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help are scripts made for different version and if so then how to?

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#1 nycjv321

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Posted 20 April 2007 - 10:55 PM

yes this is another n00b question whenever i try to build something for example in "native XP" or the default XP Live CD it builds ok but the apps will not show in the start menu i know i would have to manually edit the scripts so then i open them in notepad... and now what should I from there? im kinda lost. im using build 068 of win builder
this happens with the following scripts

#2 Brito


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Posted 21 April 2007 - 10:08 AM

You're not doing anything wrong and you've assumed correctly the issue - those scripts were written having in mind the projects that were running on winbuilder 052.

The main difference for our current projects is that no fixed paths like x:\programs are being used anymore so the shortcuts and scripts are not following our build model - however I think you can easily fix them once you see how it's done.

Inside scripts you can use a few variables that will be replaced by the correct Programs name under your language (In Portuguese this is "Programas" for example).


To edit your script there is no need to use notepad - select a script and click on the logo image to enter edit mode.

Inside this edit mode you will be able to edit just about everything about the script, including the source code wich is the part you need to correct.

The advantage of using this built-in editor is that you can press the right click button of your mouse on the source code text window and a small menu allows you to browse and select available commands displayed by categories.

To also help a bit more, when you select a command from this menu - this command will place some help tips to ensure you use the right parameters, something like:


Where message is text you wish to display.

We have the script syntax and commands also explained on our wiki, just look here for quick references:

How to create shortcuts

To create a shortcut you will need to understand that a few steps are needed to ensure that everything is done correctly, these are very simple steps and I will write everything that is needed:

1 - read the localized folder name - when the project is built it will read the name of your "Programs" folder under the language of your install CD, so this value is stored on a INI text file and we will read it into a variable

2 - Write a line for creating your shortcut - we will write a line inside a central text files wich will combine all requests and create all our needed shortcuts

--- Example:


%ProgramName%=CD Writer



echo,"Making new directories.."




echo,"Extracting %ProgramName%.."




Look on the variables section, it will hold the title for the shortcut and the folder name where the program will be stored.

First we read the value from the %projectinfo% file (this is a variable pointing to the file that has all the details we need to read)

And we get the "Program_Files" value stored on %WorkDir% - notice how it used on the following line:

This line will add the shortcut on the Start Menu (SM) - if you want an icon on desktop just repeat the same line again but change the SM value to DE (Desktop)

There is also a complete and detailed manual inside the build model script, just press the help button inside the script to view the detailed documentation with some good tips.

On the main window, select from LiveXP or nativeEx:

Basic --> Build --> Build Model script

Sorry for the lengthy answer but hope this explains your doubts.. :cheers:

#3 nycjv321

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Posted 21 April 2007 - 07:21 PM

thx ill gonna start messing with the scripts later on today and report back if i encounter any problems

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