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Reset W7 admin password on encrypted HyperDuo RAID system drive

diskcryptor raid hyperduo w7

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Posted 25 March 2016 - 10:20 AM

Hi experts!

I need your help as I have failed with my efforts to get my pc back. I have been moving between places for last couple fo months and forgot my W7 admin password. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.. Guess what?

First thing, all partitions are encrypted with DiskCryptor (1.X), but this passphrase I do remember. However i.e. Hiren's Boot CD fails as the partition needs to be mounted first.


Second, this is not a normal disk. This is a HyperDuo disk containing two SSD's in RAID 0 + 1 HDD Caviar Black - which requires special Marvell 92XX drivers. All the available boot cd's are failing nad my own windows recovery disk is also failing, as it requires decrypting first.

I guess I need to create my own Live CD with selected drivers with no access to the original system. Is that possible? How do I start?


- Marvell 92XX drivers: http://www.sybausa.c...ownload_id=665 
- DiskCryptor http://www.softpedia...skCryptor.shtml


SW: Win7 64bit
HW: Syba SD-PEX40054  http://www.sybausa.c...&product_id=182

I hope it is the right place to ask these questions :) 


All the best,


#2 wolfegang

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    United States

Posted 30 March 2016 - 09:46 AM



Being that you know about RAID and things of this nature - making your own shouldn't be too bad.


Regardless which boot cd/flavor you go with - you do not need to mount any partition first.


First - get into your "live" Win-doze environment.  Then, at this point you probably won't see your hard drive volume - that's expected.


Now, insert a thumb drive or map a network drive that contains a folder containing "Marvel xxxxxx" drivers that are for your hard drive controller.  Note to self - the drivers you need AKA - Marvell.... blah - are not for your hard drives.

They are for your hard drive controller which is actually using what is known in the field as "fake RAID" or "software RAID" - requires slightly more overhead to provide RAID with a cheap hard drive controller.


Now, use dpinst or similar to install the hard drive controller drivers - Marvel blah or whatever.  Also, depending on which boot cd you use, you could just use device manager, right click on unknown device - update driver.


However, you may see a ton of "unknown devices there" so which one?  Good point.


dpinst is nice - and I believe still comes with Hirens - I personally use Winbuilder with the project called WinPESE7. It includes dpinst as well - it's a well known driver util for Win-dooooooze...


There is a driver section in there - I just enable all of the driver options - then, I go to "driver packs" and download all latest torrents for each driver pack category - you are then sure to most likely have the required drivers. (then again, I use mine for several different systems for friends and stuff - so I want a wealth of potential drivers, blah blah blah)


Again, not necessary to download the internet - you know which Marvel driver you need, so I would just use that one. But put it either on a folder local to your boot dvd somplace to be used after you are booted, or mount it after the fact (usb drive/network drive - etc)...


In the case that you have a more expensive hard disk controller - the same still applies - you need the driver for that.  However, when you say "Marvel" - that tells me it's an integrated controller.


Hope this helps,



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