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ZeeMouse v1.7 allows you to use your wireless bluetooth game controller

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Posted 20 December 2014 - 06:12 PM

ZeeMouse v1.7 allows you to use your wireless bluetooth game controller


example: Moga Pro Controller on Windows




ZeeMouse v1.7 allows you to use your wireless bluetooth game controller (Zeemote JS1, SteelSeries Free, BGP-100, iControlPad, all PowerA MOGA controllers ** NEW **) as a mouse or gamepad on your PC. Pair (but don't connect) your device with your PC before running ZeeMouse.
Latest changes: added support for the trigger buttons of the Moga Pro and support for the Hero and Pro Power devices.


 How to connect your moga to your pc


for windows phone

SmartGear Free app  for android from developer of ZeeMouse


** NEW ** added support for PowerA MOGA Hero, Pro and Pro Power controllers
SmartGear is a multi-system classic game emulator. It contains code to emulate the hardware of classic game systems so that the original game code can run unmodified on different hardware. This allows you to play games from a wide variety of systems on your phone, tablet or PC. It includes code to directly communicate with many wireless bluetooth game controllers. The advantage of having built-in code is that it reduces lag/latency of responses and allows two-player simultaneous play. SmartGear currently supports games designed for the GameBoy, GameGear, Sega Master System, NES (Famicom), Genesis (MegaDrive), Turbografx-16, and various coin-operated games. The games are accessed as ZIP files containing “rom dumps” from the original game cartridges. SmartGear does not contain any copyrighted game code. Do not ask BitBank Software for access to these games, we cannot provide them. It is up to the user to have the appropriate access and rights to use the original game code.

1) Previously played games gallery for quick access to your favorites
2) Supports GameShark and GameGenie cheats
3) Direct support of Wiimote, MOGA, Zeemote, SteelSeries Free, BGP-100, and iControlPad. Low latency, Supports 2-player simultaneous play.
4) Pre-defined keys for Xperia Play, iCade, iMpulse, Gamestop controller
5) Customize key codes for any input device
6) Turbo mode allows 2-16x advance through (boring) intros (not on the free version)
7) Load/Save and auto-load of games (not on the free version)
8) Includes smart stretching algorithm to make low-res games look good on hi-res displays
9) Allows head-2-head play of GameBoy and GameGear games on a single device (simulates link cable)
10) Rewind gameplay 4 seconds in case of a "fatal" error
11) Save a screenshot as a PNG file
12) Pauses the game properly when the focus is lost or a menu is opened
13) Renders in OpenGL at 60fps (as long as your machine can handle it)
14) Optionally drive the GUI from the wireless controller (e.g. open, start, quit, etc)
15) Programmable shoulder button actions during gameplay (e.g. pause, rewind, save, etc).





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