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Making the smallest Win10 install (Wimboot mode) on 512 MB VHD

wimboot ramboot

Best Answer alacran , 20 March 2019 - 11:53 AM

Well, I think now this thread has all info, I'm going to make a summary of all relevant post you need to follow to be able to Create and Ramboot from a Wimboot VHD and also how to make a compressed copy (to keep as backup) of the coupled files required to wimboot.


I started this thread thinking the smallest the best, and was able to run a 512 MB VHD, as the name of the thread says, but during the development of this thread I change my mind and decided that a 1.5 GB VHD is a good size to load a VHD in RAM on an acceptable time, and this size VHD is also capable to Ramboot on PCs with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.


Introductory info and required programs: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209470


Making the VHD: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209472


Optionally apply unnatend.xml, services modifications and control Telemetry during install: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209480


Install your programs, SVBus driver and Capture Wimboot Image: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209483


Apply Wimboot Image to a 1.5 VHD: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209485


Installing your Wimboot VHD on a USB device and Ramboot: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209488


You may consider this as an Hybrid Ramboot: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209518


Selecting to use wimlib on WinNTSetup: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209568


What I put on my VHD: http://reboot.pro/to...hd/#entry209602


Improve Portability: http://reboot.pro/to...e-4#entry209809


EDIT: I finally found some info about the WimBootCompress.ini file located on WinNTSetup\Tools\, see: https://wimlib.net/f...wtopic.php?t=16


Custom WimBootCompress.ini: http://reboot.pro/to...e-4#entry209815


cdob comments: http://reboot.pro/to...e-4#entry209834


Making copies of coupled files (VHD + wimboot wim file) for backup pourposes: http://reboot.pro/to...e-5#entry209917


cdob suggestion for redirect on the VHD the path to source wim file: http://reboot.pro/to...e-6#entry209947


Custom WimBootCompress-2019-03-18.ini: http://reboot.pro/to...e-6#entry209949


karyonix suggestion for redirect on the VHD the path to source wim file: http://reboot.pro/to...e-6#entry209952


More cdob comments: http://reboot.pro/to...e-6#entry209976


Redirect the VHD path to wimboot wim file is finally a success: http://reboot.pro/to...e-6#entry209979


NOTE: When relocating the files, edit the BCD(s) may be required, better check to be sure all will work fine.


EDIT: If for any reason you want to reduce the source wim file see: http://reboot.pro/to...zx-compression/


New version of WinNTSetup with new features, for more info see: http://reboot.pro/to...-beta-1-update/


Hope this can be of any help for some of our members.


Best Regards



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#176 alacran


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Posted 3 weeks ago

@ wimb


I have tested my unattend.xml file on Windows 10 Home NL with Release ID 1903


I like to use the unattend.xml file in WinNTSetup since it saves a lot of time thinking about all the questions otherwise encountered during Windows 10 Setup.

It is completely Unattended when creating a Local Account.


Thanks for commenting on what specific version you have tested your modified unattend.xml file (I haven't used 10 1903 yet), I'm still on 1809, I prefer to go slowly and at least one version before last one, to avoid troubles.


Yes, I allways use my unattend.xml file with WinNTSetup and also my OEM folder to control better some other things, in order to have a fully unattended install just the way I like it. For additional info you may see: https://forums.mydig...-mrp-mk3.71555/



#177 alacran


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Posted A week ago

New version of WinNTSetup with new features, for more info see: http://reboot.pro/to...ntsetup-4-beta/



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