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What is Linux?

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Posted 25 August 2015 - 07:54 PM

@ sixcentgeorge: I disagree. Linux makes an excellent desktop/workstation environment. Many people use Linux for alot more than hosting servers. I'm currently using Kali and Fedora as CLI learning tool, as well as for learning Lua, Python, Perl, Java/JavaScript, and Lisp. It is excellent for this (coding), far superior to Windows. But another area that Linux lags behind is gaming, so I still use Windows.


You're right about the forest fires. I live in Portland, Oregon, a medium-size city (and this state's largest metro area) near the Pacific coast. Just a few days ago downtown and the surrounding areas were blanketed in a thick haze of smoke for hours.  I'm not sure where the fires started but I think it came from either Washington state (not far to the North) or the forests/mountains East of the city.

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Posted 25 August 2015 - 08:50 PM

Linux is a "new" kernel?! Really?! It's always been my understanding that the Linux kernel has been around for quite awhile (at least since the early 90s). You speak as if Linux were a new phenomenon, a new kid on the block.

Brian Brazil, Jeff Moe, and Alexandre Oliva have developed a series of scripts to remove nonfree firmware from a stock version of the Linux kernel. You may find them helpful if you would like to develop your own free GNU/Linux distribution—although we recommend joining development of an existing free distro rather than fragmenting effort by starting a new one. The complete source for a blob-free version of the Linux kernel is also available; you can learn more about this project from the Free Software Directory.

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Posted 25 August 2015 - 09:07 PM

GNU Linux-libre (/ˈlɪnəks ˈliːbrə/) is an operating system kernel and a GNU package%5B2%5D that is maintained from modified versions of theLinux kernel. The aim of the project is to remove from the Linux kernel any software that does not include its source code, has its source code obfuscated, or is released under proprietary licenses.
The parts that have no source code are called binary blobs and are mostly proprietary firmware which, while generally redistributable, do not give the user the freedom to modify, redistribute or study them. Linux-libre is a prominent example of free software
Advantages include the removal of device firmware which cannot be audited for bugs, security problems and malicious operations (such as backdoors), or fixed by the Linux kernel maintainers themselves even if they know of them. It is possible for the entire system to be compromised by a malicious firmware, and without the ability to perform a security audit on manufacturer-provided firmware, even an innocent bug could undermine the safety of the running system.%5B10%5D
The source code and precompiled packages of the deblobbed Linux kernel are available directly from the distributions which use the Linux-libre scripts. Freed-ora is a subproject which prepares and maintains RPM packages based on the Fedora kernel.%5B15%5D There are also precompiled packages for Debian%5B16%5D and derived distributions such as Ubuntu.%5B17%5D

Linux-libre was first released by the Free Software Foundation Latin America (FSFLA), then endorsed by the Free Software Foundation(FSF)%5B6%5D as a valuable component for the totally free Linux distributions. It became a GNU package on March 2012.%5B7%5D Alexandre Oliva is the project maintainer.

Initial release
February 20, 2008; 7 years ago

deblobbed Linux kernel  is new kernel.




All of this created with a game of  coincidence in Latin America where Richard Stallman  have accidentally Honorary professorship :D

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Posted 25 August 2015 - 09:50 PM

I would disagree once again. I see that you meant that the Linux libre kernel is the "new" Linux kernel. And while it is new, it is by far not the most common Linux kernel, nearly all the distros will continue to use the standard unmodified kernel, whereas a very small minority may opt for the libre version. While the standard kernel is the current king, perhaps the Linux community at large may one day adopt libre as the new "standard" kernel of choice, and Linus Torvalds himself may even endorse/support such a move. But I dont think that will happen very soon, especially if Torvalds wont go along with it.


Edit: You never did bother to provide other independent links regarding Apple's indiscretions, other than the link to FSF's, which, as I've already said, is heavily one-sided with no independent references by them (other than the FSF's own claims). I wouldnt put anything past Apple, but still prefer proof from the claimant.


Your claim is like a Christian citing the Bible as proof of God's existance. While such a claim may or may not be true, the point I'm making is that verifiable facts from multiple credible sourcee should be given as backup.


I would go further and tell you what I really think of your beliefs, but out of respect to your right as an individual to believe, I probably won't do so. Such an action on my part may be regarded as flaming or trying to incite an argument. One of the essential concepts of a free society is that people must be allowed to have freedom of thought, to be different. It is a double-edged sword, with both both good and bad possibilities. As long as one can coexist in society without unduly affecting the rights of others a posing a safety threat to the public, then this is acceptable.


So I will end that line of thought like this instead: Throughout history numerous groups and movements have appeared with the claim that their way is the only way, and everyone else is wrong. From Christianity to Islam to Scientology, etc. They teach their followers to shun lines of thought that are in conflict with their narrow belief system. This has started many wars, conflicts, deaths of both the innocent and guilty, as well as general arguing and chaos amongst people. I'm unequivocally opposed to anything that disregards freedom of thought and belief, promotes blind acceptance over logic/reasoning/healthy criticism, and just generally encourages people to be brainwashed slaves, metaphorically led by the hand and dictated to. Quite frankly, as much as the FSF's goals and beliefs seem noble, they do nevertheless resemble a cult in some ways. But at least they're not evil and diabolic, they genuinely believe what they promote. Question everything (to a degree), accept noone's word without proof, learn to have independence of thought in all things. I would rather be a bold maverick than a blind follower.


With all due respect...........And now, back to the generalized subject of Linux.

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Posted 26 August 2015 - 05:34 AM

it is by far not the most common Linux kernel, nearly all the distros will continue to use the standard unmodified kernel, whereas a very small minority may opt for the libre version. While the standard kernel is the current king, perhaps the Linux community at large may one day adopt libre as the new "standard" kernel of choice, and Linus Torvalds himself may even endorse/support such a move. But I dont think that will happen very soon, especially if Torvalds wont go along with it.

 At least with  FSF i know exactly with what to count (or not).

They would have the means, knowledge and community....
I prefer to deal with snooping around from this side of kernel than the other the standard unmodified kernel because the problem with them is the lack of privacy in society, involvement with the secret services and many other negative things all together with their autistic consumerist mentality.
But the problem is the underlying hardware you can't trust in modern hardware also...
They all come with overruling systems...for example, making possible to record the microphone even when the OS layer disables it.
In that sense, even BIOS and UEFI are compromised since a long time and major manufacturers are part of the exactly same problem I'm talking about all the time*
There are some safer laptops now available but they are rare (and outdated) :

*Oh well..I'm escaping from the time loop... groundhog_day_driving.jpg :w00t:

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Posted 26 August 2015 - 05:38 AM

i am use computer systems since anno 94' .. ant the start was with an friend
who has bring me into the computerscene with lan into the area Germany and
Baden-Wuertemberg where we have on this time change software with other peoples..
the geeks who have bring software and load up and down it into the computer "boxes"
so, this at first.. Linux is an Kernel from Linus Benedict Torvalds who has use some other
tools with Minix FS file system at start on it have he developed his kernel and later added
he tools for this linux-kernel.

(Linus - Benedict have developed Linux(kernel) in a Minix System)

( Honorary Doctor of the University of Stockholm 1999

one year later University of Helsinky  -> Dr. L.B.Torvalds) 170px-LinuxCon_Europe_Linus_Torvalds_03.
This about Linux, Linux is only the kernel.. and.. the Linux Distribution it is the kernel and tools
the aggressive advertising was very welcome on the times where linux and tools comes up
also in this direction, "Windows/Microsoft was an enemy" for supporting the distributing linux on this time .
On this times there was upcoming  two/three Distributions ..  debian, redhat, and there in germany Suse in a factory.
and in Frace was Gael Duval who has founding a rpm-installingsystem for the user and an RPM-Listingsystem for
installing, the Rpmdrake, for the former Mandrake.

(So it is the DrakInstaller, PackageListingSystem (drakrpm) and the Drakconfiguration Center (drakconf)  the Mandrake

and the whole things be the Draktools what's makes Mandrake )

Le vendredi 26 avril 2013 08:24:24, vous avez écrit :

i have so far over 60% from the History and Adventure in the Wiki,
if you want help, do it and complete it furter... , now can you say
thank you to Gaël Duval with you Alias unter the tanks write


At Solutions Linux 2004 (Paris), i had together in front of me Gaël Duval and
Joël Bernier (Linux-Kheops / Les logiciels du soleil / RedHat). Both have
confirmed me this:
« In 1998, Joël sent a Redhat 5.1 to Gaël and this is the start point of the
adventure. Without this shipment, Mandrake would not be born. »

Please insert it in the wiki and publish it. My mail was rejected and I have
no time to search the reason...

Pierre Jarillon - http://pjarillon.free.fr/
Vice-président de l'ABUL : http://abul.org
Microsoft is for computers what McDonald is for French gastronomy


unfortunately have Raphaël Jadot delete the whole History from
the OpenMandriva Wiki (this bast....) who was he the president of OM..
he would wipe out the history from Mandrake and Mandriva ..( how can you be so stupid )
how ever .. i have the mail saved in my mailprogramm .. .. but it's an other Adventure ..
how ever .. now it is anyone other an president for an Free community Linux OMLx
and no more commerce ..
i knows Linux and i have become with the whole developing, why and how ..
and i can only say, this whole Linux-derivatives have no standard,
any want make his soup .. and therewith it is the most from distribution to distribution incompatible.
But an NT from one Developer have an/this Standart where it need to work really well,
which rebuild Reactos as WinNT OpenSource System under the previously wiedespread GPL.
it has need torwalds linux to have an GPL around in the world to have now the possible under an
correct and free license the possible for building up an GPL WinNT today.. 
also to have one Standart in One WinNT around the world where was developed
from peoples in the net and on the net.
What it is better .. ?? Linux or WindowsNT
Linux was developed for have an possible to have an cheap unix like derivat for the Servers and as Network ordering System ..

Windows was developed to have an System on Personal PC's and later was Windows more developed for an Network System..
that understand so that windows is more programmed for the user and Linux later more for Servers,
because the whole Providers, internet connection, Web-service like http/ftp and so on ..
in this direction it is my Opinion.. :
Linux for Servers (Because the Stability)
WindowsNT for Workstation/ PersonalComputer-System
(User-Connection to the Datas and tinkering around and have an stable Standard for working together)
it means in no way to be linux a "serversystem only" Distribution and Windows it's an tinkering system ..
but i meant therewith linux it is as so an really stable system, but windows have an Standard where makes able to work together ..

dos... windows ... WinNT have a mass of programs and use many many in the history programming and well handy programs .
Easy really well for Using and work as an User .. and the same program can give further as zip or as
portable program in WinNT because, the same Binary-compatibility to make it easy possible to have portable programs ..
or in the able to become from the neighbour or neighbor  short an CD fro installing Libre Office in WinNT
This have make it possibility to let us developing like we are still now in the situation now..
this is also the reason, why we should all supporting Reactos now, because we need also an System to work together
and reactos make this possible for further times .. under the GPL (what only allowed linux to us)
Maybe was it an big fail to use the "enemy picture" of Microsoft and Windows for more supporting linux-derivate s
and bring up Linux, but the most important it is now also to supporting Reactos and programming with in Reactos
to have an GPL and really free and open Sourced Windows.
And also .. if  .. open Microsoft his sources of Microsoft, it is Microsoft still in the States with his Law's and liabilities.
So it is MS not trust able ! Because it is easy an Factory with Commerce background and.. dos was "stolen" from an disabled,
no shares in profits and no  royalties... "Mouse" Windows was  also from Bill Gates and Steves Jobs "stolen" from
an Programmer Woman (Adele Goldberg) in the Factory XeroX Palo Alto Research Center on this time 73' in California who has developed
the Windows-technics (Founder of Windows imho)  (no shares in profits and no royalties) .. and so on..


Goldberg began working at PARC in 1973 as a laboratory and research assistant, and eventually became manager of the System Concepts Laboratory where she, Alan Kay, and others developed Smalltalk-80, which both developed the object-oriented approach of Simula 67 and introduced a programming environment of overlapping windows on graphic display screens. Not only was Smalltalk's innovative format simpler to use, it was also customizable and objects could be transferred among applications with minimal effort.[1][2] Goldberg and Kay also were involved in the development of design templates, forerunners of the design patterns commonly used in software design.

Bill Gates.. we are have, the geeks have distribution dos, Windows and he was goes to the whole States and has us
branded like thieves but we have support him.. this bastard ..
At end was we are the "Pirates" 0x ... and branded like a Longhorn.. Windows "was Bill's Baby" also because the history,
should we support Reactos, also for the Programmer Woman in the past in Xerox for her homage/tribute .
1973 is developed at Xerox PARC in California the Xerox Alto. The first commercial application was 1981, the Xerox Star.


on this video at timeline 51:13 / the timeline with Steve Jobs and the Picture ..

let show how become Steve Jobs and Bill Gates the "mouse" Windows ..
this is also the reason, why the most peoples Microsoft and Apple
demonizing .. The new Windows / Systems was need, but we are cant does something against ,
because we has need it ..
then was comes Linus with his system and any has do anything, because they are all know,
this is an change on the timeline of the Computersystems..
indeed, Linux has bring with the GPL in the backpack
and this makes now possible to have Reactos .. an real independent open Source and GPL'ed 
WinNT, where make it us now possible for have an really free "mouse" Windows how it should be ..
this is the background behind.. and yes, Windows have an Standard who makes us possible
for let run any program in any WinNT up to this time.. in Linux works this not really .. and have not really an Standard ..
this is the reason, why i say, an Linux Distriebution on Server and an Windows on an Desktop as Workstation
or Computersystem on the livingroom .

So, now should we ask, what is Linux not ?


in my humble opinion : uniform it is linux not .


WinNT it is uniform because one System and 1000nd's/Mill. copy's of it ..

this make's the Standart for all and the possibility to work together ..


(if we see the kernel not, the many different versions.. who be actual or not)

(and also if we see the library's not, the many different versions.. who be actual or not)

it is the Windows on this place the more Uniform as Linux can be.


this is the Reason, why we should support Reactos.
best regards

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Posted 26 August 2015 - 09:13 AM

@AnonVendetta , i understand what you do and like you i can use a linux distro [ i prefer mint ] every day , but softwares for common user are not as good as counterparts . here i think about libreoffice and "MesFessesAussi" i mean MS-Office [ in french.. [ a joke about girls at work having a seat and being "in the team" ] ]   :loleverybody:
windows has also a lot of tools for hard-drives , there are a lot of defrag-tools but none for linux ...
one question about Portland, Oregon, have you ever meet katy perry or seen her parents "preaching" ?
i would be very happy to have a day or two with her [ or kate upton ] , i love her too much [ kate upton also ] :chair: 
us girl are as crazy as i love woman to be , look what message these kate posted : https://instagram.com/p/6Sh3-wK8z1/
it looks as nuts as katy perry hunting a man with her bike for the weeding..   :suda:  :good:

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Posted 26 August 2015 - 03:12 PM

@ sixcentgeorge: You understand what I do?...........No, you don't. If you're thinking I'm an Anonymous hacker, wrong again. I have my reasons for using the V mask as my avatar, but it has nothing to do with with illegal hacking. I'm not neccessarily opposed to it though. I've had my fair share of dealings with the police/courts, but that was long ago. Hacking does interest me, particularly the white hat side of it, but breaking the law in this way isnt worth going to jail. I once got into trouble for bringing down my high school's computer systems for weeks, and again a few tears later for illegally accessing a govt-associated university's systems. So I'm no stranger to the wide variety of techniques used to do these things. There are alot of dirty jobs in this world that need doing, and someone has to do them (assassinations, illegal hacking, etc). But that someone isnt me.


Katy Perry has nothing to do with Portland, I'm sure she's not from here/lives here. I've never met her or her parents and dont want to. I'm a very eccentric, solitary person with a very narrow set of interests, but I'm very good at the few things I take interest in. I have absolutely no interest in music whatsoever, dont watch TV, and rarely watch movies.

#34 sixcentgeorge


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Posted 26 August 2015 - 06:36 PM

no troubles about hacking "from me" , i wrote "@AnonVendetta , i understand what you do " ; that was meaning , after reading , " Lua, Python, Perl, Java/JavaScript, and Lisp. It is excellent for this (coding)" that you do your things with the kernel and you are not using very much others' softwares....so linux is good for your need
hackers are not all bad , like scammers , they mostly think of making/stealing money , using others ....
i never been in your country , mostly because i will not have the right to bear a gun [ or two ] ...while americans will have some....even todays in the news there is a murder of two journalist by a third one from the same tv channel , during summer it was black people killed by sheriff...the way i see it , is like movies where every body run after the money , when one is killed there are ten new runners...that is all the time...
i do not want to live a so sordid life , that has no meaning , working honestly and earning what is needed for life is not that hard except in the usa or even in france where we are fucked by evils politicians [ but it s another discussion]
usa is a very bad place for a lot of things , life being the first...
today i read a terrible news : http://www.consumerr...our-ground-beef
after reading , it seems clear that there is not only animals in the steaks...[ some that you called " dirty jobs" should be added in "the mix" or should i say "disappeared" in the melting of meats...]
that is impossible in france or europe and surely rest of the world at this scale of 100%
i checked again about katy perry ,sorry ,  i was sure she was from your town ...big mistake...
try to get some music that is very good for health...ub40 is a good band..

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Posted 25 September 2015 - 07:09 PM


#36 Erik_FL



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Posted 26 September 2015 - 06:17 AM

I agreee that Linux distributions are a good thing and a useful resource for everyone.  But let's also look at some of the problems that are hurting Linux.


The desktop environments of Linux have fractured into many opposing standards with their own incompatible APIs.  GNOME is now more than one GNOME, although many programs still work well with that or other desktop environments.  KDE has become very complex and is in danger of being too dependent on "systemd" and other monolithic software. Unity is another competing desktop and the popularity of Ubuntu makes it hard to ignore. As a Linux user I find it frustrating because programs require different desktop environments and libraries.  It's hard to figure out what Linux distro to choose.  I've been using Slackware for a long time but KDE is too complicated and XFCE does not provide enough applications to be useful.  As a programmer it is even harder to decide which desktop environment to use if I want to write an application.  As bad as Microsoft is with their constant redefinition of the APIs and development tools, they support backward compatibility nearly forever.  Of course that adds to the bloat :)  But, I can still write applicatoins with Windows 2000 era tools and MFC and they will run on Windows 10.  Try that with old Linux applications and you find that things have changed a lot.


The other problem with free open source software is what I call "abandonware".  Sure, you can find a thing like "dmraid" to support RAID controllers other than Intel's.  However, when you look closely it is outdated, not being maintained, and no new RAID controllers are being added.  The "replacement" called "mdadm" only supports Intel's RAID and has no provision for any users to add on their own metadata even if they can figure out what is needed.  There is a lot of software available to run on Linux that is basically so outdated that it is (or will soon be useless).


It's not all bad, of course.  Look at GRUB.  I do like the legacy GRUB better for my older systems.  But, I have to admit that GRUB was redesigned well to address the new boot requirements and provide flexibility for adding new functionality.  It's a bit complicated, although I'm not sure how that can be avoided with today's array of different boot environments.


Every Linux distro uses a different approach to package management.  That makes it hard to avoid rebuilding everything from source.  The biggest problem IMHO is drivers for hardware.  Since every distro uses different versions of the kernel and differnt ways of updating software, there is no way to release a binary file for a driver that will generally work on most Linux distros.  Hardware and software companies do not like releasing source, and that is a reality.  So, one may have to choose their Linux distro based on what the hardware supplier supports.  As hardware diverges further from the old "IBM PC compatible" unwritten standard, custom drivers are required for much more of the hardware.


Finally we have things like Systemd that are very corporatized software projects that give single organizations too much control of what goes into Linux distros.  Even if the software is all well written software with enough flexibility to meet the needs of most distros, it invites all of the problems of monopolistic environments. We need well defined open standards for a lot of people to develop smaller, more independent packages, not proprietary mega-packages.  One reason that I use Slackware is that I can choose how I want the system to be initialized and what services and libraries to use.


I'm not too optimistic about alternate Windows compatible operating systems.  So far WINE is the most capable and it still isn't very good at running many applications.  For example, I can't run recent Quicken versions, nor can I run my older Eudora (for Windows) email client.  Maybe, I'm not good at tweaking the settings, but I usually end up with weird looking fonts, windows that don't repaint properly or go transparent and other strange incompatibilities.  Of course it's Microsoft's fault (in part) but that's what one has to deal with to make something Windows compatible.


So, where do we go from here?  I think LInux distros need to cooperate and agree on some standards that will make applications more compatible with more distros.  There will still be plenty of room for innovation even with standards in place.  If the distros don't define standards, then large developers will define the standards to suit their goals.  Unfortunately, defining a standard is almost a guarantee that Microsoft will do something different.  I think .NET and MONO are a good example of how a well adopted standard causes Microsoft to do something else to shut out the competition.


If I sound like I'm a Linux hater, I'm really not.  I use Linux.  I like Linux.  Linux does lots of things for me that I can't do with Windows.  I want Linux to stay around and get even better.  That will only happen if the problems are dealt with.  If I'm lucky I'll get to retire soon and can become on of those free software developers.

#37 sixcentgeorge


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 07:02 AM

Mint is very cool and makes a lot of distros : using ubuntu or debian , kde, xfe, gnome...

works quite very well with a start menu...

one other bug of linux is the drivers that need to be compiled with the kernel...and recompiled after update [ like the vga driver and many others...] ...recompilation should be automatic with kernel update .

#38 Mikorist


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 12:03 PM

So, where do we go from here?  

Just look carefully, creators of Linux.
On the one hand , Linus Torlvalds and on the other side Richard Stallman.
They  can not sit down in the same room to agree abouth  a GPL 3.0 license.
Linus thinks that Richard is not normal, and vice versa .
There is an open conflict of interest , and because that, there is no will to improve anything .

#39 sixcentgeorge


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Posted 26 September 2015 - 01:33 PM

linus is a usa citizen...that says a lot about him...lol

i joke but the famous gpl concept is a bit old-fashion


i have took an android device : i think that means google uses of linux and gpl softwares ?

i have it with kitkat : the 4.4.2 version ...

if you look after firmwares update ;  http://www.sammobile...tabase/SM-P905/

you see one for south africa that is updated to 5.0.2 the "sponsorized" by vodaphone , while the "unlocked one " [ that i got from a website..] is still not updated...: http://www.sammobile...se/SM-P905/XFM/


of course i am unable to use an other firmware like the one made for the french-MARKET....


very funny son of bitch this samsung ...even worse than apple that does behave the same way ...MONEY MONEY MONEY

#40 Erik_FL



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Posted 26 September 2015 - 11:24 PM

I forgot to mention one other imporant Linux issue.  There are basically three graphic adapter suppliers, nVidia, AMD/ATI and Intel.  The open source drivers for these adapters are very limited.  So it is almost required to install the third-party drivers from one of these manuafturers.  What they decide to do with their graphics hardware and drivers will largely impact Linux distros.  Right now that mostly limits what versions of kernel and X-Windows can be used.  If you have older hardware you need older Linux distro versions.  Newer versions of graphics drivers also don't support older hardware.  So, this is creating much the same environment as Windows, where driver availability forces hardware and software upgrades.


Microsoft's decision to layer OpenGL on top of DirectX instead of keeping the side-by-side OpenGL drivers also hurt Linux. It demoted OpenGL to become just another of the many available graphical APIs.  Software developers responded by pretty much abandoning OpenGL for any new Windows applications.  So, almost all high-performance graphical applications use DirectX.  That shuts out Linux unless it emulates the modern versions of DirectX.


KDE has been a good example of what happens when trying to use more advanced graphics capabilities on Linux.  It's a compatibility nightmare.

Edited by Erik_FL, 26 September 2015 - 11:25 PM.

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Posted 27 September 2015 - 06:44 AM

the drivers are all in the kernel ...with vga or cpu , the Lithography is the key , there were big progresses like 6 times reducing the size . so that marks an after and before , in vga its ati hd5k gtx 5xx , cpu its i357...

steamos and the porting of valve games has been a good boost for opengl and linux ...opengl can not become a directx component...because it is doing the same thing : being a layer...plus M$ is linking its dx with its os...so having the full power of cards obliges to use opengl with all OS.

M$ made directX to enter the game market that was all using OpenGL : quake3 4 or half-life...


the result of M$ and directX , is easy to spot with latest Batman , made for console and pc....few days after the launch it was removed from the market and steam ...while computers are more powerful than consoles , the game was unable to play...

with opengl or "free directx" may be the game could play on pc...?


steamos is quite cool , badly it is made by an ex M$ that behave like it learned at .M$ : making updates to kill fan's work and their add-ons ...



i add this link about adding an ethernet driver to ANDROID :



it says :

Q0005: How can I install AX88179 Linux driver on my Android tablet PC?
A0005: No, it could not be done by end users. ........................REALLY ?
To install AX88179 Linux driver on your Android tablet PC, you have to recompile AX88179 Linux driver source on your target Android tablet platform and then you can install the compiled AX88179 Linux driver on your Android platform. It can only be done by the manufacturer of your Android tablet PC. Please contact the support guys of your Android platform manufacturer for further support if necessary.
THANK YOU great people of Korea and those of Samsung in particuLIAR$....
linus can show is finger when he talks about nvidia  : https://www.google.f...iw=1280&bih=605
i would use my two hands with those samsung-chinamen...that fuck linux and customers really hard...

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Posted 28 September 2015 - 02:24 AM

New open standard (Open GL replacement) is Vulkan (as Mr Spok), faster than DirectX 12 and multiplataform, (Win, Linux, Android, etc) see: https://www.khronos....ndard-ecosystem

and https://www.khronos.org/vulkan


nVidia, Ati (AMD), Intel, Steam (Valve) and a lot of other companies are working very hard in it see:




So very soon Bye, Bye directX (any flavor)



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