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Parsing INF with CMD

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#1 genetix


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Posted 05 September 2013 - 06:45 PM

Well, removed the link for now as that was simply topics dump. I got now working INF dump which can dump all information by architecture and by OS version. Dumping some huge database like DriverPacks will take 30mins or so to go through, but well I ain't the best at this and having absolutely no optimization on my script as I simply wanted to see is it actually possible to fully extract all information from INF file with CMD.


Project scale:

* List and locate every driver in single path.

* Copy every driver to secondary location.

* Duplicates handling:

-Renaming by driver version leaving latest driver as top load

-Modification to information to secondary location INF files for the target system to mirror changes made at SYS/DLL.

* OS Architecture and Version handling:

-Each architecture and OS version has it's own driver (This means if you have NT-2K-XP driver it will always be a NT-2K, XP driver, but there would be driver for NT-2K and driver for XP separated and same goes to NT 6.x generation).

* Extract full registry information from each driver INF.

* Capability to install offline / online to any container holding the system.


UPDATE 15-09-2013:

* Working still on removal of my 'dump the information to files'-removal (Basically, dump all information first to separate files to see the progress through better for first 10 builds of mine for this project).

* Finished the possible entires on each topic through accordingly to MSDN Driver INF directives.

* Currently I am able to do full everything listed at above 'project scale' ain't pretty, but works.


Currently, I've worked, so damn much on this project and this thing called real life lately. I am simply tired and this project is on hold as long it needs to for me to get some "will" to finish it off.




I am still asking, if someone knows, if there is a tools/utility/script which can provide every last information added to registry or system as files from INF  ?

#2 Wonko the Sane

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 07:31 PM

It is not at all clear (to me) what do you mean (what you want to do). :unsure:


Can you post an example "source" file and an example "seeked output" of the command?


A compiled code might be (obviously) faster than an interpreted language, but generally speaking, batch files (with the appropriate external tools/utilities) can normally do *anything*.


Just as an example (and only loosely related) a working "merging tool" has been developed for .inf files entirely in batch here:





#3 genetix


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Posted 05 September 2013 - 09:32 PM

Output should be what ever .INF (Microsoft Information file for drivers) would regularly output at system when used to install the driver.


As in:


DeviceID, DeviceDescription, Service Creation, Added/removed Registry entries sections, identification of ; quoted out entries of course.




Updated top post now to include example of parsing through to subtopic_level3 topics and moving forward now to parsing data and entries to .reg / .cmd and File Copying against the INF instead of locating all .SYS which should all in all give me opportunity to categorize all architectures and OS versions no matter what is actually put to so called 'cache' folder I use to locate any driver under later on.

#4 genetix


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Posted 10 September 2013 - 04:05 AM

Finished with bitmask..


Moving on when I get a chance and time to work on this. It is after all rebuilding the whole damn microsoft wheel.

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