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XP USB 2.0/3.0 / VHD - Could use some help

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Posted 19 August 2013 - 11:17 PM

Ok, this probably will be worlds second longest topic, but lets get to it..


Direct to USB Installation style:


Illustration of setup at USB Flash:

[ NTFS Part #0,0 Primary - Active ]

[ FAT32 Part #0,1 Primary - none ]


Absolute requiment is no other storage devices in system in any level.


How would functional XP ISO look like:

* Integrate USB 1.1/2.0 drivers

* Integrate USB 3.0 drivers

* Integrate Wait4UFD

* WinVBlock with F6

* Load from Grub4Dos


Now that general idea works flawless boot up fine no issue what so ever, but here's the issue:


I need Mass storage, CPU and Chipset drivers integrated in system every one of them so that means DriverPacks. Now here's an trick which ain't done so easily because DriverPacks installer is the issue. It screws up everything there is to screw up at OS disc and if I remove that part and do integration later it still adds it's own style registry's and screws up the install. I have considered manually of adding device paths.


Now what I need is someone who understands why above functional setup works while DriverPacks integrating 3 driver packs won't. DriverPacks:

* Chipset


* Massstorage


(I tested removing all USB drivers from chipset package. USB 1.1/2.0/3.0 deleted all of them before using driverpacks coming up with exact identical issue.)


So, Anyone here who could make me understand:


* What exactly am I doing with Driverpack install wrong ?

NOTE: Even while installing 1 singular driver with it fails to boot. It doesn't matter if there's no drivers or drivers it just fails.

* Is there someway doing this completely manually after actual Install still keeping the concept that you can attack VIA AHCI and it would still boot up ?

* Is there alternative choise to DriverPacks or do I really need to build drivers folder by myself and do device paths at windows ?


G4D at USB -> VHD:


On this one I simply have few questions:


* Why does mounting VHD from Grub4Dos require IDE to be enabled from BIOS ?

* Is there way to mount VHD/IMG any container file as removable device with any existing bootloader ?

(On my perspective makes absolutely no sense that IMG/VHD mounted from bootloader at removable media should ever be seen as fixed disk as that is exactly what it's not or doesn't now days bootloaders understand what is removable media they are at.)

* If mounting VHD/IMG as first drive it will most likely seen after IDE/SATA AHCI Internal HD OR cannot be used at all at NT5.0-5.2 installers, while mounted at last space it is always seen as first HD, why is this? Why mapper image have to be after everything to be seen correctly (or is this just my Asus BIOS failure) ?



--------------- EDIT ---------------


Environment notice:

* Everything above is done with real hardware tested against 3 different hardware setups from 2 totally different kind of laptops and 1 I5 desktop.

* No virtualized environments are no longer tested because all of them fails against actual hardware.

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#2 genetix


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 12:19 AM



(Sorry for double posting, but can't edit original as said before this forum edit policy is just lame.)


Working through every single  driver at USB which I am above trying to integrate which are found at system updating them 1-by-1 and booting have to see if I can locate any that could cause failure.

#3 genetix


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 07:47 AM

Yeh, found the problem on IDE / AHCI side after all. Installed 1-by-1 and seems service is well created badly from DriverPacks. Seems I need to modify every single driver in the package or someway create some at shutdown script for registry tweaking these kinda of drivers/services. Looks like I need somekinda start check + 'loadord.exe' dump and maybe somekind of ask if new device is from check list what to do with it or something like this.


Good news on this one is that it seems now (since I had to study half the dman registry out) that I can build fully operational and tweaked system at VHD at Virtual Machine and then make it bootable with USB. Looks like after all the stuff might be using nLite a bit since seems with updates WinBlows XP sure wants some serious space while actual system is only 258MB total on HD.


Thanks anyway, for a lot of people on a lot of topics helping me out.

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