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newbie trying to learn more

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#1 starace



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Posted 06 July 2008 - 05:25 PM

I finally got vistape installed and working. Now I want to add programs to it. Programs like O&O Rescue Box 4 and ERD 2005. I have the programs but I don't want to carry several flash drives, one flash drive for each tool. I would like to run them from vistape. Is this possible? Is there already a script for these? If not, I would like to learn how to create them myself. I was looking at some of the sample scripts, but everything refers to an .exe file. ERD 2005 doesn't have a single .exe point of entry that I can find. I am a technician, not a programmer. I know how to use the tools, not build them, although I am willing to learn. By the way, I am using winbuilder075.


#2 ispy


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Posted 06 July 2008 - 07:27 PM

Hi starace :) ,

Can I firstly extend a warm welcome to you at Boot-Land!

I am not be the right person or qualified person to answer your queries but I will will take a stab at it, feel free to accept or reject anything I state, we are a collection of friendly characters all learning off each other (Sorry PR exercise over!)

If you search within the tutorials section you will find tutorials written by Nuno Brito & others that will give you the basics of learning script writing, it is one thing I need to set aside time to do myself! LOL!
You mention programs like ERD Commander O&O utils which relatively speaking are mini PE's themselves, so do you think it would be wiser to make a multi boot CD with a front end menu to select each PE Environment to be loaded, there are quite a few boot loaders that are available that will allow you to achieve this, in a sense carry them all on one DVD or media that you want, each will have its strengths and weaknesses!

Also I have to say that ERD Commader is not a mainstream product, it is not your every day joe soap that buys this product due to the cost, correct me if I am wrong but Erd Commander for example is expensive to buy. The home user has many other alternatives he/she can choose from like Bart's PE, Winbuilder, 911 rescue CD just to mention a few! So what I am trying to say is that perhaps a script for ERD Commander is going to be difficult to find when there are lots of free competent alternatives available!

Jaclaz maybe able to help you out with a suitable bootloader (Grub4Dos) & may of the projects have a collection of scripts to download from their servers, many of which are shown within Winbuilder when you go to the download tab. There is a tendency for script writers to write scripts for open source freeware as inclusion of the product keys adds complexity for insertion. Whereas freeware will appeal to a wider spectrum of people, we are not all rocker fella's or tight fisted like me! :)

If whilst compiling any of the scripts or obtaining any additional advice please why not post your querie or findings within the learn & Teach section, you will hopefully find the answers you are looking for? Oop's, silly me, we are already in the learn & Teach section!

Regards & Best Wishes,

ispy :)

#3 starace



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Posted 08 July 2008 - 03:39 AM

I must say, I have read many articles at Boot Land. You are being modest, your articles and Nuno's and others that have been very informative. I had not seen your humor until now. You have a good sense of humor. Thank you for the warm welcome.

I understand now why it is so difficult for people to find scripts for non-freeware programs. What you said makes sense. The only thing in ERD that I like is the crash analyzer. I am not looking for something w/ 100's of tools. I only need the basics that are included in vistape plus firefox, a crash analyzer, avira antivirus, diganostic tools for the harddrive, memory, cpu, windows recovery, and

I have tried to use Grub4Dos and multi-boot ERD. Now that I look at what I have, it is not O&O Rescue Box 4, it is Ultimate Recovery CD 2008. This includes, among many programs, the O&O Rescue Box 4 suite. My problem is that they are not booting from a USB Flash Drive. I have tried to use PeToUSB but they still won't boot. I have a dvd combo drive, but i don't use it. I prefer putting everything on flash drives. Personally, I think that CD's are history like floppies.

Thank you again for the welcome. I hope to chat w/ you guys sometime.

starace :)

#4 Galapo


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Posted 08 July 2008 - 04:09 AM

Read here: http://www.boot-land...?showtopic=2958

method also works fine with grub4dos.


#5 starace



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Posted 08 July 2008 - 04:17 AM

Thank you Galapo. I will take a look and try it out. I will get back to you by the weekend when I should have more time to play with that.


#6 was_jaclaz



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Posted 08 July 2008 - 12:02 PM

Anyone called? :)

Just wanted to make clear the "scope" of the thread.

ERD2005 and O&O Rescue Box 4, should be NOT "programs" but rather "self-standing" recovery environments, so the question is really not "how to add programs to VistaPE?" but "how to make a multi-boot USB stick with VistaPE, ERD2005 and O&O Rescue Box 4?"

As always the approach should be that of "partialising" the problem, i.e.:
1) find a way to have EACH of the three booting by itself on a USB stick, this appears to be already solved for VistaPE, it is easy to do with ERD2005, cannot say about O&O Rescue Box 4 which I'm not familiar with, but elder releases were just a form of XP based PE, so it should not be difficult
2) find a way to combine the three together

ERD2005 uses the "RAMdisk enabled" SETUPLDR.BIN of Server2003 SP1, and since the fact that also VistaPE is asked for, it should mean that a good amount of RAM is present on the machines where the stick will be used, so I would advise for using the RAMDISK booting approach.

If you are going for the .img format, the batches to create the images are here:
And some tutorial to use them:


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