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Win9x inram

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Posted 21 January 2008 - 09:55 AM

Win9x inram ..

I don't use 9x any longer, but it's quite interesting to read.

#2 was_jaclaz



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Posted 21 January 2008 - 12:03 PM

Indeed. ;)

But of course this calls for some thoughts:

1) The U.S. Patent Office, or the "Examiners":

Primary: Kakali Chaki
Assistant: Tuan A. Vu

are either VERY lazy or VERY inefficient , they took 7 years, which in "Computer age time" equals roughly to the years between:
Jurassic (assuming Win 3.x was Triassic)
Paleocene ( Vista)
i.e. 140 millions years (once again the handy conversion formula from Latin to Real time comes handy, this time you double the amount then multiply 10 millions)

2) Too bad that the actual invention (the RamDisk driver) is based on a false or at least partially wrong assumption :thumbsup: :

Before this invention, no successful attempts of running Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME on ramdisk in protected WINDOWS mode have been disclosed. The ramdisk driver bundled with the operating system supports only 32 megabytes of maximum size which is not sufficient for storing and running the whole running image of the protected-mode Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME. The ramdisk (version: rhk.rd.1.0) released on 1 Jan. 2000 and copyrighted by Reliable (H. K.) Limited is found to be compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME and can be configured up to 2 gigabytes which is more than sufficient for the purpose of running the whole operating system on it.

actually Franck Uberto had written and released publicly it's RamDisk, version i of it is dated 12 August 1998.
And there is NO proof whatsoever that pages like this:
or some books/magazine articles were not published before 27/12/2000.
The first "snapshot" of the mentioned page on The Wayback Machine is dated Apr 18, 2001
and it CLEARLY states when it was last updated:

Updated September 30, 2000

3) It is interesting how the Patent cites what (at the time) was considered a WAREZ release:

One of such software, Real DOS-Mode Patch for Windows ME v1.3, has been released on the Internet. According to the document accompanying the software, Real DOS-Mode Patch for Windows ME v1.3 was released on 15 Aug. 2000 by a group called MANiFEST DESTiNY with a web-site, which appears, at the time of writing, to be engaging in other business instead of software development.

(just check the .nfo file in the release)
(I am assuming that the fact that that page is there at least since August 2000 with innumerable links to it and it has not been taken down by MS action makes it now classifiable as non-WAREZ) :D

4) So, maybe Mr. Kam-fu Chan is the holder of a valid Patent (something that I personally doubt :D) but most probably he won't get rich from it :D


P.S. FYI Just check the "original" 911CD thread:
to get more links to related sites/info re: Win9x in Ram

#3 ireneuszp


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Posted 26 January 2008 - 03:45 PM

REMOVED by jaclaz

have Mini Windows 98
Can run from Ram Drive, with ntfs support,
Added 7-Zip which supports .7z .zip .cab .rar .arj .gzip,
.bzip2 .z .tar .cpio .rpm and .deb
Disk Defragmenter, Notepad / RichText Editor,
Image Viewer, .avi .mpg .divx .xvid Movie Player, etc...

#4 AeroXP


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Posted 26 January 2008 - 05:42 PM


#5 was_jaclaz



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Posted 26 January 2008 - 06:20 PM


Look, I am gonna say this only once, I am writing the following really slow, so that you can easily understand it:

NO WAREZ on this board

next link to warez you post, you are out.
(last character in the above sentence is a "full stop" or a "period")


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