:\temp
open command line in temp and write
WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe -s:c:\xpsp3

If curiousty hits you, to slipstream 2k3sp0 to 2k3sp1 follow this:
copy your cd to c:\2k3sp1
download WindowsServer2003-KB889101-SP1-x86-ENU.exe (assuming your 2k3 cd is english)
put WindowsServer2003-KB889101-SP1-x86-ENU.exe to C:\temp
open command line in C:\temp and write
WindowsServer2003-KB889101-SP1-x86-ENU.exe /x
open command line in C:\temp\i386\Update and write
Update.exe -s:C:\2k3sp1
(Reminding LiveXP supports 2k3sp1 and 2k3sp2 sources)
ps: This method can be applied to slipstream from xpsp0 to xpsp1 (not needed for LiveXP)

* A nice tutorial with pictures also available here
* Here is a 911 topic about slipstreaming here
* sp file name used assuming your source cd is english, if your source cd is another language, download the right sp file for your source cd language.

Simple Script Writing Notes:
example: pack aol folder into a 7z file and add this 7z file to the script. (note: use "select all" and select all files to pack, do NOT pack folder)






unpack,,America Online 8.0.7z

Script Writing Notes:
innounp.exe cant be deleted quickly after used, use following code for innounp.exe to fix this issue
ShellExecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/c innounp.exe -x -b -d#$q%MyWorkbench%\is360setup#$q #$q%MyWorkbench%\is360setup.exe#$q",%MyWorkbench%

reference here

**hostos vista7 dont like user profile directory to mount image (no problem for LiveXP)
If,%pos%,EQUAL,1,Halt,"You Fool!"

Special Script Writing Notes:
This is not basic, but rare used things, for basic-training seach other tutorials on boot-land
***##$ Escape of Espace (But there is nowhere to escape :) )
--You cant write comma on with regwrite, Check this topic:
--You cant put quotes when creating shortcut with api, here is an example:
Add_Shortcut,StartMenu,Anti-Spyware,#$pSystemRoot#$p\System32\%ProgramEXE%,HijackThis!,#$pSystemRoot#$p\System32,"/t 0 /sv /ac /sd /m+ /y ##$q%PE_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%\HijackThis.exe##$q",%PE_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%\HijackThis.exe
--You want to use comma with variables but cant iniread/write
Check this topic http://www.boot-land...?...ic=8972&hl=

*psc post 462 how System,RebuildVars work

Script Writing Notes for PEx64 support:
we have 2 variables, %x864% and %OS_Type%
%OS_Type% shows the architecture of PE (x86 / x64)
%x864% shows if x86 applications can run on any PE (x86 / amd64)
%x864% has default have value of the equvalent %OS_Type% and must only be changed if there is a wow64 script or option. (wow64 script set value to x86)
---for PEx86 %x864% value is always x86
---for PEx64 %x864% value can be x86 or amd64
------x86 if there is wow64 on PE (so x86 applications can work on PEx64)
------amd64 if there is no wow64 on PE (x86 applications can not work on PEx64 when there is no wow64)
Some examples:
if you have an x86 application:
at the top of the process:

If,Not,%x864%,Equal,x86,Exit,"%ProgramTitle% requires WOW64 for PEx64"
(If,Not,ExistVar line is to support other projects which are mostly x86)
if you have and application that both have x86 and x64 executables:
at the top of the process:


(If,Not,ExistVar line is to support other projects which are mostly x86)
if you have an x86 application which have x64 sys/dll files:

If,Not,%x864%,Equal,x86,Exit,"%ProgramTitle% requires WOW64 for PEx64"



(If,Not,ExistVar lines are to support other projects which are mostly x86)

For more info check here and here

alternative page for pictures in this post:

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    *Answering questions for "Meaning of life",
    *Helping people,

    Kung with LiveXP, Fu with Peter :)

Posted 04 November 2008 - 04:39 PM

My Signature :cheers:

PLEASE DONT USE QUOTE when answering my posts unless you want to indicate sth.
Lancelot Tips & lancelot.winbuilder.net // LiveXP Official packed zips: LiveXP Minimum (~15MB) & LiveXP Recommended (~40MB)
LiveXP adviced source: xp32sp2 cd, Alternate1 source:2k3sp1 Trial X11-03905, Alternate 2 source: 2k3sp2 Trial X13-05665 , and XPSP3 :cheers:.
My Project Details: LiveXP // hostOS: 2k3sp2x64eng // Source: XPProsp2eng(32bit) // Tests made with Vmware 605 //
LiveXP Warning: Use winbuilder.exe for LiveXP - Read the instruction

My Tutorials:

How to use genVirginLocalFolder
Adding hwid of INTEL Mass Storage to dps
if you are looking for new scripts, check a set of script here: LiveXPExtra scripts collection (Lancelot) ( http://apps.winbuild...Extra/Projects/ )
App Scripts of Lancelot (collection of my scripts for General feedback)

Lancelot live in
Turkiye, Coordinates: 39.924985,32.836922
In lovely city Izmir, Coordinates: 38.422182,27.124293
At this sweet home, coordinates: 38.471096, 27.090293

winbuilder download page
winbuilder download page - beta
winbuilder download page - stable

LiveXP The single file download (Current)
LiveXP The single file download old (074 archived)
LiveXP The single file download - bootland forum page

If you want to learn about script writing visit these links:
Script syntax Page
Adding Registry Keys Guide

To avoid misunderstanding,
some utilities are called "portable apps" because they can be used with and without livexp.
you can use hddscan "with your host os without installation" and with livexp ---->so hdd scan is portable
you can not use acronis disk director "with your host os without installation" but you can use it with livexp --->so Acronis Disk Director is not portable
you can not use ghost7 and driveimage3 "with your host os with or without installation" + you cannot use ghost7 and driveimage3 with livexp, although ghost7 and driveimage3 are portable they are not 32bit.

Lancelot : Posted Image Saydin77 :Posted Image Max_Real Qnx :Posted Image Blue Life :Posted Image

****General Asked Issues:
(for devolepment of livexp or other project, bugs and suggestions are made elsewhere, these are common questions that may asked by anyone)

Miscellenous Common Questions

Browser Wide-Screen issue:
Happens when someone logs in and visit some pages. without login this issue dont occur (as far as i know).
Opera is the best browser for boot-land.net
IE7 (so eventually maxthon) have wide screen issue with especially codebox but in all cases,
firefox have widescreen issue with code (Peter reported)
solution: use Opera at least with boot-land.net :cheers:

How to optain a newer version of a script:
To download newer version of scripts (general method)
click "download" on right upper corner of winbuilder,
when there is a new version of a script, it will be in the list
look here

VistaPE start without vista source

USB Flash stick fd0 problem:
making usbflash disk bootable sometimes dont work, a friend of mine have this problem but he cant remember what he do to solve sayin me 'i tried everything i found, so i dont know what worked'.
Here is exact defination for problem and highly probable reason
Here is a solution
Managin MBR by jaclaz Shrin's Tutorial
look post #2 for fdisk/format a USB stick, by creating a disk image.
look post #6 for a revised addition of Shrin's collection which is compatible with 32bit/64bit + works with vista :cheers:.

Small flash disk ( < 1GB) common problem:
you see a flash disk as 'removable drive' while other as flash disk as 'USB HDD'.
Reason is bios look the size of flash drive to decide wheter it is removable drive or usb hdd
so small capacity flash disks are described as 'removable drive' by bios , and big capacity flash disk are 'USB HDD'.
If you have, In usb device section of your bios, change setting from auto to hd.
For example if you use asus p5b
Bios-->Advanced-->USB Configuration-->Legacy USB Support-->USB Mass Storage Device Configuration-->Emulation Type-->Auto
change Auto to Harddisk
ps: "asus p5b" bios is only for help purpose of what you are looking for in bios, if you have diff. motherboard/bios, you should find this in the way it writes in your bios.
If you dont have such an option in your bios (like Asus A7N8X-VM) for now only solution i know is, use bigger (at least 1gb) usb flash disk. (see an example here)
Besides this also check Jaclaz notes here

There can be several reasons, besides the one posted. :cheers:
A workaround should be possible:
Download from here:
Add a 00 byte at the end of the archive:
It should be possible to run in AUTOEXEC.BAT to run a drive letter assignement reading routine, and also "force" it, you'll have to do some experiments:
If not possible directly, use grub4dos and a DOS image:

Adding grub to xp/vista:
+ "Grub Install For Windows.exe" + using livexp from hd + making system ready for tests

How to use DOS and LiveXP together
this question comes from a friend who wanted to use driveimage3 as a portable application and probably with livexp
As driveimage3 is a DOS application using it in LiveXP wont suceed. A bootmanager is needed.
It takes some time to learn boot managers for cd and hd/usbflash but it is worth,
one can easly use a multi boot in cd ex: easyboot, bcdw, grub
one can easly use a bootmanager with hd/usb ex: grub
Grub Install For Windows.exe will help you make a mutiboot menu for your existing windows OS (xp/vista), for usb and for cd you should look google, bootland, msfn for more information.
by using a bootmanager, you can make a cd-dvd/hd/usb that can boot LiveXP, VistaPE, Linux, DOS, Windows, Setups of OS (xp, vista, linux) ..... etc.
It is worth to learn :cheers:

FileDelete - Failed to delete [%BaseDir%\Projects
this error/s comes randomly (not repeatedly) with only a less number scipts, mostly when a .exe file 1)extracted from script, 2)executed to perform a task 3)deleted , sometimes 3rd stage turns back an error.
look my solutions at post #322 to post #334 (also these solutions are not approved my psc but works nice for me)

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    *Buying outwear for my girlf (Reason: Girls are stupid about buying bad stuff to make themselves uglier :))
    *Girls (Lyric: Girl,...., You will be a womann, Soon)
    *Answering questions for "Meaning of life",
    *Helping people,

    Kung with LiveXP, Fu with Peter :)

Posted 04 November 2008 - 04:39 PM

Foods from Turkiye (only the ones i ate, not an encyclopedia)

Sis Kebab
Posted Image

Posted Image

Pide with kusbasi and kasar (kusbasi=flaked meat (kasar=a kind of yellow cheese made of sheep's milk )
Posted Image

ps: will continue when i find time

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  • Location:Turkiye/Izmir
  • Interests:*Mechanical stuff and Physics,
    *LiveXP, BartPE, SherpyaXPE,
    *Basketball and Looong Walking,
    *Buying outwear for my girlf (Reason: Girls are stupid about buying bad stuff to make themselves uglier :))
    *Girls (Lyric: Girl,...., You will be a womann, Soon)
    *Answering questions for "Meaning of life",
    *Helping people,

    Kung with LiveXP, Fu with Peter :)

Posted 04 November 2008 - 04:39 PM

Funny :cheers: :cheers:

Funny windows error screens:
Posted Image

ALL USERS please read here, (expecially those "from Afghanistan") Flag/Nationalityconversation, MedEvil's verrrry hidden gif, and a special application Nada

*When ever a computer guy (an individual who like to work on computer) says "im burned out on computer stuff ", it always means "i neeeed a woman"

*For a issue on script/utility/code:
1st issue report from somebody is something
2nd issue report from another is reality :cheers:

-Boooooom 2008 09 10
Posted Image
- LiveXP the Coolest
Posted Image
- Peter - Remembering him at once
Posted Image
- 2009 10 29
Posted Image

Jokes for fun:

quote name='TheHive' date='Oct 2 2008, 05:44 AM' post='45985'
Joke: Little Eddy's Test

A first-grade teacher was having trouble with one of her students.

The teacher asked, "Eddy what is your problem?" Eddy answered, "I'm too smart for the first-grade. My sister is in the third -grade and I'm smarter than she is! I think I should be in the third-grade too!"

The teacher had had enough.

She took Eddy to the principal's office.

While Eddy waited in the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was.

The principal told the teacher he would give the boy a test and if he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the first-grade and behave.

The teacher agreed.

Eddy was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he agreed to take the test.

Principal: "What is 3 x 3?"
Eddy: "9".

Principal: "What is 6 x 6?"
Eddy: "36".

And so it went with every question the principal thought a third-grade should know.

The principal looks at the teacher and tells her, "I think Eddy can go to the third-grade."

The teacher says to the principal, "Let me ask him some questions?"

The principal and Eddy both agree.

The teacher asks, "What does a cow have four of that I have only two of?"
Eddy, after a moment, "Legs."

Teacher: "What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?"

The principal wondered, why does she ask such a question!

Eddy replied, "Pockets."

Teacher: "What does a dog do that a man steps into?"
Eddy: "Pants"

Teacher: What's starts with a C and ends with a T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin whitish liquid?
Eddy: Coconut

The principal's eyes open really wide and before he could stop the answer,

Eddy was taking charge.

Teacher: What goes in hard and pink then comes out soft and sticky?
Eddy: Bubblegum

Teacher: What does a man do standing up, a woman do sitting down and a dog do on three legs?

The principal's eyes open really wide and before he could stop the answer.

Eddy: Shake hands

Teacher: Now I will ask some "Who am I" sort of questions, okay?
Eddy: Yep.

Teacher: You stick your poles inside me. You tie me down to get me up. I get wet before you do.
Eddy: Tent

Teacher: A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you're bored. The best man always has me first.

Principal was looking restless and bit tense.

Eddy: Wedding Ring

Teacher: I come in many sizes. When I'm not well, I drip. When you blow me, you feel good.
Eddy: Nose

Teacher: I have a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates. I come with a quiver.
Eddy: Arrow

Teacher: What word starts with an 'F' and ends in 'K' that means a lot of excitement?
Eddy: Firetruck

The principal breathed a sigh of relief and told the teacher, "Put Eddy in the fifth-grade, I missed the last ten questions myself."

Things Computers Can Do in Movies (Original Post from here)

1. Word processors never display a cursor.

2. You never have to use the space-bar when typing long sentences.

3. Movie characters never make typing mistakes.

4. All monitors display inch-high letters.

5. High-tech computers, such as those used by NASA, the CIA or some such governmental institution, will have easy to understand graphical interfaces.

6. Those that don't have graphical interfaces will have incredibly powerful text-based command shells that can correctly understand and execute commands typed in plain English.

7. Note: Command line interfaces will give you access to any information you want by simply typing, "ACCESS THE SECRET FILES" on any near-by keyboard.

8. You can also infect a computer with a destructive virus by simply typing "UPLOAD VIRUS". (See "Fortress".)

9. All computers are connected. You can access the information on the villain's desktop computer even if it's turned off.

10. Powerful computers beep whenever you press a key or the screen changes. Some computers also slow down the output on the screen so that it doesn't go faster than you can read. (Really advanced computers will also emulate the sound of a dot-matrix printer.)

11. All computer panels operate on thousands of volts and have explosive devices underneath their surface. Malfunctions are indicated by a bright flash of light, a puff of smoke, a shower of sparks and an explosion that causes you to jump backwards.

12. People typing on a computer can safely turn it off without saving the data.

13. A hacker is always able to break into the most sensitive computer in the world by guessing the secret password in two tries.

14. You may bypass "PERMISSION DENIED" message by using the "OVERRIDE" function. (See "Demolition Man".)

15. Computers only take 2 seconds to boot up instead of the average minutes for desktop PCs and 30 minutes or more for larger systems that can run 24 hours, 365 days a year without a reset.

16. Complex calculations and loading of huge amounts of data will be accomplished in under three seconds. Movie modems usually appear to transmit data at the speed of two gigabytes per second.

17. When the power plant/missile site/main computer overheats, all control panels will explode shortly before the entire building will.

18. If you display a file on the screen and someone deletes the file, it also disappears from the screen (See "Clear and Present Danger").

19. If a disk contains encrypted files, you are automatically asked for a password when you insert it.

20. Computers can interface with any other computer regardless of the manufacturer or galaxy where it originated. (See "Independence Day".)

21. Computer disks will work on any computer has a floppy drive and all software is usable on any platforms.

22. The more high-tech the equipment, the more buttons it will have (See "Aliens".)

23. Note: You must be highly trained to operate high-tech computers because the buttons have no labels except for the "SELF-DESTRUCT" button.

24. Most computers, no matter how small, have reality-defying three-dimensional active animation, photo-realistic graphics capabilities.

25. Laptops always have amazing real-time video phone capabilities and performance similar to a CRAY Supercomputer.

26. Whenever a character looks at a monitor, the image is so bright that it projects itself onto their face. (See "Alien" or "2001")

27. Searches on the internet will always return what you are looking for no matter how vague your keywords are. (See "Mission Impossible", Tom Cruise searches with keywords like "file" and "computer" and 3 results are returned.)

My Desktop Setting:
1) I use Windows Classic Theme (i guess not popular anymore ! )
2) I change 2 settings in Theme so here what i use:
a) Desktop color (not important)
:cheers: Window color http://img363.images...hemelancsk1.png
ps: i use my own grey rgb: 160 160 164
As a Result:
Classic Theme has a bit smaller area in wb gui (it shouldnt be, it is a wb buggy, the area inside gui should be set fixed as a rule, that bugy only happens with wb so far (i use same theme for years since win98))
When Window color is white the error made by using pCheckBox is not seen with wb, wb shows text over white background and as user see the fonts user feels no mistake made :cheers:
When Window color is not white (like in other themes around, in my case grey) wb dont show text over other (grey) color.
(or maybe again area size, i am not sure)
That's why i made pCheckBox7 fixes
As a Rule:
if you see right with Classic Theme (with modified window color), you see right with other themes. Again my luck :cheers:

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    *Buying outwear for my girlf (Reason: Girls are stupid about buying bad stuff to make themselves uglier :))
    *Girls (Lyric: Girl,...., You will be a womann, Soon)
    *Answering questions for "Meaning of life",
    *Helping people,

    Kung with LiveXP, Fu with Peter :)

Posted 04 November 2008 - 04:40 PM

Personal things to remember when script writing:


RegWrite,HKLM,0x1,"WB-software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved",{8A56567E-A333-4843-B6E1-C3A262E41D8C},"HashTab Property Page"
reg_add,0x1,"%reg%\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved",{8A56567E-A333-4843-B6E1-C3A262E41D8C},"HashTab Property Page"


If,Not,%SourceArch%,Equal,x86,Exit,"xxxx.script is designed to work only with PEx86 builds for NOW"




//System,GETENV,PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE looks it does not work right, shows x86 on hostosx64
//instead use


My Favorites Templates:
Some templates I prepared to use on various scripts :cheers:.







pCheckBox1="Desktop shortcut",1,3,8,10,122,18,False
pCheckBox2="Start menu shortcut",1,3,8,48,122,18,True
pCheckBox3="Quicklaunch shortcut",1,3,8,29,122,18,False
pTextBox1="Start Menu folder:",1,0,11,85,119,18,
ScrollBox_RunFromWhere="Run default",1,4,143,6,140,21,"Run default","Run from RAM","Run from CD"

Echo,"Processing %ProgramTitle%..."
StrFormat,REPLACE,%ScrollBox_RunFromWhere%," ","",%runfrom%

//Extracting-innounp-Copy Begin
ShellExecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/c innounp.exe -x -b -d#$q%ProjectTemp%\TempInnounp\%ProgramFolder%#$q #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempInnounp\%ProgramFolder%\%Setupfile%#$q",%ProjectTemp%\TempInnounp\%ProgramFolder%
Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C rd /s /q #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempInnounp\%ProgramFolder%#$q"
If,EXISTDIR,%ProjectTemp%\TempInnounp\%ProgramFolder%,Echo,"Directory NOT DELETED",WARN
//unneccary file deletion
Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C del /q /f #$q%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\images_only.yru#$q"
If,EXISTFILE,%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\images_only.yru,Echo,"FILE NOT DELETED",WARN
Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C del /q /f #$q%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\skip_browser_cache.yru#$q"
If,EXISTFILE,%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\skip_browser_cache.yru,Echo,"FILE NOT DELETED",WARN
Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C del /q /f #$q%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\unicows.dll#$q"
If,EXISTFILE,%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\unicows.dll,Echo,"FILE NOT DELETED",WARN
//Extracting-innounp-Copy End

ShellExecute,Hide,%Tools%\7z.exe,"x #$q%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\%SetupFile%#$q -y -o#$q%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%#$q"
Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C del /q /f #$q%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\%SetupFile%#$q"
If,EXISTFILE,%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\%SetupFile%,Echo,"FILE NOT DELETED",WARN
Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C rd /s /q #$q%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\$PLUGINSDIR#$q"
If,EXISTDIR,%Target_Prog%\%ProgramFolder%\$PLUGINSDIR,Echo,"Directory NOT DELETED",WARN

//Extracting-wise-Copy Begin
ShellExecute,Hide,%Tools%\7z.exe,"x #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempWiseExtract\%ProgramFolder%\%PackedFile_x86%#$q -y -o#$q%ProjectTemp%\TempWiseExtract\%ProgramFolder%#$q"
ShellExecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/c E_WISE_W.EXE %SetupFile_x86% #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempWiseExtract\%ProgramFolder%#$q",%ProjectTemp%\TempWiseExtract\%ProgramFolder%
ShellExecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/c 00000000.BAT",%ProjectTemp%\TempWiseExtract\%ProgramFolder%
Shellexecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C rd /s /q #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempWiseExtract\%ProgramFolder%#$q"
If,EXISTDIR,%ProjectTemp%\TempWiseExtract\%ProgramFolder%,Echo,"Directory NOT DELETED",WARN
//Extracting-wise-Copy End

ShellExecute,Hide,%Tools%\7z.exe,"x #$q%ProjectTemp%\Temp7zExtract\%ProgramFolder%\%setupfile_%SourceArch%%#$q -y -o#$q%ProjectTemp%\Temp7zExtract\%ProgramFolder%#$q"
ShellExecute,Hide,%Tools%\7z.exe,"x #$q%ProjectTemp%\Temp7zExtract\%ProgramFolder%\product.cab#$q -y -o#$q%ProjectTemp%\Temp7zExtract\%ProgramFolder%\product#$q"



ShellExecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/c innounp.exe -x -b -d#$q%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%#$q #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%\%Setupfile%#$q",%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%


ShellExecute,Hide,%Tools%\7z.exe,"x #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%\%SetupFile%#$q -y -o#$q%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%#$q"

ShellExecute,Hide,%Tools%\7z.exe,"x #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%\%PackedFile_x86%#$q -y -o#$q%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%#$q"
ShellExecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/c E_WISE_W.EXE %SetupFile_x86% #$q%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%#$q",%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%
ShellExecute,Hide,cmd.exe,"/c 00000000.BAT",%ProjectTemp%\TempLaunchFile\%ProgramFolder%



OpenSourceFilesbutton="Open Dir",1,8,409,73,46,24,OpenSourceFilesDir

If,%pFileBox1%,Equal,"",Exit,"No Directory Specified"

OpenSourceFilesDirFilebutton="Open Dir",1,8,409,73,46,24,OpenSourceFilesDirFile

If,%pFileBox1%,Equal,"",Exit,"No Directory Specified"

ShellExecuteex,Hide,cmd.exe,"/C #$q%BaseDir%\Temp\colorchart.htm#$q",%BaseDir%\Temp




RegAddBoot,HKLM,0x1,Software\EasyBoot Systems\UltraISO\5.0,,%PE_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%

RegAddBoot,HKLM,0x2,Software\Classes\Bulk.Rename.1\shell\open\command,,"#$q%PE_Programs%\%ProgramFolder%\%ProgramEXE%#$q #$q#$p1#$q"





PE1 special:





-----------OLD NOT USED ANYMORE-----------
CheckBox_RunFromRam="Run from RAM (boot.wim or RAMdisk)",1,3,174,6,200,20,False
-----------OLD NOT USED ANYMORE-----------

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    *Girls (Lyric: Girl,...., You will be a womann, Soon)
    *Answering questions for "Meaning of life",
    *Helping people,

    Kung with LiveXP, Fu with Peter :)

Posted 04 November 2008 - 04:41 PM

Lancelot self education/remind notes just sharing to community :)

photobucket - picture upload

Windows XP in RAM -another attempt --- Using "unmanaged" memory
Boot a complete XP in ram from a WIM (diskless) - joakim notes
PE1 projects suffer from a serious problem - MedEvil

Colorful boot menu with ansi escape code in Boot.ini

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="?[1;32mMicrosoft Windows XP Professional" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windmows Server 2003" /noexecute=optout /fastdetect

cdob post 13

title mem ERD Commander 5.00
ls /boot/erd50.gz || find --set-root /boot/erd50.gz
map --mem /boot/firadisk.ima (fd0)
map --mem /boot/erd50.gz (0xFF)
map --hook
chainloader (0xFF)

VMDK Basics from sanbarrow (tutorial)
http://www.boot-land...showtopic=11116 --> http://sanbarrow.com/vmdk-basics.html
Boot-Land siteinfo alexa
Boot-Land Face Book
ERD Commander 2005 Full Working Plugins_Last Update - from 911
post52 steve6375 - wim bug with nice defination
post24 jaclaz links for boot ufd thingies
Boot to Drive 0 from USB grub4dos
Nightman Facebook
Nuno Facebook
Can't delete Winbuilder folder --- .wim mount issue check around
UFD + ntldr/boot.ini + GRUB4DOS +PLOP + USB 2.0, hangs with USB keyboard --- Plop - usb keyboard workaround
Bootsage - also check post 24s
multi boot.wim booting with grub4dos - check steve6375 notes
USB XP jaclaz links
Where can I find GRUB 2 (v1.98) already compiled ? - post7 breaker
Keyboard Layout Changer, is there a nice one? - question from pecd.net
Codes about getting drive letter - check erwan.I post 15
Blue Screen of Life, Recovery Console from the Windows Graphics-Mode Screen - follow discussion
Can Win7Pe die? Part II (close to final) -- vvurat win7pe notes - useful info starts after post 11
old boot-land topic ( http://www.boot-land...?...0862&st=10# )
Not so known tools - jaclaz
Vistape - safely remove usb - dera's and jaclaz utility posts
Vistape - msi - dera's notes
script_syntax Report missings - Lancelot
How to enable drive mapping WinPE SOLUTION - vvurat Netstart.exe and Remountdrv.exe
Windows Update, Slipstream best chose part1 (update/integrate/slipstream stuff from olex, nlite, ryanvm etc...)
Strange behaviour in IMDISK with Floppy
A set of utilities for regshot - fileshot etc - m4dm4Xz
Wireless support on PE 2.x/3.x
Install from USB AFTER Booting with PE - wimb - Make_PE3.exe
saving disk images with ImDisk - jaclaz notes,
Windows 7 RC x86 in 4.75 GB RAM disk, Windows 7 is not too large -- karyonix
booting a partition to which HDD image of windows 7 was restored -- jaclaz notes
Multiboot DVD by Aero step by step -- some notes from yggdrasil Shring ....

usb ye xp kurma

rundll32 kullanimi

XP Registry ayarlari 1
XP Registry ayarlari 2

Create a Bootable Windows 7/Vista system Image ISO, All applications/settings Pre-installed!
mount hidden partition command line possible - JFX and Jaclaz posts showdrive - mounstorpe - dosdev
Index of USB Boot Making Applications - maanu
Execute a command before shutdown
RegAddBoot script updates - Galapo - Lancelot - JonF discussion topic (waiting good news from JonF)
Lokeyte, Lost a USB key? Look in the registry! - search currentcontrolset utilities by jaclaz
Boot your USB Drive in VirtualBox, Easily test bootable USB drives in VirtualBox
Firadisk and .VHD /.IMG images
Breakthrough in grub4dos development - maanu - setupldr.bin patched on memory
VHD image file + Ram disk file integration
Adding Specific Mass Storage Drivers - post 4 dera - DPs-MassStorageDrivers_MSST.script
x64 versions of some frequently used utilities
x64 PEs, from x64 source (WinBuilder > Development > NativeEx)
How to change keyboard layout - VistaPE 1
How to change keyboard layout - VistaPE 2
oscdimg and GRUB4DOS?, ... A Very Sensitive cASE! - cdob included - nice topic for ISO creation stuff
Boot Windows 7 from USB-HD., Switch from 1 computer to an other. - win7 portable
Run AeroStudio ISO from USB Flash Drive
Page file in USB hard disk
Problems making grub4dos DVD with mkisofs - nice info for mkisof
Universal XP, 1 image on Intel & Amd?
joakim - distributing files discussion - ATTENTION!! MS infiltrated!!
Bootable Dos CD without Floppy emulation - jaclaz
ERD Commander in MSDaRT 6.0, Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset
Lancelot - Confirm your Slax registration - topic
MBRBatch 0.01 ALPHA, [Release] - jaclaz

Peppie's Stuff - thanks olegpov - decompile notes

Grub4dos with PAE support - karyonix

WinVBlock - Sha0
Creating RAM Disk Recovery Console, XP Pro SP2 Recovery Console via WinVBlock - Sha0

Maanu zPnp LAN - WLAN tutorial
Vista/Windows7/XP partitioning issue, Lost partitions!!! - edborg
Ghost in grub4dos list - a nice link that shows how to create ghost images :>:>
Recovery Environment in an unattended Windows DVD - Shift F10 trick when installing (supports all known windows installations 2k xp vista ...)
PXE Boot Guide using Windows XP server, Install 2K/XP/2K3 (RIS), Vista/2008/7 + boot PE, WinPE, Parted Magic -- diddy guide for PXE
ERD Commander in MSDaRT 6.0, Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (+msdart 6.5)
MS DaRT 6.5 script by yahoouk - post 48 also check following posts (* post 63)

LiveXP x64 support Gamma ready for end users


ExtractAndRunAPI - New API request, Due to some x64 issues
Lancelot api request post 607
Imdisk script, Need to update
More Proper name for new enhancements of LiveXP
BootScreen working on - TheHive

VDK - VFD --- Download all files with website
Link Shell Extension
Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

txtsetup.sif info
Switches in TXTSETUP.SIF

Microsoft Product Lifecycle Search
Frequently asked questions about Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

ERD Commander from USB Flash Drive, HowTo from online ****MUST****
Recovery Console not working from USB Stick****MUST****
Boot grdlr with chain.c32 (syslinux)****MUST****

Winpe 3.0 - Win7 Guide In Progress, How to build a WinPE Image 3.0 Manually - Very Good tutorial from Morphs****

kon-boot >not working as multiboot option( CD ) grub4dos usage for solution ****

Here at post 17 jaclaz list for "USB sticks formatting tools"

Busting the Myth about ramdisk.sys - XP/2003 - joakim
Firadisk Guide - diddy
firadisk instruction from diddy post 8
[Tutorial] Boot Windows 7 from USB hard disk by karyonix
[Tutorial] Boot Windows 7 from USB hard disk by Marietto2009, creating a "portable" VHD on USB device
Install Windows 7 directly from hard disk
UFD Bootable jaclaz notes
dera post 7 - maybe nvidia bug
.net - thinstall (--> not important, but extra info inside maybe nice)
post 18 fxscrpt - txtsetup info
new api - check last posts (ex 17) - interface
vss - jaclaz
RegFactory---network---XP Themes
keydecode program, adviced by jaclaz
proxy fixes
a new dos driver
homes32 rss feed of releases/updates
Installing windows 2000 on old pc without a floppy
Install XP from a RAM loaded ISO image
multiboot of xp also needs virtual floppy
grub4dos - gfx menu - post 6 jaclaz
NTRegEdit - a Native Registry Editor, The smallest way to manage a Registry
CloneDisk - post 71 e bak
Winlogin / Shell Password (jaclaz in linklerini kont et)
Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download (Recovery disk torrent linkleri)
Haiku OS
Windows 7 Enterprise 90-day Trial
WinXP-bootable ExpressCard SSD
chainloader --sdi argument, MS System Deployment Image (SDI) supportsdi option of chainloader
Skybeam script collection working with Win7RescuePE
Separate I386 and Programs Image (Programs.iso)
GRUB4DOS for DVDroms
Universal XP, 1 image on Intel & Amd?
KernelEx: run Windows 2000/XP-only applications on Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Millennium
Understanding [Interfaces] section in scripts - check post 9 and later.. ;)
XP booting direct from USB
GUID Partition Table
Acronis True Image Home 2009 Free - wd - seagate (oriensol)
paraglider's RunScanner - SetTarget root topic.
Script integrity - Certify
severe bug in pegina
How do i mount BootSDI image file
PXE boot (useful infos)
Avira - iso grub4dos
Trash topic
grub4dos and images....
Boot-land Skin
&setskin=1&skinid=22 (IPB Default*)
&setskin=1&skinid=27 (Webber)
Boot ERD Commander 2007 from a UFD
paraglider - adding drivers to vistape
Creating a WinPE based Acronis true image CD
booting windows xp via floppy image
truecrypt bootloader question, how does it work? (also post 13 jaclaz)
Utility for creating FAT/FAT32/NTFS BartPE USB-Sticks/HDD's - post 261 jaclaz
'huun' is not a vaild integer value - post 32 Sevda okusun
problem with livexp and notebook
VistaPE v. 12 RC1b bugs
grubinst.exe- write failed- Vista & NTFS bootsector -- joakim workaround for vistantfs
grubinst.exe- write failed- Vista & NTFS bootsector -- joakim workaround for vistantfs
Avira Grub4Dos
savepart --- A hidden backup partition (a nice example for savepart usage :) )
how to make LiveXP boot on ufd - jaclaz post 155
Terabyte Unlimited MBR 1.04, mastering the MBR with a CLI (New version)
Problem Building a VistaPE Project
Event Log Explorer, program for analysing offline NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista Logs
Partition Wizard newish partition utility
How to get entries in the start menu of BS Explore
Test Hard Drives Not Detected by BIOS
boot Cute Partition Manager from grub4dos
Jaclaz A Friend of mine...
how to write on ntfs while on dos, i need this for imageing using ghost.exe (DOS utilities to read/write NTFS)
Issue compiling IMDISK on ubuntu-linux, imdisk_source_20090723 compiling 'devio' fails with errors
WinBuilder 077 RC 2
New Unpack, New syntax (pedrole 15)
Problem booting after imaging
Read HFS+ partition from LiveXP/VistaPE
how do i boot eset sysrescue and bitdefender rescue disk from USB?
UBCD4WIN on Grub4Dos
PBX in a Flash (PIAF)
PLoP is supported by grub4dos!, (and by most other loaders)
BOOTING USB2.0 FAST SPEED !!!!, Thanks to PLOP 5.0.3
Wireshark + WinPcap, Updated: 7-30-09
MiTec Software Collection
What images does ImDisk handle without tweaking?
The UFD Patching Tool of your dreams
Mission Slax possible
vincent's page for windows PE, some interesting links to take a look at ;)
An Examination of the Windows 2000 ( NT5.0 ) and Windows XP ( NT5.1 ) MBR ( Master Boot Record ) *******
how to make LiveXP boot on ufd - jaclaz post 155
Hide the start message winpe2
our list of servers seems outdated
Learning C++ tutorials - boot-land
command line calculator
Autochk Parameters, Control Autochk
Run BartPE from folder \I386 at hard disk (cdob)
vistape driver integrator - list from dera (Markus8's, DaveXP's, Mustang's, ctmag's modded vpeldr. (post11))
FiraDisk, Just another RAM disk driver for Windows karyonix (WONDERFUL)
New test version of Plop Bootmanager
Integrating DummyDisk Filter Driver to ERD Commander and XP Recovery Console (online, dummy.sys)
PXE Boot Guide using Windows XP server
Update Pack For Aero Studio 2008 (Blue Life Aero Studio Tutorial + packs)
bcrwiz - GUI for MBRFIX + bootsect + diskpart + HDHacker + ptedit post 8 jaclaz, defination for MBR & Bootsector
entries in menu.lst, PLoP, gPXE (ktp)***


Newbie Question on Grub4dos command very interesting and useful grub4dos usage ***

General information about SYSLINUX, ISOLINUX, EXTLINUX, PXELINUX and MEMDISK Icecube
PENetCfg v2.33 and ERDLogon v1.2, Support for Win7-based PE and MSDaRT 6.0 (from the author of PENetCFT & ERDLogon)

Boot Land Library, The human edited archive of boot disk resources http://boot-land.net/dir

example to use devio

Avira Rescue System - ISO - Grub4dos

Test Hard Drives Not Detected by BIOS - DBAN ( <a href="http://www.dban.org/download" target="_blank">http://www.dban.org/download )</a>

ARC-Path Quiz**Very useful info about xp boot

Get Sponsor for your coffee - Tutorial
Get Sponsor for your coffee - topic - beta testing - ad revenue sharin

Kernsafe Virtual Disk Driver, Part of the Total Mounter appjaclaz ****

UBCD50b12 with syslinux and grub4dos menu - IceCube
Tom's Boot Disk (Linus on 1 floppy disk)

Install XP from USB MSFN main forum topic

multiboot cd check Jaclaz links

New DOS USB driver package, Open source and very recent from icecube*

Problem with booting cloned XP from a HDD jacklaz posts on using mbrfix etc
Problem booting after imaging follow jacklaz very useful links

XP styles in PE maanu's interesting finding on Chinese website, following JFX findings*****

LiveXP SDI from PXE

Problem create bootable ISO WinPE 2.0 64-bit, CD does not boot
the problem was resolved, thank you
copype.cmd AMD64 c:\winpe_test
oscdimg -n -bc:\winpe_test\etfsboot.com c:\winpe_test\ISO c:\winpe_test\winpe_test.iso

llanelly wb5 bartpe plugin - Windows Blinds 5 (saydin77 recommendation)

Download all pictures from: http://goldenagecomi...s.blogspot.com/

Portable Application links:
Ghost 14 & Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5.3

Full XP on USB:
online boot-land

Reminder continues:

XP usb install ****Short list from jaclaz at post 4 that shows small list of links for available XP setup methods from ufd
steve6375 - vistape iso bootable- fbinst tool tutorial etc
grubinst.exe- write failed- Vista & NTFS bootsector infos nice around jumping :)
Press F11 to boot to recovery partition? - grub4dos usage for recovery etc...
Ghost + external handy USB drive post4 online: dl file here . At last edit your existing "config.sys" adding the following entry

DEVICE=usb\aspiehci.sys /int /all

ISO mapping with MEMDISK is possible now *** Icecube (All iso's that can be booted with grub4dos iso emulation (memory mapped), can probably be booted with memdisk too) UBCD50 will have MEMDISK with iso booting support
'simplicity of use' vs 'chaos pur' Ideas for the ReOrganisation of scripts. **Will be used later to organise Basic etc.... Apps done.
Problem with booting cloned XP from a HDD
Problem to boot from CDROM and ISO emulation
***** ONEMLI Project forge - solemnwarning - kexec loader
windows xp using a flashdrive jacklazz reference links to msfn and etc
How To Install 5 OSs on 1 HDD, Win XP, Vista, 7RC, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X - Arus - MacOSX - tboot
How To Install 5 OSs on 1 HDD, Win XP, Vista, 7RC, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X - Arus - MacOSX - tboot (background topic: Grub4Dos and Mac OS X)
Install Windows 7 ON a Virtual Drive, using a .vhd file and booting from it
Recovery Console not working from USB Stick -->working -->check wimb post 61 , jacklaz post 62 leads to some batches and scripts for the Recovery Console task :):) ===>Online Gathered Tutorial at post 69
Winpe 3.0 - Win7 Guide In Progress, How to build a WinPE Image 3.0 Manually - Tutorial by Morphs
Lancelot & wyefye - Conversation on "Clean Temporary Files" button + Show log file button (post#3 to #9)
Creating A Windows XP Recovery Console CD Image (tutorial link from online)
XP booting direct from USB Dietmar - 911cd
DOS Superfloppy Boot (problem solved, info is nice for a begining)
create bootable ISO WinPE 2.0 64-bit
Full Guide VistaPE, PGP PE, ISO --vkt2009--> http://www.stanford..../documentation/
http://www.themudcra...istapeguide.php - http://www.boot-land...?showtopic=4991
udcrab VistaPE tutorial, Explaining step by step how to build a VistaPE 11 or 12

Sarah Dean's work, Several nice apps - FreeOTF - USB Flash Tools (USBFlashTools100.zip)
Can GRUB4DOS boot Vista/Server2008/Win7 directly from Logical Partitions? lots of useful grub4dos info&links from jacklaz
project variables, defining for cross-project portability of scripts Galapo offering interproject variables for VistaPE (sadly no progress)
How to Install VistaPE Image onto VHD File, Booting VHD from HDD
FUSE under Windows XP and Vista?, Provides for a "translation" to avoid writing Kernel drivers & dokan
XPSP1 with full commandline and NTFS below 10 MB
XP Kansas City Shuffle (Boot from USB/Firewire HD without BIOS support, Fake Signature Method)
grub4dos, .iso images and (hd32) or (0xFF) mapping Wonderfullll :)
Grub4Dos - how to make menu user friendly? - nice topic for menu.lst
Multiboot USB-Thumb with ERDC 2007, DSL, some WAREZ, ...
Install windows (XP, Vista) from iso on USB stick, How to instal Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 from USB ?
Fool the BIOS booting any USB stick as a Hard Disk, Tutorial ps: wimb tool have this function to use easly
Someone ever made USB mass storate to A:\ and (fd0)?
XPSP1 with full commandline and NTFS below 10 MB VERY good topic showing basic dependencies of core functions
vdk related ----
vdk related ----
Trying to make WInBuilder.ISO boot from my first partition, Using syslinux
Grub4DOS 0.4.4 and BartPE (not ISO) on CD - nice info for grub4dos and mkisof
booting vista/2008/w7 from usb sub folder bootmgr hexedit etc :)
WinBuilder Gui Interface psc
Grub4Dos - ufd boot change zipdisk to hd with menu.lst
http://www.windowsdr...ewforum.php?f=9 Winner Forum
http://www.collewijn...o/wuim/main.php WUIM - Windows unattended installer manager
Guides about TFTPD32 and PXE LAN booting"plain" RIS (CHECK post 5)
PEbuilder for Windows 95!!! - 911
rbrokwin, A grub4dos floppy project
Can't find GRLDR!, MBR Can't find GRLDR - nice grub4dos codes :)
Bootext You need MS based mbr, pbr. Come here
Grub and ERD Commander ISO blue screen
Create universal flash boot disk with fbinst
maanu advice: read 1st post , then go to page #5 , post 45 , 46 , 47 and links within them . and my post 61 in that topic .
No USB detected/can't install drivers, No USB detected/can't install drivers - dera writes method to install driver
Grub4Dos - how to make menu user friendly
http://www.boot-land...?...ic=7985&hl= - river tutorial

Interesting topics when i come back:
[App Scripts Guide], Understanding and creating your own scripts - Nuno tutorial
Customizing System Properties pictures, (XP Tips) - Shrin
How to change shutdown logo in XP CD and your system - Shrin
How to place your own Boot screen in XP setup CD - Shrin (post16 Lancelot verry useful info)
Create universal flash boot disk with fbinst Bean123 using fbinst
Issues w/ Grub4Dos and Gigabyte Motherboard grubinst in ise yaramadigi durum
Booting Win9x/DOS from mounted ISO
help creating the triple MBR with grub4dos
Ghost 14 & Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5.3
grub4dos-0.4.4 final will come soon and useful infos

Interesting topics when i was away:
Run WinBuilder LiveXP and BartPE from One CD (Tutorial Shrin - altering i386 by hexedit)
[Tool collection] Server Upload, nearly automatic (Psc method to upload files to server, I prefer genvirginupdates :) )
Make Your Most Bootable USB Flash Drive, Tutorial - Online ---- Very good tutorial
Multiple XP on Multi-Partitioned USB Flash Drive, Tutorial - Online ---- Very good tutorial
XPeSP2FeaturePack2007.iso (Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 Feature Pack 2007 Evaluation) (fbwf icin)
ppAppsGenPE shortcuts
Create DVD from PQservice Acer - Useful wim utilities hints
VNC server password solution - look post 10
How to make a Vista Home Basic backup DVD
Unblock Files from cmd line
RegFactory Topic
grub4dos, .iso images and (hd32) or (0xFF) mapping Look galapo's post2
XP on USB Removable Logical Drive
How to start a program before PE loader "Native App" paraglider post 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 //// "EarlyStarter service" fxscript post 11, 12, 13 ...
portable browsers - xenocode (http://www.xenocode.com/browsers/) topic starter: sanbarrow
Grub4DOS Toolbox for Windows, GUI installer for grub4dos topic starter: jaclaz
Making a Bootable USB Flash Drive (by aerain)
MBUltra.script from galapo for a undetected mass storage

Separation of system-core and user-stuff: LODR-packs
VMware Workstation 6.5.1, Portable solution for PE - WORKING
[app script] Ghost Lance Script Read post 8 JonF

BootSDI to HDD a Success!!!, Booting SDI.img to HDD
Recovery Console, A script to make it from the floppies building app
[Project] pePA.com, Total Solution for PortableApps.com and Windows Deployment
How would you create a ramdisk on boot ?

Install Windows7 on vhd file drive
Install Windows7 on vhd file drive - msfn
Install Windows7 on vhd file drive - bootland

Small sized alternatives to MS Excel / OpenOffice Calc
How to change Start Menu Text In Windows XP - Shirin Zaban

Windows 7 Beta Customer Preview - Download
Windows 7 Deployment - Presentation

How would you create a ramdisk on boot ? + swapadd.exe + pagefile + lancelot question

LiveXP Asking opinion for apps grouping, ONLY Apps - Lancelot asking opinion
How to change Start Menu Text In Windows XP - Shrin Tutorial

MS-DOS 7.1, A new mix (wendy)
Coding Trick, double #, ##
Works as long as the script does not know a variable called %ActiveShell%. Don't ask me why!

Script for XP Setup Launcher, Automated Windows Install from PE builds.
XPSP1 with full commandline and NTFS below 10 MB
How to use genUpdates

maximum compatibility for USB booting, best bootloader?
mr_ ideas : install to XP setup USB (ngine method) from LiveXP - kicker disk creation (Fake Signature Method)
Fake Signature Method - 911
Fake Signature Method_ mr_ bootland development page
Fake Sign - 911 - Installing Vista/XP on USB disk, Tutorial: boot Vista/XP from USB wihout INF modification

Via HD-AUDIO - Important info from Cdob
maxiumum compatibility for usb booting - Very Useful Info from Jaclaz
Virtual Storage Drivers - MS Vss sdk + Jaclaz ddlist.cmd with dosdev
need help purchasing a special USB pen drive, with unique features, USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, USB-CDROM
error 1168 in PeNetwork, Error 1168: Element not found in PeNetwork WLAN

WinBuilder DBMS Beta Client Packages (Arvy)

Vista x64 Users - i need help

Smart Driver Backup page - 911

NativeEx_barebone Download

Modification to "Multiboot CD (LiveXP,Ghost ....) Tutorial, (Graphical Boot Managing) + ariom making DOS bootable cd

JonF - vista32 troubles including lots of things:
NTFS vista calculation

inf - script together support suggestion for wb - Lancelot-->waiting for addings!?
Modification to "Multiboot CD (LiveXP,Ghost ....) Tutorial, (Graphical Boot Managing) , **DOS boot ima notes from jacklazz post33 yggdrasil answers
nvidia lan driver with livexp (conversation with Johannes)
64bit - Winbuilder - Forum
64 bit issues - psc started a topic and introduced new variable and opinions

donanim haber - fiberoptik

Grub4dos Guide (diddy.boot-land.net)

harddisk image format with grub (Qemu_Dos)

911 - Winbuilder - alternate boot-land
SetResolution - CHECK X64 version
Batcher - File Matcher - minibox - CHECK
microPE - CHECK
BartPE in 35mb (Nuno) - CHECK
Booting into an installed opensuse 11 system with grub4dos - CHECK
Free Hosting Ftp info
Free Hosting - Get yourname.winbuilder.net - ftp :)
Free Hosting ftp - Report ftp related issues here (post 73 nuno told me that)

yggdrasil - AeroStudio Tutorial - Scripts

Make Utils Portable-JauntePE, Had a devil of a job getting holda this

Imdisk Command Issue - Lancelot
Imdisk Useful infos
Imdisk force removal (Unmount) of in-use devices

Parted Magic - Font Check
Parted Magic - extra menu.lst info

Passcape - Investigate

Managin MBR by jaclaz Shrin's Tutorial
MBRBatch 0.01 ALPHA (from jaclaz)
CHS <-> LBA translations, A simple spreadsheet (from jaclaz)
livexp on a usb external drive (amalux - acronis snapsys cause problem)
Most Common FAT (File System's) Explained (from oldfiles.org.uk)
AXCEL216 - Partition Softwares etc.
Ridgecrop - FAT32Format utiltiy
Disk Imaging Software List (msfn)
Ghost alternatives

Gibibyte (Wikipedia)
The ATA Interface Limit (128 GiB / 137 GB) Barrier (pcguide.com)
The Int 13 Interface (7.88 GiB / 8.46 GB) Barrier (pcguide.com)

grub4dos: grldr not found

Utilities by Olof
multiboot.ru (Ntldr.com - program for launch NTLDR from DOS)
Olaf Findpart Partition Utilities (DOS - www.partitionsupport.com)

RAMdisk and FILEdisk drivers

Redistribution Questions:

Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 12 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 11 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 10 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 1 :)

ConvRegToInf Now Supports winbuilder script output
PEnetwork - my suggestion
Stray registry entry
Sound Card Conexant etc
site complain of mine
api script
livexp on usb
new emulator (vbox peter)
Minimal Win2k 4 repair and Diagnos
Find hwids kickarse

After searching in bootland, search in winbuilder.net by using google

Also Use Winbuilder site search option

Boot-land home page

App Scripts
Download Section
nativeEx & LiveXP
Bug tracker
Bug tracker beta Versions
Bug Report - x64 - Compatibility (3 reports) (Shellexecute dont open associated files, .png, .html, ...)
Bug Report - Shell Execute Delete Problem
Bug Report - When download stalls WB is frozen
Bug Report - Out of System Resources
Bug Report - Flicker resumes with wb075b5r - waiting for s

api.script (ask api question here)
Site Feed back (make site complains here)

Lancelot created topics

How to create your youtube quick guides (Camstudio + Youtube)

Keyboard Navigation and Mouse click error (Peter's wb075b5m topic)
Keyboard Navigation and Mouse click error (Bug Tracer)

Virtual Disk Boot, PE into a .vmdk
[Script] ExternalMediaShortcuts, Run applications from CD

Ask Script Syntax Question to here by starting a new topic. Thanks to Nuno's post
Lancelot Script Syntax Question Topic B) B) B)
Winbuilder 075 Beta Testing
Winbuilder 075 Beta Preview - Nightly build
WinBuilder 075 beta, Release notes

Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 9 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 8 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 7 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 6 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 5 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 4 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 3 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 2 :)
Live XP minor findings & addings for contribution, lancelot livexp tracker 1 :)

Virtualization on LiveXP
Virtualization Extra info 1
Virtualization Extra Info vmx edit
Write in your language - Turkish - Türkçe
Basic usage of .img method -aec (ramdisk.sys) (where i learned)
BartPE using with .img + .wim - Lancelot

Asus P5B Board information (Turkish/T�rk�e)

LiveXPExtra scripts collection (Lancelot) ( http://apps.winbuild...Extra/Projects/ )

AntiVirus Scripts:
Mcafee command-line antivirus scanner
Sophos command-line antivirus scanner
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009
KasperskyVirusRemovalTool (Lancelot)
TrendMicro Sysclean: Virus & Spyware
DrWeb Anti-Virus 03
Avira Antivir Virus Remover
Kaspersky AntiVirus 8.454 2009 scv.14 Eng. For VistaPE
Avast Home Free Edition 4.8.1229.80923 For VistaPE
AVG Anti-Virus 8.0.198 Free Edition For VistaPE
Avira AntiVir Personal Eng. For VistaPE
BitDefender Free Edition v10 Eng. For VistaPE
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware v1.30.0 For VistaPE
SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition v4.21.1004 For VistaPE

Scripts i advice:
Acronid dd 10 (in livexp build)
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3803&view=findpost&p=43820"]Acronid True Image 9.5 Omni Thunn (look post 41 for change) [/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=5277"]Driver Forge Boot Land [/url] [url="http://www.msfn.org/board/DriverForge-v412-The-Blunt-Force-Aut-t110783.html"] ( Driver Forge Main Site )[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5445"]Bulk Rename[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5379"]XnView Lite[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=4954"]Spybot Search & Destroy[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5704&view=findpost&p=44429"] DirectX files from dera at post 5 [/url] ( main dev page is [url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=537"]DirectX [/url] )
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5957"]FireFox 3[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6140"]Sys Internals apps[/url]--[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5844"]development[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6138"]Amalux Free Gems Part1 (AgentRansack CopyWipe CPU-Z DVDIdentifier CurrProcess DiskCheckup CoolMon Dial-A-Fix DiskInvestigator DeadPixelTester)[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6339&hl="]DP Mass Storage Driverpack speed integration - saydin77 (+all saydin77 scripts)[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=7324"]yggdrasil Scripts (topic created by Lancelot)[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3294"]WindowBlinds 4 Theme for NativeEX Barebone[/url]

Scripts i advice which are downloadable through project:
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5213"]Driver Import PE, Adding driver after boot (not before) [/url]
[url="http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=3217"]Driver Import PE announcement Driverpacks forum[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5213&st=100"]Driver Import PE, Adding driver after boot (not before) 2[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5213&st=200"]Driver Import PE, Adding driver after boot (not before) 3[/url]
[url="http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?pid=25783#p25783"]Driver Import PE question Driverpacks forum [/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6782"]PEppoe_Broad-Band.script - DialupPE[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=1081"]Cd-Opera.script [/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=976&st=300&start=300"]PENetwork [/url]

PE 1 projects (I use LiveXP, download with winbuilder):
[url="http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/"]BartPE - pebuilder[/url] - The first and the ultimate, but the oldest.
[url="http://www.ubcd4win.com"]ubcd4win - UltimateBootCD[/url]
[url="http://sanbarrow.com/"]MOA main site[/url] ---- [url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5470&hl="]MOA boot-land topic[/url] -- specialized on running virtual machines with PE
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3866&hl="]WinBuilder NaughtyPE[/url]
[url="http://oss.netfarm.it/winpe/"]Sherpya XPE[/url]
[url="http://www.reatogo.de"]Reatogo XPE[/url]
WinBuilder BartPE Core
WinBuilder NativeXP
WinBuilder PicoXP

PE 2 projects:
Microsoft WinPE2
Microsoft Rescue CD
Winbuilder VistaPE

Other projects:
[url="http://pantherxp.net/"]PantherXP[/url] - [url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4729&hl="]PantherXP boot-land topic[/url]

Utilities i advice
[url="http://www.pismotechnic.com/"]pismotechnic.com - CD/ISO/whatever format and Virtual disk, Mounting files (ZIP, ISO, and Private Folder files) as filesystem objects (virtual folders to the Windows file system)[/url]

Verry Useful links from harddisk master, Great Italian jaclaz
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5187"]Grub4dos guidel from diddy[/url]
** [url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6328&view=findpost&p=51383"]tinybit Importand note for mbr save with grub etc[/url]
[url="http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=21242"]Boot from USB/Firewire HD without BIOS support, Fake Signature Method[/url] ps:jaclaz advice: browse the entire thread, then start again from [url="http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...21242&st=89"]this post[/url]
[url="http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=21891"]load bartpe at USB2 speed using one USB drive only[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=5000"]Managing MBR's by jaclaz MBRBatch Release (Thanks a lot to Shirin)[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5000&view=findpost&p=45561"]Managing MBR's by jaclaz MBRBatch Release x64 x86 compatible ersion Post #14[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=1507&hl="]RAMdisk and FILEdisk drivers - Collection by Jaclaz[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6348&view=findpost&p=51156"]Methods to bood windows from logical partition (jaclaz)[/url]
USB booting without bios support
important note from jaclaz: grub4dos has not a USB stack, you should try (alone or in conjunction with grub4dos) PLoP
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6330"]PloP - boot-land[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3226&hl="]PloP - boot-land2[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4561&hl="]Other methods - boot-land3[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6435&hl="]Dr-Dos booting - save the bootsector or create one[/url]

[url="http://www.msfn.org/board/Install-XP-USB-f157.html"]Install XP from USB topic - Msfn[/url]
[url="http://www.msfn.org/board/install-USB-WinSetupF-t120444.html"]ilko_t - WinsetupFromUSB - Msfn[/url]

[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6405&hl="]NTLDR - SETUPLDR.BIN introduction (what role has setupldr.bin in booting xp)[/url]

[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5505&hl="]Need help with VDK, IMDISK, FileDisk, etc., trying to mount dd image in WinXP[/url]

Bootable CDROm partition on USB-sticks
[url="http://www.msfn.org/board/Install-XP-USB-easy-t121502.html"]U3 - Universal_Customizer (US-CD/iso->boot) - Msfn[/url]
[url="http://portableapps.com/node/16594"]Booting Linux off U3 CD Partition (useful links for utilities)[/url]
[url="http://usb.smithtech.us/projects/sandiskinst.php"]U3 - Sandisk - usb.smithtech.us - LPInstaller.exe[/url]
[url="http://blog.usboffice.kr/?p=146"]U3 - Sandisk - blog.usboffice.kr - Ucdexec[/url]
[url="http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=125138"]Install XP from a bootable CDROm partition on UT163/165 USB-sticks[/url]
[url="http://www.flashboot.ru/index.php?name=iflash"]iFlash ru[/url]
[url="http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?showtopic=18650"]Bcdl And Usb - Some Thoughts And Requests - Jaclaz[/url]
UDFUtility download: [url="http://www.biwin.com.cn/"]http://www.biwin.com.cn/[/url] [url="http://www.ao-lab.com"]http://www.ao-lab.com[/url] [url="http://www.innodisk.com/download.jsp"]http://www.innodisk.com/download.jsp[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6436&hl="]turning normal USB pendrive into a faked bootable USB-CDROM - Very useful links in this boot-land topic[/url]

[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4952&st=2"]First Look here[/url]
[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4952&st=0"]and here[/url]
[url="http://krokodox.winbuilder.net/"]Also Never forget to visit Krokodox[/url]

Interesting and Useful Sites:

[url="http://home.graffiti.net/jaclaz:graffiti.net/"]jaclaz_graffiti (Lots of lots of useful mbr-disk tools)[/url]
[url="http://www.llanelly.com/blog"]XPE builder helmer.sfe.se[/url]
[url="http://www.plop.at/en/home.html"]Plop Boot Manager (like grub4dos)[/url] (ps: also look [url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5907&hl="]here[/url]

[url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5306&hl="]Install XP from USB AFTER Booting with PE from HDD or USB[/url] wimb

Personal ToDo List:
KMPlayer - dera's directx addings
IE 6 Script
super hide extension info: [url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=5444"]http://www.boot-land.net/forums/?showtopic=5444[/url]
try dera's advices to use video card and soundcard
Virtual Disk Boot - idea to boot virtually from virtual hd instead of iso

dipe feature developement notes
location for:
dipe.exe "X:\Program Files\dps\"
dipe.exe "X:\Program Files\afolder\massstor.7z"
dipe.exe "X:\Program Files\ganotherfolder\mylan.inf"

automatic install

dipe.exe -f "X:\Program Files\dps\" sleep20
so dipe will look "X:\Program Files\dps\" for all .7z and .inf (+subfolders), and starts after 20 seconds

another example
dipe.exe -7 "X:\Program Files\dps\DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_8053.7z" -si -au
it should look only DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_8053.7z, works silently (no gui) and installs automatically (au)

7z files can be mounted with a utility so less ram used

Fixing My BAD English:

**Thanks to billonious
"advice" is used in examples such as: "I am your father, I know better, and I advice you to stay in your job because unemployment is high."
"suggest" is used in cases of: "I suggest that you should take the job because it seems good , although, I am not 100% sure." or "I suggest this program" . ("that" & "should" often ommited)
"vote" is used : "I agree with you, this program is good , I vote it" (=I like/prefer this program)

MBRBatch study

*********IO Drive:
[url="http://www.fusionio.com/Products.aspx"]http://www.fusionio.com/Products.aspx[/url] (Connection with pci express 4x)
Price Info from [url="http://rgadget.com/2007/12/fusion-io-iodrive-640gb-flash-card-storage-hit-market-at-q1-2008/"]here[/url]:The ioDrives will be available from Q1 2008 in 80GB, 160GB, 320GB and 640GB capacities, with the 640GB is set at only about $2400.
Card picture: [url="http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/7661/productml5.jpg"]http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/7661/productml5.jpg[/url]
Performance picture: [url="http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/1673/156jj6.png"]http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/1673/156jj6.png[/url]

**Gigabyte I ram:

** SATA II SDHC RAIDs (Products that works with SSD cards by sata interface)
(max 192GB (6SSD card), probably faster than Gigabyte's i-RAM, but a doubth about the life of it (NAND RAM doesn't like to be rewritten too many times) )

** Solid State Disks (works with EEPROM)

ps: info from [url="http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4064"]http://www.boot-land.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4064[/url] , post 39 and following posts.

** Some tips for windows

AMD tabanl� bilgisayarlarda XP Service Pack 3 y�kledikten sonra ortaya ��kan Restart Atma (yeniden ba�latma) ve Safe Modda (G�venli Modda) bilgisayar� ba�latamama sorunu ��z�m� i�in �u yolu kullanabilirsiniz. (Bir�ok yolu denedikten sonra en kolay ve basit yol oldu�u i�in bunu �neriyorum)

1. XP Kurulum CD'nizi tak�n ve Sistemi CD'den ba�latacak �ekilde Bios'tan Boot �nceli�ini ayarlay�n.
2. Bilgisayar�n�za yeniden XP kurar gibi Sistemi CD'den ba�lat�n ve �n y�kleme dosyalar� y�klensin.
3. Setup ba�latma ekran� geldi�inde Repair (Onar�m) se�ene�ini R se�in ve onar�ma ge�in
4. Onar�m yapmak istedi�iniz sistem olarak xp'yi se�in yani 1 se�ene�ini girin (dos komutu olarak 1 yaz�n)
5. Administrator �ifresi sordu�unda Admin �ifrenizi girin.
6. C:Windows> k�sm�na d�nd�kten sonra disable intelppm yaz�n ve enter yap�n.

After updating to sp3, if you are using AMD and if you get trouble with "Restarting" or "can not Start Safe Mode" than disable intelppm. Above describes to boot up with a xp setup cd and after choosing rescue �, choose 1 when option screen comes, use admin pw, write "disable intelppm" and press enter.

post 1496 - Peter a by bye dedigimin anonsunu yaptim

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