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#1 froggie

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 01:27 PM

Hi everybody ;)

Vistalizator is a tool that can change display language in Vista editions other than (officially supported) Ultimate - like Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium and Business.


It is possible to run a MUI (Multilingual User Interface) language pack in non-Ultimate Vista editions, but system refuses to install it.

There is another possibility to change language in Vista: to integrate it to Vista installation DVD (using vLite or Windows Automated Installation Kit) and reinstall system - all this takes a lot of time and resources.

Some Vista installation DVDs are multi-language, one can choose which language to use at installation startup (there is no option to change it once selected). In this case Vistalizator detects all languages and allows to change the display language, because all the languages on DVD are already installed (on HDD and in the system registry).


* Changes Vista display language in less than 5 minutes
* Uses official Microsoft MUI language packs (CAB or SFX CAB format)
* You can install all 35 MUI languages and switch between them easily
* Works in 32-bit and 64-bit Vista
* Compatible with Vista Service Pack 1
* User Account Control (UAC) compliant - prompts for administrative privileges
* Safe use - no file is overwritten/changed during language installation


* You can talk to your computer or learn foreign languages: Vista Speech Recognition now works with all supported languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English (UK and US), French, German, Japanese and Spanish


* Download Vistalizator program - works in 32-bit and 64-bit Vista
* Download language pack(s) for your Vista:

32-bit Vista RTM (without SP)
32-bit Vista with SP1
64-bit Vista RTM (without SP)
64-bit Vista with SP1

* Unpack Vistalizator (ZIP) to some destination - no need to install
* Run Vistalizator, open downloaded language pack, press Install
* Restart Vista

How it works

* First it detects Vista edition (Home, Business...), version (RTM or SP1) and architecture (32/64-bit)
* Then it recognizes Vista MUI language pack version and architecture
* It uses its own routine to extract language resources from a language pack, some files are specific to the installed Vista edition
* Then it copies all language files to Program Files and Windows (sub)folders - existing files (they are identical anyway) are not overwritten
* Finally it makes some registry changes to switch the display language - unlike Vista Ultimate, the display language change is global (and requires Vista restart) and not user-specific


Windows Update is sometimes not working - Vista is a little confused about the language change and Vistalizator is not yet able to update all registry and catalogs as the Vista Ultimate integrated language installer does.

Anyway, there is a workaround:

* Run Vistalizator - revert to the original Vista language
* Use Windows Update, restart system if requested
* Change back your desired display language

It sounds annoying, but Microsoft usually releases patches once a month, I hope I will fix this as soon as possible.

See my webpage: http://www.froggie.sk

Vistalizator seems to be useful for some people, I receive many thankful mails :thumbup:.
There are about 2000 program downloads since 1 April 2008.

#2 Nuno Brito

Nuno Brito

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 03:48 PM

Welcome to boot land!

Excellent program! ;)

Don't forget to include the links to where we can downlod the language packs.

Thanks! :thumbup:

#3 froggie

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Posted 07 June 2008 - 04:12 PM

I made links to the program and Vista language packs in the "Usage" section of the original post

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