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setwow64.exe and loadwow64.exe?

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#1 misty


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 07:51 PM

Is anyone able to provide any information about setwow64.exe or loadwow64.exe? And what they do? And any alternatives?

I've been doing some tests manually adding SysWOW64 support to a WinPE. Using Windows 10.0.15063 (Build 1703) and Windows 10.0.16299 (Build 1709) source files, Windows 32-bit programs work without running either of these executables.

On older source files, including Windows 10.0.14393 and earlier versions, 32-bit programs will not start and an error message is displayed -

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000034). Click OK to
close the application.

EDIT - Running setwow64.exe in WinPE resolves this issue. As does adding a loadwow64.exe entry to the "ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager" key > with a REG_MULTI_SZ "BootExecute" value > containing data "loadwow64.exe"

Information about these files is a bit sparse.

Noel in his microWinpeBuilder project appears to have created an alternative using a powershell script. In the documentation he states -

The 'MonSetWow64.PS1' script

I replaced the "SetWow64.exe" program by a PS (rule 1) 'MonSetWow64.PS1' script. It includes two features:
• Launched without parameters, it allows to visualize objects in the system (like winobj) in a 64- bit system.
• With the 'create' parameter, it creates 2 necessary objects.

#2 noel


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Posted 07 February 2018 - 10:02 PM

Hello misty,

I miss many informations in my pdf. In the script "monSetWow64.PS1, i translate the code C++ in C# and after i put it in the PS. So, the code is visible, easy readable.

The chinese guys found two native objects missing :

  • create an object "\\KnownDlls32" with NtCreateDirectoryObject API,
  • create "SymbolicLink" with NtCreateSymbolicLinkObject API.

Please, see code into the PS.

Very short c++ code. But Huge consequence for build 10586.


I'm testing this in V1709 : i comment lines in script which launch "monsetWow64" in my winpe.

And you are RIHGT ! :)These two objects are created by os in this version ! 


My analyse : like hives now contain X: and not C: since build 10240 (in my memory but it's in my pdf), i suppose the hazard of modifications introduces this change (objects created).

Remember : in winpe, nothing are stable along versions. Perhaps it will come back in the futur


Bravo misty !!!



i forgot... the two programs do same thing but are wrote by two differents guy...in my translator in the chenise forum was good

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#3 Wonko the Sane

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Posted 09 February 2018 - 11:20 AM









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