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Help arrest scammers

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Posted 20 April 2020 - 05:37 PM

Are you familiar with 'Jim Browning's You Tube videos?



He gains Teamviewer Remote Control access to the scammers PC and tries to help the victims.

But he can't get the Police in India or the banks to arrest the scammers, even though he sends them recordings, details of the employees and directors, the location of their offices, etc.


So my idea is for him to drop a 'virus' executable into the scammers startup folder (or some other suitable location) so that it will start up without them knowing the next time they reboot.


Now, what should the payload do?


Destroying their PCs will only be a temporary inconvenience.


I have two ideas:


1. DDoS flood attack - the hidden software floods the Delhi or Calcutta Police web site.

2. Email bomb software - the hidden software bombs the Delhi or Calcutta 'report a crime' email address with a message that says 'you are being bombed by Mr xxxx and yyyy, address dddddd, phone number fffff' etc.


sooner or later the police will come knocking.


Any other ideas?

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Posted 21 April 2020 - 10:48 PM

There might be the case that police there will do nothing even if bothered.


Here are some thoughts:

  • Randomly disconnect the network every 20 to 35 minutes for 30 seconds (enough for him to think it is a defective router)
  • Fill up his disk space with random binary files on random locations until his disks only have 1 or 2 GB of free disk space (not enough nuisance for him to format Windows)
  • Close all browser tabs every week at random schedule


For every minute that this attacker loses, it is less one minute attacking others online.



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