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Add Windows 7 x64 SP1 embedded standard minimalistic on the fly.

windows embedded

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#1 blackbalfur



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Posted 30 March 2018 - 03:35 PM

Let me start by saying windows 7 embedded standard is a bitch to install anyone that tried will understand what i mean.

I made it easy as installing any os, in fact it is a pre-installed version.

Yes it is minimalistic but yet allmost everything is in it and super fast.

Fresh installed it is 3.18 GB in size.


If you like you can install it with the winntsetuptool the regular way.


But i will describe it here as adding it as a vhd file to your regular OS.


I assume that most of you are on windows 8 or higher, only on those osses you can do this.

You can use dism for unrarring a .wim or .esd file to a .vhd file.

Let me show you in this video:




That is it you simple edit the "Image to vhd.cmd" and copy the install.esd file to the root of
your hd ( normal C: )


Reboot your computer and select your new created bootmenu entry and your new os will start to install.

Download (643 mb):


The bootmenu entry can be removed anytime when you want and you decide the size of the .vhd file with simple vhd manager.


Ps. the os will ask for a serial when booting for the first time.


Be sure to write down the included serial before starting this project.

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#2 blackbalfur



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Posted 08 April 2018 - 09:53 PM

This is awefull i cannot edit my own topic but allright i wanted to add this new addition to the start topic:


Ok this is for the people that want to try the x86 version:
Download Windows 7 x86 SP1 embedded ( 464 mb ): https://mega.nz/#!cp...VUTJJmKvomnZQrQ
Ps. this is only the x86 install.esd file.
So you need the serial, cmd file and simple vhd manager from the x64 version!!

#3 blackbalfur



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Posted 09 April 2018 - 12:17 AM

Update 2:


Lets say you want to add or remove features on these editions, with this tool that i made portable (including .netframe work and stuff) you can.


DISMUI portable app, 41,2 mb:




This tool will let you install features or language packs from the original Windows embedded 7 SP1 standard dvd's (x86 and x64) with a gui.


Windows Embedded Standard 7 Service Pack 1 Evaluation Edition (x86 and x64):




Do not download the toolkit part.


You will need to mount the dvd with a tool like imdisk on your fresh installed os:




Then you run the DISMUI portable app and choose what to add or to remove.


The app will search for the DS folder on your mounted DVD.


Some pictures of the tool in progress:









On both the dvd's you can only choose from 6 languages (including english)


If you want to add another language you can with this DISMUI portable app.


Download your language here:










Just put your lp.cab file in a folder and direct the DISMUI portable app to it and let it run.


Now you can also have your modular os.

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#4 Blackcrack


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Posted 09 April 2018 - 05:32 AM

humm.. and what is, if Win7 no more supported ?, no langpacks, no updates of bugfixes anymore ..


i want claim that we need a external space for have a able to have the Win7 addon's also behind the support time from Microsoft..


i have build for me a batch/cmd script with over 150 Updatefiles for let it update directly behind install of the MSWin7..

and this offline on a usb-hdd ;) inclusive with Regtweaks and Driverinstall via Menu - guided , Build file List, Install all of updates,Tweak, Drivers,Programms and (q) for quit via "choice".


eehh have anyone 10 Gig ftp/http for me for upload ? *s*

my private ftp it's to less bandwidth for it.. *s*

This is able to update Win 7 Pro up to this month..

#5 blackbalfur



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Posted 09 April 2018 - 11:34 AM

You compare apples to oranges.


What if Win7 no more supported and then you come with a regular windows 7 you built.


It is perfect to have an updated Windows 7 Pro os and you can use mega.nz to upload it if you want:




On here you can upload 50 GB of your stuff.


But back to Windows embedded if someone wants to update this os you just do it (not my likings but you can)


The point is both osses i built install under 10 minutes and are fully modular.


So it can be an kios os or regular windows 7, you decide.


The base is an allmost full windows 7 with a very small footprint.


Let me show some pictures x86:








As you can see it is not possible to have such a full os and beeing this small with a regular os.


Yeah people can shrink an regular os but then it will stay like that allways you will never be able to put features back.


With those osses you can.


Windows 7 embedded standard is normally not an easy os to install but with this pre-install method where you insert the serial at the right time you can take it everywhere you want.


Like i said it installs under 10 minutes.

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#6 Blackcrack


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Posted 09 April 2018 - 04:46 PM

apples and oranges, you're right, sorry..

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