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Error with mounting wim (Boot.wim) - Attached log file.

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Posted 12 July 2013 - 09:12 PM

Error with mounting wim (boot.wim)

build stopped by script command.


As the log shows I believe it stopped becasuse the regedit.exe file was not in the \mount\...\sources\bootwimsrc

but I cannot tell exacly


I'm using the original Windows DVD Windows 8 x64bit ISO extracted to a folder.


UPDATE: Once again I did copy the regedit.exe file to ..\bootwimsrc while the script was running and the script kept running.


So far now I went so far as to step 42 out of 75 steps, it stopped while installing some addictional fonts and codes, so I'll keep troubleshooting.





UPDATE1  It seems like there is a problem with the 0-preconfig.script as after I copied manually the regedit.exe to ...source\bootwimsrc folder it was working at that stage, and I was up to step 40 or something like that out of 75 steps.


But then again it stop at the 0-preconfig.script at this time it was showing a different error saying that there was not a copy of explorer.exe and regedit.exe at ...\sources\InstallWimSrc  folder.


This last error was not showing before so my conclusion is that the 0-preconfig.script has a problem somewhere.


I'm trying to pass this 0-preconfig.script step, so I commented these lines:

// If,Not,ExistFile,%BootSRC%\Windows\regedit.exe,Message,"Error with mounting source! (Boot.wim)",ERROR
// If,Not,ExistFile,%BootSRC%\Windows\regedit.exe,Halt,"Error with mounting source! (Boot.wim)"

// If,Not,ExistFile,%InstallSRC%\Windows\explorer.exe,Message,"Error with mounting source! (Install.wim)",ERROR
// If,Not,ExistFile,%InstallSRC%\Windows\explorer.exe,Halt,"Error with mounting source! (Install.wim)"

Now I got stopped at the same 0-preconfig.script but this time I got this warning and stopped the build:


Retrieve - Failed to retrieve the file version from: [%BaseDir%\Mount\Win8PESE\Source\InstallWimSrc\Windows\System32\UXInit.dll] - File does not exist:


so I can not make head or tail of why these files are not prsent when running this script, if the extracted files came from orginal windows 8 pro x64bit original DVD. And the thing is that before It didn't show this error as I was already passed this step and was as far as step 40, but now I'm stacked at step 2 to 5 with this script.


LAST UPDATE: After deleting everything in the win8pe folder and uncompressing again the original win8p_builder082 zip file seems to fix the problem. But it run up to the point in the POSTCONFIG (62 steps out of 65), and in the log file it said it could not overwrite the  ..\source\InstallWimSrc folder, I don't know exactly what it was doing so the temporarily solution was to UNMARK the box that was marked and that says: BUILT IN TARGET IMAGE FOLDER (With this option:

the Win8PESE & Win7PESE image is created in a new folder.  This will keep the Target folder untouched.)
Now finally I got one Win8PE SO image built. !
Thanks to the efforts of all the people involved in this project.
Best regards.

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