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FreeDOS network + Arachne?

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#26 kcom



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Posted 04 May 2008 - 11:27 PM

I don't know where M$ got this bad publicity from. It's actually one of the nicest companies in regard to private useres breaking their eula, there is. M$ will send you a nice letter telling you to stop, where other companies already ask for crazy sums of money.

Yes, just like google. To private people just send a letter, then sue. Against big pirates sue instant.

Why should any company wanna be your friend and how's that suppose to work? Have never seen anyone sitting in a bar and having a beer with a company! :lol:

There are companys who want to be friendly. Arachne labs who made arachne was also closed source for a long time, then he abandoned and released it as Free Software. Same for the guys who made doom and dukenukem, them also released it as Free Software.

Microsoft decided to to release it neither as freeware nor as Free Software. Therefore it`s clear that them not want others to redistribute it.

Also asking for release under GPL or release of the source code is nonsense.

This isn`t nonsense. Many people released their source after a while or on request.

Most freeware isn't released under GPL not to mention that getting the sourcecode is even more seldom.

Isn`t this pretty obvious? Either you decide for closed source + freeware OR Free Software. Freeware means it`s closed source. So it`s kinda clear that freeware can not be Free Software.

Illegal here, according to our rules. But using shareware for longer than the trial periode is ok, if the author can't be contacted anymore.
And as far as 'just' including it in a project goes, shareware is never a problem in this way, since the responsibility to buy a license is the one of the user not the 'distributor'.

Sounds logical.

Since this is boot-land and not DOS-land, i would suggest a live system based on DOS that runs from CD and employs free- and shareware to be the best possible LiveDOS there is.
What best means in this case, is up to the developer and the requests of his userbase.

For live DOS there is a pretty good project already, ultimate boot cd.

I decided also to make a cool smiley. I am not gonne fight you with words. Just discussing. I am not a unfriendly guy. Maybe my style to discuss seamed kinda rude, no feeling for that it`s not my native lang.

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Posted 05 May 2008 - 01:58 AM

I am not gonne fight you with words. Just discussing.

I'm also not fighting you. It would be a cool project, but if your heart isn't in it, there's no reason to start, cause every project, no matter which, will suffer problems and hart times. And if you then can't push through, doing a project isn't for you.


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