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End of support reminder for Windows 7

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#1 AnonVendetta


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Posted 12 January 2020 - 12:46 AM

I doubt most people here need MS's support, since we tend to do things ourselves manually. But for those that still use W7:




I'm guessing this means it is going the way of Vista, no more updates, period. But if I'm correct, when Vista's mainline support was ended, MS still provided emergency patches and hotfixes for a few years (not sure what they call them).


Since any already released updates probably wont show up during an update scan, you would probably need to get the standalone files from the MS Update Catalog and apply them manually. Or integrate them into your install media.

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#2 antonino61


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Posted 12 January 2020 - 12:40 PM

do u consider all this a major difficulty?

#3 Blackcrack


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Posted 13 January 2020 - 07:43 AM

pffhh.. who needs MS,..... if we a bit intelligent..

1. Saved all (more as 19 Gig Updatepacks) what's comes updates before Servicepack 1 and upwards(and the whole later for Win7))
like a Squirrrrrlll...

2. maked a actual Updatepack , up to 2020 (2,5Gig) with my setup-update-batch-1.67.bat.cmd


with the whole updates and other files for update up to 12.2019
but the bad, i can not make a pack and upload it, because.. it's offizially not allow 1. because eula, 2. MS want sell Win10

3. is there a possible to get further updates ;)
via BypassESU .. it is need a couple patches ..

  •  install the SHA2 prerequisites: KB4490628 -> KB4474419 -> reboot
  •  install the latest servicing stack update KB4531786 (previously KB4523206, KB4516655)
  •  install BypassESU
  •  install the ESU test update KB4528069

but psst..
And the Posting/Warning from Microsoft of the Update-End/Support end,
have CHEFKOCH also an regestry-string on his account ;)
then a good FW Programm and a AV(who need)
and i guess in the next couples Year's is Reactos comming in any case .. ;)
best regards
oh there is a better one : https://gitlab.com/s...ypassESU-v3.zip

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#4 Rootman


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Posted 14 January 2020 - 12:58 PM

My company took the end of NT in stride. Same with 2000, and XP.  We ran several of each for years before finally phasing them out when convenient and necessary. We had to keep them around because licensing for some software was not available - or affordable, software would not work at all in a new version or simply because there was no compelling reason to hurry swapping them out. 


With the end of Win 7 it appears to be a different story.  They all of a sudden have a gigantic hard on to completely eliminate Win 7.  They didn't start this whole thing until November last year.  We have hundreds of Win 7's out there, typically doing mundane things and not affordable to replace, or easy either.  A few have software that simply will not work in Win 10 or a 64 bit OS - and the company is also requiring 64 bit for all OSs too (I agree with this). 


So, for me it WAS a big deal.  It is not really now as I have all of them replaced with the exception of one.   You can guess how I spend most of the holidays.   


I see more of a push to get rid of Win 7 online too.  More so than what previous retirements did.


My main concern is I am wondering if a valid WIn 7 Windows activation code will still activate win 10 after the 'death'.  Even long after the 'free' period ended Win 10 would still activate with a valid Win 7 Windows key.  I am hoping it still will.  When I pull older PCs (like all the Win 7 PCs I just replaced) I put a generic WIn 10 Pro image on them and activate them with the PCs own Win 7 key (which has never been activated as we have our own activation server for MAK keys). I give them away to employees rather than pay to throw them out and them end up in a landfill.  

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