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A , pretty well Gui for QEmu

qemu qemu-gui gui-for-qemu win32 win64 winnt-qemu

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Posted 03 May 2016 - 08:07 AM



there be many gui's but they are not really well maintained or

not really supporting for the actually qemu .


maybe would it be really pretty great  , if anyone create a really well

QEmu surface/interface/WinNT-System-gui(cpl), something maybe like Virtualbox, but just for qemu

and the binarys and maybe in QT for have the possible to have in linux and other system as subsystems also.


  • a qemu downloader and extractor in a specially folder (or a installerdownload from this binarys (  https://qemu.weilnetz.de/or other mirrors, anyone create ever qemubinarys ))
  • a VM-configurationsbuilder/Adjuster (maybe with a ground configuration (with autoconfiguration by searching the binarys in
    • ProgramData=C:\ProgramData
    • ProgramFiles=C:\Program Files (x86)
    • ProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86) 
    • ProgramW6432=C:\Program Files
    • and in the WinNT-Folder, maybe as %WINROOT%/QEMU
  • a virtual harddiskimage builder
  • toolbox for the configurations.. just something like it is Virtualbox but with/for QEMU.. (maybe as sysqemu.cpl with connectivity to WinNT-Services )
  • Creating a WinNT - QEMU/OtherSystem Connectivity
  • a QEMU-System-Toolbox for create WinNT-Services to let run Qemu-instances as System Services / Autostart



take a look there :


there is the whole winnt binarys who it is need..


maybe as suggestion "VirtualQemu" "VirtualQemu Centre" as name for the Gui

ad should later maintain with the qemu together.


  • and this with the possible for boot a USB-Stick, a iso and real hardware harddisk who be not as actuall System running but connect on the hardware .like the 2nd hdd with win10 on it or a linux as subsystem for WinNT and provide extra Ports like sftp or an ftp-server in WinNT.  Just, something what it is not works in VirtualBox but it is possible and connecting all together in QEMU.


  • The Autostart possible in windows, if window restart to stops and start qemu also with WinNT/Windows and the Virtual mashine/instants/service, maybe as qemu-configuration-winnt-service => Linux-subsystem via virtual harddisk bur connection to the real WinNT-filesystem for create a ftp/sftp/http and a web-service.


  • Should later run in Reactos also, because, Reactos should be later the WinNT of the Folk's ;) and it should be later 100% winnt compatible, and it is as so later compatible and can be then the Configurations Center for QEMU in Reactos, so the QEMU"Virtual"box with many(more) possibles and maybe as control.exe cpl (sysqemu.cpl for qemu) where maybe later connect the system-services to qemu libarys and executables .



best regards



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