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Disk Signature Clashing Restoring VHD to Physical HDD

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 08:51 PM

Hello hope all is well, haven't posted for ages so greetings to all  :good:


Need some advice on something I'm trying to figure out. I'm going about creating syspreped updated images for Win 7 / Vista and soon 8. I have created a VHD in Virtual Box of all the Variants of said operating systems x86 x64. Then every 3 months or so load them all back up in turn, update everything, seal and re arm again then image them with ghost then when out and about use PE to ghost the images onto systems where needed etc. Problem is I've created a lot time required as also each system gets upload to a FOG Server for when systems come back here. Then I have to ghost them so I can use them out on the road. So between that and the ghosting its gonna be a lot of work but I'm prepared to do it as I'd rather do background work on that rather than spending 3 hours at a clients PC updating things...no thanks!


So actually while I'm here I just thought of something else I wanted to try to minimize on the number of stages required.


Firstly, FOG server, runs ace, its got all my images already there, I had a look and even posted in the FOG forum about the possibility of the images being compatible with some other linux cloning tool that I could use. End result being I have 1 "hop". Update the VHD's, FOG them, then can image systems that I take off site with the actual server and also take the images on a large USB device to then have a third party clone tool do the same thing. Hope that makes sense. I figure that if I am going to get a good answer on that it will be here.  :idea:


I couldnt get an answer on that like I said.


It was by Fluke that I noticed that WinPE will allow me to attach a VHD file in the disk management section. So thought there's another opportunity. Update the VHD's, copy them to the USB for mounting in PE then using Ghost to DISK to DISK clone. Which works to a degree but I saw that the target disk goes offline due to Disk Signature Clashes and I read that although the system will boot afterwards there can be times when the wrong signature comes back into play and stops booting!!! I dont want that risk since Im supposed to be fixing things!!!


So again, is there a way round that too? Has anyone tried the same thing and found a cure? If so would be great to know. Thanks guys.

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