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"Suggestion" Specific Tutorial 4 every WinBuilder project

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#1 ispy


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Posted 30 May 2008 - 10:38 PM

Hi all ;) ,

A suggestion to nicely round off the Tutorials Section in respect of WinBuilder. What I am about to suggest may seem a bit daunting at first glance, hence the request for feedback but please humour me & hear me out?

Just to explain the context or idea behind this idea. We now have a crude layout of tables in which the individual projects are listed along with the authors, also an overview of Tutorial in respect of WinBuilder [074]. Also these tables have attached companion files that in a very basic way give a broad stroke outline of the individual "projects" & some rudamentary links to wet the appetite of those wishing to know more about each "Project". However they only scratch the surface of each "Project" & there individual capabilities & are not really how too's or offer any practical application in respect of each project.

The LiveXP "Project" is ahead in the game in respect that amalux has created an excellent Tutorial in its usage etc. I'm not suggesting that the tutorials have to be of the same quality etc but needless to say I think each project should have the same representaion as the LiveXP project!

I have to also say that this proposal is too big for one individual (Me or amalux or anyone else for that matter) but with creative planning we could spread the load, prioritise & delegate individuals maybe in pairs or teams dependant on the response. Another consideration is that the developers of the individual projects would need to provide support & assistance to help formulate the Tutorials in respect of their "project"

I just feel that that WinBuilder is the core or fundamental "program" in respect of Boot-land & it should be adequately represented in respect of specific practical examples in respect of the building of each "Project". Also the interelationship of scripts could be briefly touched on also. In addition networking & linking projects from a specific Menu Page would consolidate the whole Winbuilder experience From top to bottom. If the whole frame work is modular in construction would make it flexible & adaptable for future variations or adaptaions that are bound to arise from time to time.

I think this proposal & structure would facilitate easier navigation & in turn appeal to the newcomer, ergonomics gentlemen ergonomics. That which is made easy will attract greater attention,

"You know those guys at Boot-land, they have got some great products/projects & easy to follow guidance tutorials that makes WinBuilder a pleasure to use",

The spin off benefit will be greater exposure, credibility & popularity!

"The whole 9 yards" or a package deal! It would need some co-ordination & planning & is to big for one individual, it will need co-operation & communication for it to succeed but is not unrealistic & in my view is achievable!

"Food For Thought"

ispy :thumbup:

#2 TheHive


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Posted 31 May 2008 - 03:40 AM

Thats a lot of food for thought.
As you stated its going to be a daunting task.

When you first run Winbuilder, most of the procedures on creating a workable project are covered.
Some of the more advance things are spread around in the forum and in other documentations.

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