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WinBuilder [074] Tutorial

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Posted 26 March 2008 - 12:13 AM

To any Newcomer who would like some guidance or tips in the usage of Winbuilder :D
This guidance note is in repect of Winbuilder vers [074] & todays date is (20/03/08) at the time of writing!
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Unfortunately I can only speak english & maybe a little "marshon" (when I am slightly "squiffy" after drinking too much red wine) therefore this guidance document/page may prove difficult for non english speaking individuals. So with this limitation in mind can I advocate the use of the "Google Translator" to aid you in the translation see here:
It is not a perfect solution for language translation but maybe sufficient for comprehension purposes.

Part 1
Create boot disks based on Windows XP & Vista to rescue your files when the computer no longer starts itself.
Winbuilder is a freeware utility that enables you to create boot disks based on Windows XP/Vista.If we were to draw a similair comparison a bit like Bart L's PE or Microsofts WinPE etc

You will need an internet connection to download the new scripts & projects from the download center.
You will need to run this program as Administrator.
Under vista you will need to disable the UAC (User Account Control), did I hear someone say how?
To answer the UAC question you can either disable UAC manually or alternatively go the easy route and obtain a freeware tweaking util to undertake this operation on your behalf, see below for external advisory links:
http://www.edbott.com/weblog/?p=1829 (Manual instructions for the confident)
http://www.tweak-uac.com/ (Link to the automatic util way, for those who are apprehensive).

Part 2
The temptation is dive in with any new toy that we are confronted with without reading the manual, I know because I've been there, done it, & bought the tea shirt so to speak, & have thus learned from painful experience that this is not a good idea! If we want to get the best knowledge we can, it is always advisable to conduct some background research, to pick up the basics before we plunge in. This not only applies to "Winbuilder" but generally this rule applies to most things in life.

  • Very flexible with advanced features.
  • It's completely royalty free to include with your own projects.
  • Read an updated list of web servers from the internet.
  • Can run several projects at the same time launching them as an external process.
  • Script editor can also be launched from explorer when users double-click them.
  • Bigger work area after some UI restructure.
  • Logs can be automatically displayed if any error occurs while building a project.
  • Well its a good tool in the internal quest to create the "perfect" boot disk.
Good Custom & Practice:
Always keep a full backup of your operating system (Boot drive or partition) before you embark on using "any" software & this includes Winbuilder, good programs include DriveImage XML as a freeware example or Acronis true image for a commercial alternative. If you cannot be bothered to undertake this action then at least set a restore point as a minimal safeguard before you start.
DriveImage XML v1.2.1 details on partition backup see here http://www.boot-land...?showtopic=4306
Acronis True Image Home (Current version 11) see details here http://www.boot-land...?showtopic=4338

The authors have tried their level best to make it as compatable as possible with most PC systems but cannot antiscipate every interaction of combined hardware & sofware setup/scenario's, also always go for the stable releases of Winbuilder unless you are experienced in its usage.

How to get information on Winbuilder:
Your first port of call should always be the developers web site within Boot-land you will be able to find a wealth of information from both the "Tutorials" section & the "learn & teach" section if you should you run into difficulties or want to learn more & post questions or generally contribute etc.

Where to get Winbuilder:
Winbuilder should only be obtained from "bonafide" or reliable sources,
& the reasons for that statement are?

Well the authors of this program want you have the latest stable releases & lets just say that there are inscrupulous individuals out there who may have alternative motives for the distribution of "Winbuilder".

Lets just say Virus writers and/or virus distributors are more than capable of embedding bugs, key loggers, trojans, malware, or even rootkits that can seriously damage or disable your system. The Authors of Winbuilder cannot vouch for such distributions & therefore cannot be responsible if anything undesirable occurs to your system. If you want to run the risk of running an unauthorized copy of Winbuilder, then always check back here for the latest releases, run a checksum on the downloaded file to check its authenticity & run a antivirus scanner through the "Winbuilder" file. The authors of this excellant program want you enjoy "Winbuilder", NOT be left with a sour memory as a result, of a bad or infected copy!!!

:thumbsup: "Tip" Close as many programs as you can whilst using Winbuilder, the more you have running the slower the building process will be & the higher the risk of corruption or errors creeping in. Right click your mouse in your task bar & exit the programs where you can, please exercise common sense in shutting programs down & try whilst Winbuilder is running to make sure that background program activities are kept to a minimum. e.g Don't run virus checking full scans, bug removers, or programs that require high exclusive use of the processor.

Winbuilder Advantages:
Winbuilder is small in size, portable, weighing in at a respectable 834Kb's (WinBuilder074.zip)
OS's include 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
Also please appreciate that WinBuilder is the "core" program all the scripts for the additional programs, tweaks and features are downloaded from the net, don't worry it is all automatic once you have made your preferred selections!
See this link below for a more complete explanation of script/file acquisition.

Okay what about sources of Information?
Well here are a couple of Internal links that can be found within Boot-Land.
The link below will not only give excellant background information but will give you comprehensive details about the projects & options that are available within Winbuilder.
How about this as an alternative internal link?
This link will provide you with a gallery of screen shots, albeit most are in respect of an older version of winbuilder vers [072]

External links:
This is another good link external to Boot-land
Another good link for research information.
If you would like a streaming video presentation Youtube caters for this

The link below is for those who are using Vista as there operating system

I will amend and add to these links as & when I find more information?

In addition to to the above links you can use this link:

The reason I have separated this link from the rest is that when you first load "Winbuilder" & you depress the WEB tab the default url link is:
If you alter this link within "Winbuilder" to http://boot-land.net/winbuilder/help you will be able to access the "help" web page in situ.

Now to make things really easy, you can download the Pdf attachment which is essentially the help page in Pdf format. Why have I done this? Well you can print the Pdf pages from your printer & view a hard paper copy, so as not to clutter your PC screen with "work in progress" items in respect of undertaking Winbuilder projects or other activities you could be engaged in. Please read & inwardly digest before running Winbuilder.

How do I get started?
First, go to this link and download "Winbuilder from a safe source or choose a recommended source:

How to start a basic project:
It's fairly easy & straight forward!

1)Download the latest binary from the download page etc (as shown above).
2)Unpack & run Winbuilder.exe (We suggest you use the default location e.g. C:\Winbuilder for a suitable location & you could right click whilst your mouse is located over WinBuilder.exe, select create shortcut from the drop down menu, rename the resultant shortcut to WinBuilder, [instead of shortcut to WinBuilder.exe shortcut] then copy it to your desktop for a quick launch option?)
3)Next get all the selected files/scripts from WinBuilders download centre (We suggest, to start with you download the recommended files/scripts in the beginning don't be tempted to go crazy & grab the lot, a drop down box allows you to alter these settings).
The resultant size of your project is determined by you, the more you download the larger the size of the end project will be.
4)Select a project & source, (see the path button within Winbuilder! Read the instructions on the main screen of each project to know more details for the source.

It is best to copy all the files of say your XP Installation CD to a folder on your hard drive, preferably with all the service packs slipstreamed SP2 etc. Then point Winbuilder to this folder for the source files located within the "Path" section. Slipstreaming service packs can be achieved easily with Nlite, use your search engine and you will soon find it & for a beginner it is intuiative & easy to use.)

If you do not have a Windows install CD to use, then you can freely download Windows 2003 R2 trial directly from the Microsoft Windows 2003 site here:
5)Press the "Play" button in Winbuilder, sit back, take "5" & see the results unfold before your very eyes!

:tabletalk: Tip's:
Always have the Debug option enabled/ticked (for PENetwork for networking/internet access) when running Winbuilder & always save any log files to note any error messages, plus you may be asked for them on the "learn & teach" forums as they are aids that help in the diagnosis of errors that can occur from time to time! If you want to learn how to do this then go to this link http://www.boot-land...?showtopic=4355

You can set Winbuilder to create an .ISO file to burn to CD or use virtualisation in the form of Qemu & so forth. It is a good idea to select the virtualisation method to test the end result of your project & to determine whether you are happy with the results & to checkout booting procedures etc. Also when burning the .ISO to a CD why not use a re-writable media (CD-RW) so that you can update, alter settings etc without making lots of copies on CD-R disks (tips end!).

How do I change my boot sequence in my PC's BIOS set up
If you go to this link http://www.boot-land...?showtopic=4623 scroll down the page to the attachments listed & grab a copy of Boot2Bios.zip (1.88Mb), it will explain how you can alter the boot sequence, the other attachments are also useful but "Boot2Bios" is specifically orientated at boot options.

"Origin of the Species":
The history of the evolution of Winbuilder can be found here:

If you have any further questions or run into difficulties why not visit the "Learn & Teach" section for the interactive approach. Please appreciate these basic rules of conduct to maximise your your learning experience & enjoyment if you should happen to visit this section.
1) The compulsory guidelines are summarised:
  • Keep it Legal! (No Warez, Pornography or Piracy)
  • Stay on topic! (1 topic per posting please, we are easily confused)
  • Do not post large screenshots or images!
  • Spam & Spammers are Not Welcome!
  • No flash Images are allowed!
  • Keep your attachments small!
  • Keep your posts Civil, Polite, No Vulgarity or Racist Comments! (No Flaming)
  • If your post is removed (Send a polite personal message to the forum moderator asking why? if in doubt)
  • Use Capitalisations economically (Use lower case typing please, its good practice)
  • Keep topics/queries Clear, Consise & Comprehensive! (try to avoid using slang terms please)
  • If you want to sell things Please use Ebay! (It's not appropriate here)
  • Please avoid posting personal problems (other forums cater for this)
  • Search before posting a question, it could have already been answered!
  • Do not hijack other peoples posts it's considered rude!
  • Refrain from direct or indirect pressure tactics! (you are more likely to be ignored)
2) The "Common sense" guidelines are summarised:
  • Help your helpers to help you, provide log/debug files etc!
  • Please use the reference/tutorials section to aid you!
  • Post a reply if your querie/question gets answered!
  • Please remember this is an international forum (keep posts clear & simple).
  • We encourage self motivated research.
  • If your querie is technically advanced please use the general forums.
  • Lastely be positive, patient, relax & very importantly, enjoy the services on offer!
The full & complete set of board rules can be viewed here:

If you are type of person that is into networking but you are a little unsure how you go about this then beginners information can be found here:

Final request:
One last request if you found this guidance note helpful or you want to draw my attention to any additional resources or additional links that will enhance/improve this information then please post a reply. As Winbuilder is in a constant state of ongoing development, the information may well be amended or changed from time to time. Please report any dead links encountered, we will do our best to keep them updated!

Regards & Best Wishes,

ispy :D

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Posted 27 March 2008 - 12:45 AM

Really excellent guide! :thumbsup:

#3 ispy


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Posted 27 March 2008 - 03:55 PM

Hi Nuno, :thumbsup:

Many thanks for the "heads up" I hope it will provide a foundational basis for those wanting to use WinBuilder. I have tweaked it a little already & will contine to do so "if" further feedback is forthcoming?

:tabletalk: Another idea I have had is to compile a tutorial on the various projects that are available with explanations on the developers, what each project is capable of doing for the user, indicate to the user whether the selected proposed project is beginner/intermediate or advanced etc. I basically am really only familair with LiveXP so I will need to research more before embarking on such a venture.

I was hoping to enlist some of the developers of the various projects to get involved to help in the compilation. At the end of each project discussion topic outline we could put together a "wink" interactive presentation (see here http://www.debugmode.com/wink/) that would provide an animated walkthrough by way of example for each project? The bit I have reservations about is that "Wink uses "Flash" (See Rules) but a suitable workaround could be to zip up the "flash presentation" bits & allow the user to download thus avoiding any pollution of Boot-land! Then cross reference this material to a main Tutorial thus keeping the format modular in design with internal navigation made easier within the topic. (To hopefully rationalise and reduce disfragmentation of teaching aids).

Also not sure how to get certain important Tutorials pinned. I'm sorry I have been a little quiet at the "Mo" but I have been "Mooching" around the net trawling for ideas that work in respect easy teaching configuration structures in other web-sites. I will post those ideas later when I have consolidated the research.

Anyway Thanks again, appologies for the length of this post!

Regards & Best Wishes,

ispy :D

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Posted 07 May 2008 - 06:07 AM

Many thanks :lol:

#5 ispy


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Posted 08 May 2008 - 05:41 PM

Your Welcome! :lol:


ispy :thumbup:

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 08:30 PM

Thank you for the tutorial. I have used BartPE and Reatogo for years now. In my wanderings around the Internet, I just ran across WinBuilder and thought I should try it. I was getting a little frustrated not understanding that WinBuilder wasn't everything needed. After your tutorial it was easy to see how WinBuilder and projects work together.

I like your idea to compile tutorials on the various projects. Being completely new to the WinBuilder process those tutorials would be very helpful. A thought about the flash tutorials. How about posting them on youtube and placing the links here on the forums.

I am building my first LiveXP cd as I write this thank you. ;)

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Posted 06 June 2008 - 11:37 PM


Unfortunately I can only speak english & maybe a little "marshon" (when I am slightly "squiffy" after drinking too much red wine) therefore this guidance document/page may prove difficult for non english speaking individuals.

Just wondering WHAT :thumbup: you speak when you drink too much white wine.... :thumbup:



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Posted 09 June 2008 - 08:37 PM

Hi Jaclaz ;) ,


QUOTE (ispy)
Unfortunately I can only speak english & maybe a little "marshon" (when I am slightly "squiffy" after drinking too much red wine) therefore this guidance document/page may prove difficult for non english speaking individuals.

Just wondering WHAT you speak when you drink too much white wine....


Not very keen on white wine but if forced I suppose Gobble-"D"-Gook with a slight twist or twang of Cymraeg (Welsh!) :thumbup:

Best Wishes,

ispy :thumbup:

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