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Abrupt shutdown after booting WinPE

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#1 spleenharvester



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Posted 27 May 2016 - 05:06 PM

On a few computers I've worked on, there has been an immediate shutdown of WinPE on the blackscreen that occurs between the spinning circle disappearing and the desktop appearing. Does anyone know what could cause this? All my image has injected is network drivers. It's based on stock WinRE extracted from Windows 10 build 10586.


A few observations - a) A few of the computers were running particularly hot (70*c+). At first I assumed that was the reason, but the shutdown never occurred in Windows 10 itself, ever. Does WinPE possibly have a lower tolerance for thermal issues? b ) On one of the computers, the image did originally boot successfully, but after a few hours suddenly started inducing a shutdown. c) Contrary to (a), one specific computer was also shutting down under similar circumstances in Win10, but rebuilding its BCD fixed the problem. The image used in that case booted fine on my own computer.

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#2 Wonko the Sane

Wonko the Sane

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Posted 28 May 2016 - 01:08 PM

a ) Any re-mapping of space bar?  :w00t: (I know you were waiting for this ;)):

b ) Are we taking of actual CD/DVD's or USB sticks/internal or external hard disks?

c ) Queer. (actually IMHO more queer than the first two)


More seriously, overheating shutdown should happen at much higher temperatures than 70° C, the shutdown during the booting phase (between the spinning circle and desktop appearing) sounds a lot like one of two (common) issues, the second in my experience is more common:

1) defective RAM

2) defective power supply[*]

the shutdown after a few hours (provided that the "few" don't mean "72 hours") could also be any of the above, but it is not clear to me from your description if a machine running since a few hours shut down suddenly or if it happened during a reboot at the same "between the spinning circle and desktop appearing" as well.

The "rebuilt BCD working" might be a lot of things, but any issue should happen BEFORE the  "between the spinning circle and desktop appearing" :unsure:


All combined they seem more like voodoo  :wodoo:  than anything else. :ph34r: :(.





[*] I have seen power supplies that failed intermittently when "cold" and power supplies that failed intermittently when "hot", a real troubleshooting nightmare.

#3 spleenharvester



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Posted 22 June 2016 - 06:22 PM

Thanks for the reply, I had forgotten about this!


I never got to see most of those machines again, but one came back - the one that was crashing on both WinPE and Windows startup - which was originally fixed by a BCD rebuild. It was now experiencing the same problem again.


On that machine, it turned out that it was actually Fastboot that was causing the shutdowns, and disabling that fixed the problem. That doesn't explain why the BCD rebuild fixed it originally, but it certainly would explain why it was causing both WinPE and the Windows install to bug out. Looking at google, this seems to be a known issue, so worth bearing in mind for future cases I think.



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