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Posted 29 March 2008 - 09:47 AM

I began work on Windows 3.51 + SP5 composite.

The plan is to simplify the process for others to follow. Here is the current plan.
  • I400 = i386 expanded.
  • I405 = files normally uncompressed in i386.
  • I410 = 356pack drivers (uata + vbemp + viadia) [drivers slipped to base by hand ]
  • I450 = unpacked SP5
  • I460 = later official fixes unpacked to subdirs (newest files)
  • I470 = 351pack v6 + nt351ole - drivers

The actual blend-files are unpacked into the named directory (eg \i510\*), while the original source files remain in subdirectories eg (\i460\pcmcia). Only the first level is used in the mixes.

i460 consists of a lot of post-sp5 service packs, where only the latest date file is kept. hotfix.*, q*.txt and readme are left behind.

i410 consists of the non-official fixes, and additional DLLs, mainly from 351packv6 and nt351ole file from bearwindows site.

  • A+B files of A, B merged, latest kept.
  • A-B means that file is removed in A if the name is in B.
  • A+-B means that a file is updated from B if the name already exists in A.

One calculates some interesting directories.

  • J001 = i460 - i450 files to be added to update.inf were SP5 to completely update the base.
  • J002 = i450+460-i400 files to be added to base, were SP5 to become fileless.
  • J003 = i460-i400-i410 files to be included in one of the two, were SP5 to be kept.
  • J010 = i460+i470-i400-i410 files to be included in one of the two, were SP5 to be kept.

J010 consists of a number of keyboard layouts and .nls files, the bulk of nt351ole, and a few other dll files, all together 53 files. Most of these head to the \system32 directory, but the fonts head to \system dir.


The idea here is to create a folder 405+410+450+460+470, with txtsetup.sif and dosnet.sif updated. The files are unexpanded on the diskette set. update would be run from the cdrom after installed.

it did not work. This means that to use setupldr, we need to keep some of the older files around. These can be replaced later on, eg by sp5.


The idea here is to split sp5 out, and do the following updates.

  • SP5 will become SP5 + updates from J010 (all later files), ie I450 +- J010,
  • I386 becomes i386 updated with the rump (unused files) of J010, i386 = j010 - i450 + i400.

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