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automatic upgrade

windows 10 booting

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#1 antonino61

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Posted 29 September 2018 - 05:39 AM

Hi everybody,

for the past few weeks I have experienced an unwanted automatic update process at the end of the booting process from my baremetal vhd.

On the desktop there is a "Windows 10 Update Assistant" icon pointing to "C:\Windows10Upgrade\Windows10UpgraderApp.exe /ClientID "Win10Upgrade:VNL:EOSNotify:{}"" (the first and last " are only delimiters here, they do not appear in the address, of course)

Luckily enough, the update does not take place, as this unwanted process goes on to open a kind of windows edge window which fails to proceed, probably because I removed all I could of windows edge ages ago.

Luckily enough I say because I have managed to squeeze my vhd to a minimum of 5gb, and despite the process does not go on, I find an almost 1gb-strong couple of directories named $getfiles (or something) and windows10upgrade (as you can see from the above-mentioned address. Sometimes a 3rd directory with the extention ending in -bt appears as well, which makes all this bulk even bigger, to the extent of leaving my vhd with only a few kb of free space.

Despite I always manage to delete almost (I am forced to skip a few files from the "windows10upgrade) everything, the process regenerates again every other 2/3 boots. Sometimes I even experience an inflation of used disk space (and a logically consequent shrinking of free space, to the extent of its becoming red (low disk space warning)) during normal operations, which I am apparently unable to trace the origin of, apart from a user_feed_synchronization scheduled task followed by the following series of numbers in braces: 22DEC750-2155-469E-8875-53494090ADEF. Even if i delete this task, the process appears to regenerate every other 2/3 boots.

Has anybody experienced the same think? Any idea how I can avoid all this? 

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#2 antonino61

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I heuristically accept your compliment, but I still do not see how poignantly your post replies to mine.

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#3 Nuno Brito

Nuno Brito

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Posted A week ago

It was a spam post, got deleted in the meanwhile.

#4 Wonko the Sane

Wonko the Sane

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Posted A week ago

I heuristically accept your compliment, but I still do not see how poignantly your post replies to mine.

Nice adverbs :) .

Wonko approves of their use, particularly if redundantly and ephemerally.


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