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Windows 10: Enterprise edition required for managing updates

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Posted 18 July 2015 - 08:54 AM

Professional edition will allow to defer updates for up to 8 months.
For the Home edition, you can forget it.
Little by little, Microsoft is taking full control over our machines...

See here.

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Posted 19 July 2015 - 06:28 AM

And this is *exactly* why I plan to obtain 10 Ent by, shall we say, alternative means. I had issues with the earlier builds of 10, but I just reinstalled it a few days ago, and was very impressed. There are still issues, but the RTM builds are essentially finalized, I even went as far as replacing 7 and substituting 10 as my primary Windows. Nearly all the software and games I've tried "just works". 10 is a marked improvement over 7, and fixes most of the issues people had with 8/8.1. I'm running an aging laptop that gets the job done, but I feel that I need to run the latest and leanest Windows to keep my system running optimally, 10 is a big turning point for MS and they cant afford to mess it up, their future depends on getting it right out of the gate.

But forced updates is my biggest point of contention with 10. I understand that MS wants a uniform platform on which to build upon, by keeping everyone on the same level. However, they've managed to botch some updates in the past, causing undue issues for many. I also dont particularly trust them as a driver source, several drivers obtained from them BSODed my system. I have my own custom drivers I prefer to use. Forcing updates on everyone isnt good, even if they roll back problematic updates in retrospect, the damage has already been done.

This also represents a power grab, perhaps the US Justice Dept needs to step in and ensure that some basic ground rules are followed, while soliciting the public's input. Apparently the US govt's anti-monopoly crusade taught MS nothing, since most of the judgements against them were either never enforced or never came to pass. They are slowly but surely returning to their former selves. I feel that Mr. Gates needs to take the helm again and perhaps leave the management of his charities to his wife.

It's also no coincidence that they are giving away 10 Home for free for a year, partly to right the wrongs of 8/8.1, but also as yet another power grab. Today more and more people are beginning to feel that their OS should be free. Android is free, Linux is free, as well as OS X, perhaps Windows should be free too, and MS realizes this. But nothing is truly free, this new "free" version will definitely have lots of strings attached and concessions that consumers have to make. All in all, this is yet another example of a big, powerful corporation trying to systematically strip away consumer rights while gaining more control over them, all in the name of the almighty dollar and "security" and "convenience", etc.

This is exactly why I'll be using Ent, since there will be less restrictions and more features (some of which are unneeded, but it's an even tradeoff for me).

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