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In praise of the RebootPro Team

vhd booting linuxfx

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Hi Folks, 

I've been trying out linuxfx alongside windows in the past few days, and I have realized that for the time being, what it promises is a lot more than what it allows to achieve, I do not have a decent hardware to try it out on, and it will be so for the next few days, until I get back from the holidays. linuxfx does support most exes and msis, but that is as far as it goes. no games have I been able to try so far, no directx install seems to come to a functional completion, the visual c++ libraries install ok. so, Iights and shadows so far. I have uninstalled all things I do not need, as I had done with windows, also in order to have a parallel environment for comparison. timewise, it seems to be no slower or faster than our usual windows scenarios. spacewise, it features a 15gb used space on its ext4 partition, which is more than my uncompressed vhd. garbagewise, it creates a lot less than windows does (of course, it does fewer things), and the few cleaners available have enabled me to clear about 1gb (we have to consider I am not so conversant with linux as to move and junction files and folders about, never mind compress them, the windows way). 

So, what I am getting at is that so far our windows scenarios (vhd, wimboot ramboot etc.), have paradoxically been the most stable, or the least unstable, scenarios ever. I am also taking the mac into account, as it prevails only in audio and video quality. mac file management has fallen short of the supremacy it used to boast (think of the directory called "other", which is the equivalent of winsxs and "other files", but a lot more plethoric than the latter 2 --> so, even garbagewise, the mac just tells u that it will do the dirty work by itself 4u, which is a long way from "actually doing the dirty work 4u".

For all intents and purposes, I propose a tribute to the RebootPro Team, who can be considered the harbinger of extended and prolonged traditional desktop scenarios. a big attaboy to the people of great intellect and understanding overhere!!!

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