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Chewing gum for idiots.

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Posted 06 October 2013 - 09:32 AM

I read the (local) headlines attached to Snowden like  ---> " NSA monitors everything you do on the "net"

I'm looking and I'm very amazed . Wrong even , newspapers  headlines.

 It is absurd , because it is showing all the way around ( the reality) in the text and placed upside down in this story .

 Or this whole story is chewing gum for idiots and at the level of idiots.

In addition, there is the inserted element of " conspiracy " to better accommodate (us) . Some  sealy concepts , some ( poor ) internet coverage map and nonsense as the

scenarios from movie James Bond 007. Of course the main character is a man who knows everything,

can be everything, and knows how to program and hack .


Anyway, to get back to the point of the story about control.

They do not have to access anything.

Because everything is reversed in the other way around as it really is.

They do not need any special software (or a team of specially trained monkeys :buehehe: ) to track and monitor
the entire Internet as their own constituent.

NSA = Internet - fully and in its all segments (from the Beginning in timeline of the 20th century)




But literally. The problem is that most people do not know ( and many do not care to know) how that conglomerate
works (such as infrastructure) . Prejudice, stupidity, lack of education , and somewhat true, but rarely .

The whole infrastructure ( physical) , the entire lens, ( all ) equipment , Multi-Gigabit Ethernet to USA and EU (And All World)

it works ( mostly) over one and the same corporation .

Internet is not only "made in by USA" ---> But the USA is " provider of providers" for all us too.

From the heart of the United States , Level 3:


This is not a conspiracy - it's factual situation "beyond bandwidth" and real MAP:


We follow "them" and we move together in the work , leaving

(personal) data, sharing, connect to and browse through "them", as an integral part of "them" ,

and (we are ) its " matrix " . :hyper: 

And we are all most from "their" dependents (their internet addicts ) and we
all pay "them" {subconsciously} . ( voluntarily participate into) .




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