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Backup a live Windows system with strarc and volume shadow copy

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Posted 02 June 2013 - 11:07 AM

With many thanks to Olof Lagerkvist, strarc can backup a full Windows installation including NTFS permissions, timestamps and file attributes.




strarc can be used to do an on-line backup of Windows using the volume shadow service.


I coded a tool named vscopy similar to Microsoft's volume shadow copy client vshadow.exe :

Volume shadow copy creator for Windows XP \ Server 2003 \ 7 V1.0
For the moment, only the 32-bit version of vscopy is available for Windows XP, 2003 and Windows 7
Other alternatives are MS volume shadow copy client from various SDKs and the one from SourceForge :
Using my volume shadow copy creator, I was able to perform an on-line backup of my Windows XP SP3 installation with strarc.exe :
D:\>vscopy.exe C: V: wait.bat
Volume shadow copy path = \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy1
wait.bat :
vscopy takes three parameters. The first indicating the partition to get the volume shadow copy. The second is the symbol of the volume shadow copy and the third is the batch \ script \ executable file to process the volume shadow copy.
The second command-line prompt :
strarc.exe -cd:V:\ -e:pagefile.sys \\fileserver\backup\winxpsp3.sa
The pagefile is excluded. Through a a pipe symbol, bzip2 can compress the backup stream.
Naturally, you can add this line to the batch file wait.bat
V is the symbol of the volume shadow copy. strarc created successfully the backup on the network share. Restoring is easy from a Windows PE environment :
Formatting partition C and connecting to the network share :
net use Z: \\fileserver\backup
Restore backup :
strarc.exe -xd:C:\ Z:\winxpsp3.sa
The restored Windows XP system restarted without any error message.
The -j parameter of strarc can be used to backup the junction points of Vista,7,8, Server 2008 \ 2012 

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