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Acronis True Image Tutorial Backup Strategy

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Posted 03 April 2008 - 07:41 PM

As mentioned in a previous WinBuilder [074] Tutorial see here http://www.boot-land...?showtopic=4264! A Backup strategy option using Acronis True Image version 11 (However please realise it is Commercial software, the date of writing this tutorial is 01/04/08)

Featuring Acronis True Image:

Acronis True Image 11 Home provides the maximum flexibility to ensure you are adequately protected and can recover from unforeseen events such as viruses, unstable software downloads, and hard drive failures. Create an exact copy of your PC for a full backup or backup only your important data and application settings - your choice!
You've accumulated a lifetime of memories on your home PC, in addition to important personal documents, such as tax returns and resumes, not to mention all the applications you have installed and unique settings for each family member that took countless hours to set up. Acronis True Image 11 Home helps makes certain that you are adequately protected; ensuring that you can recover your precious data in case your PC fails or your computer hard disk is damaged by a virus.

1) Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium Processor or Higher
128Mb of ram
FDD or CD-RW drive for bootable media creation
mouse (Recommended)

2) Supported OS Systems:
Win2K Pro SP4
WinXP Pro X64 Edition
WinVista (All Editions)

3) Supported File systems:
Fat 16/32
Linux SWAP
If a file system is not supported or is corrupted, Acronis True Image Home can copy data using sector-by-sector approach.

How many times have we been told to make a backup of our hard drive partitions and wanted to do with a competent program. Well it is possible with a very capable program utility called Acronis True Image.

The next "Biggie" is HOW?

Rather than posting a lot of pictures & text in respect of this guidance information I will post the links to the source guidance information below, after!

4) Some general maintenance tips before using Acronis True Image:
(This section is for fellow XP users) Firstly lets start with a tip, or housekeeping cleanup regime! Get hold of a program called CCleaner (From here http://www.ccleaner.com/ don't worry its freeware), install it, set your preferences to what you would like to clean on your Hard Drive in cleaner settings, then run it to remove all the junk from your hard drive(s). You could also uses the "Issues" option to lightly clean the registry also. Then use, the "defragmenter" on your hard drive, the onboard Windows defragmenter will suffice. Then go to Start > My Computer > Right click on your "C:\" drive partition, Scroll down to properties select > tools then "Error Checking" (incidently this is also where you will find Windows onboard defragmenter) > select "Check now" Tick the boxes that will present themselves as follows:
  • Automatically fix file system errors
  • Scan for & attempt recovery of bad sectors
Then at the next screen entitled "Checking Disk Local Disk (C:)", select yes:

What's next, you will then conduct a reboot and your system will be then checked for errors on your (C:) partition. Then, if it was me, I would also set a "system restore point" to go back to in case anything undesirable should occur! "Voila you have completed an important cleanup checking routine!

The first two links will be in respect of video presentations from U-Tube and are as follows:
Video Tutorial #1 of Acronis True Image =
or Acronis True Image 10 Home Tutorial =

The next three tutorials are separated into three distinct disciplines, using Acronis to "*Backup partitions", "*Restore partitions" & thirdly making a *bootable recovery CD in case you are unable boot your existing system.

http://www.whatsabyt...ronis_image.htm (*Backup details)
http://www.whatsabyt...nis_restore.htm (*Restore details)
http://www.whatsabyt...1/create_cd.htm (*Make Bootable CD if your system won't boot)

If this program appeals to you & you would like to obtain a copy it can be obtained from the following link:

You can obtain the full manufacturers Pdf Guidance document from this link:
http://us2.download....age11_ug.en.pdf (Be careful however it is a "biggie" approx 10.3Mb's)

Now come on! NO excuses, "do yourself a favour & backup your hard drive partitions, you know it makes sense".

Very often links to information may only have a short shelf life so what's the solution?
5) Solution:
Now as an alternative to the manufacturers pdf file I have compiled a Pdf Guidance document all rolled into one in respect of the *Backup, *Restore & *Make Bootable CD which is provided as an option for a printable hard copy, see below (Acronis.pdf.gz = 740Kb's) Enjoy!

Regards & Best Wishes,

ispy :thumbsup:

P.S. Please Post Feedback!

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