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Isosel.bin Graphical Interface?

isostick isosel.bin

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#1 onemoretime

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Posted 06 March 2013 - 06:28 PM

In the past, I have made similar devices using older S3 Sanddisk USB drives. While ISOSTICK is FAR superior and idiot proof in comparison, its boot selection menu leaves much to be desired. When I made mine, I used CDShell to create a graphical interface by displaying an image on boot up  It would then wait for a key selection for the desired ISO or image to boot up. The Isosel.bin seems to be the the engine to negotiate the start up sequence for this device if I am not mistaken. If that is the case 

-  Does anyone know of a way to create a graphical boot menu? 

-  Does anyone know of a way to password protect its usage?

-  Does anyone know of a way to password protect its usage?

-  Does anyone know of a way to create a theme skin the original menu like Grub or equiv?

#2 Greg Crist

Greg Crist
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Posted 06 March 2013 - 07:25 PM

isosel does not currently offer the features you are listing (graphical boot menu, theming, or password protection).  There is a trello board with development items in progress but I would imagine that theming isosel or changing it from a text-based interface to graphical would be a low-priority item in comparison to compatibility / functional issues.

#3 onemoretime

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Posted 06 March 2013 - 07:58 PM

Understood and agreed. However, if the .bin file was open, I am sure there are some users out there who could 'assist' with some of the work. I am not suggesting that EI or Reboot.Pro provide these upgrades. As you said, functionality is more important overall. However, there are some very enterprising programmers out there and I was hoping to reach out to one of them for help since I clearly don't have the expertise to do what I would like to make it more approachable for my company. 


  MOD: Could you please move this thread to the New Requests portion of the board. I didn't notice it was there. 

  Thank you!  :suda:

#4 elegantinvention


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Posted 07 March 2013 - 06:24 PM

Moved to Requests :)


I will whip up a document at some point ( https://trello.com/c/lTtvpXBJ ) on the spec, and ask the isosel author about opening the source.


Until then, if you don't mind requiring the isostick be in read/write mode, you can have your software locate the isostick in the same way ISO Manager does (SCSI VID/PID), and then find all the *.iso and *.iso.0 files to get the list, then write the user's choice to /config/iso_filename.txt


You could locate the isostick via its USB or SCSI Vendor and Product IDs:

USB VID: 0x25bf  PID: 0x0001


The USB Revision gives the hardware revision, where 0x0100 is A, 0x0200 is B, and so on. It's BCD so the second byte is the sub-revision, for example 0x0301 would be C.1, and so on. However, sub-revisions are not currently used.

The USB Serial Number is a universally unique ID for a given isostick.

The SCSI Serial Number is identical to the USB Serial Number.



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