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Fat Booting Tips

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Posted 01 August 2008 - 01:30 PM

Fat Booting Tips


I can say Fast booting is one of the most favorite subjets not only for advanced user ,but for all users .

There are some settings that can make boot process faster,for example opening msconfig and disabling
unneeded programs can make a little bit faster boot.

There are a lot of web pages talking about this subject , and recommonding some ways to do that, but mostly
they are not effective in all sytems or they just make nugatory modification.

To day I want to talk about some other ways to have faster boot,hope will be helpful and hope other friends
will help and our discusion will be complete.

1)_The way i have talked about in another Page

I have talked about one way of having faster boot in link below:


It realy Makes the system faster.Note that i have uploaded setting below on that post:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\PrefetchParameters]

But because of some reasons it is changed as below:

And this is not what i said!!

You can read my answer about my setting in post#25 of link above.and also remember that atleast two pupular
programs below use my setting:

TuneUp Utilities 2007
Registry Mechanic

it is up to you to do which seetings,i do not think that setting ""EnablePrefetcher"=dword:00000001" makes
any help for getting fast boot.

just one more note:
There are some programs that need to be loaded during boot process (for example my KasperSky antivirus), so
when you use registry settings above,boot process will be realy very faster,but this kind of programs will
not be loaded at end of boot,and it will take about a miute to them to load after loading windows interface.
so check to see is it your favorite or not.

2)_Deleting Temporary Files

When booting,Windows checks temporary files inside temp folder, and this can make boot time a little bit
longer.we can Do as below to make boot faster:

1.Copy lines below to notepad and save that by the name of fastboot.bat some place:

RD /s /q "c:\Documents and Settings/Administrator/Local Settings/History"
RD /s /q "c:\Documents and Settings/Default User/Local Settings/History"
RD /s /q "c:\temp\"

_.If your windows is not in C:\ change the bat file as yours.
_.Place user name instead of Administrator in line one of bat file.

2.Now click on start menue ,select Run ,type: gpedit.mcs ,click on OK group policy windows will be shown.

3.Click on "Computer configuration" in left panel and select "windows settings".

4.Double click on "Scripts (startup/Shutdown) in right panel (see pic_1).

5.Double click on "shutdown" in new window ,"shutdown properties" page will be shown.

6. Click on Add on "shutdown properties" page and in coming window give the address of bat file (fastboot.bat)
then click on OK.

After this time the temp files inside the addresses we have in fastboot.bat will be deleted when
shuting down windows,so system will not wast time to check temp files,and as a result the boot time will
be a litle bit faster.

3)_Changing some settings in system BIOS

In beginning of boot,some time is wasted by BIOS to check Hard disk,floppy,and other ports.

_If you do not have second HDD ,disable checking secondary hdd check.

_If you do not have secondery floppy ,disable checking secondary floppy check.

_If you do not use floppy ,disable floppy check.any time you need floppy you can change your setting again.

_In boot Sequense section of your bios,place just hdd you need and disable others,you can change your setting
again when you need that.


hope will be helpful

have nice times

shirin zaban

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