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Booting a USB Pendrive/HDD

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Posted 08 May 2008 - 08:26 PM

Hi Peter :lol: ,


Here's one I threw together in a Jack "FLASH" LOL!

By way of special request, Just4You :thumbup:

A beginners guide to booting a USB flash stick & if you don't find it useful, maybe others will!

Again it is a .doc attachment, zipped complete with internal & external hyperlinks for easy navigation!

One little consideration however, USB sticks memory cells wear out after 100000 writes..

Short & Sweet, just the way you like em (See Download attachment below)!

Regards & Best Wishes,

ispy :thumbup:


You may not like the consideration in red, "above 1000000 writes.." so for those who would like another option here is a variation on the penstick method.

Instead of booting to a penstick, why not boot to a USB2 External hard Drive & just to be extra "swanky" so it fits in your top pocket why not use a laptop hard drive (say 60gig or 100 gig even), then shove into into a USB2/Firewire External enclosure & boot to that via a USB2 cable connected to your PC. Small in size, large in capacity without the read/write wearing that a penstick suffers from. Anyway which-ever method is adopted, it seems like a bit of a hit & miss science either way, many users reporting varying degrees of success! Sorry Peter it's no longer short & sweet & this tutorial is pitched more at intermediate to advanced users, not really beginners!

It would be nice if the WinBuilder "Projects" could be booted on this type of media as this method offers a full XP install!

Regards & Best Wishes,

ispy2 my Bro :thumbup:

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