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Posted 21 September 2007 - 04:56 PM

This is my hacked-up method for running those tools that need to be on the hard drive but you don't want to leave them there. Basically, RUNFTEMP.EXE is an SFX archive that you can open with 7-Zip. Once opened you'll notice a folder called APPTEMP. You should put the files from your program of choice in APPTEMP (not the program directory, just all the files and folders in it). In order for RUNFTEMP.EXE to call your program you need to add RFT_ to the main executable filename (i.e. RFT_Example.exe). After you save your work that's it! When you execute RUNFTEMP.EXE it will dump the APPTEMP folder to the %TEMP% directory and run your main executable. Once the main executable is closed it will delete almost all traces of your program (a randomly named .tmp file will be moved to the RECYCLER folder).

I have included a RFT_Example.exe and RFT_Example.dat file in the archive just to show that the program works. Definitely delete those two files if you actually wanna use this hack. In the APPTEMP folder you'll find two critical files called RUNDEL.EXE and LAUNCH.BAT. RUNDEL.EXE does much of the folder management and cleanup. LAUNCH.BAT actually launches your RFT_[whatever].exe so you can add extra batch commands if needed. You can safely rename RUNFTEMP.EXE to whatever suites yer tastes.

You can run multiple run-from-temp programs without conflict as the APPTEMP, LAUNCH.BAT and RUNDEL.EXE get randomly renamed for each session.

I made the SFX initially in WinRAR and added files with 7-Zip. RUNDEL.EXE was made in AutoIt3. Example.exe is a quick trifle whipped up in Game Maker 6.

As always, my programs may eat your dog and put your cat into a very uncomfortable kitty sweater. *shrugs* This worked for me on XP and 2003 though. On 2000 it also leaves behind an empty randomly named folder in %TEMP%.


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