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Windows Server 2012+WDS+PXElinux+ISO+Serva+Grldr

wds grldr serva boot pxelinux iso menu

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#1 Shahzaib



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Posted 03 March 2013 - 08:01 PM

With Name of Allah(God)


I started My 1st project dual pxe-boot 45 day ago,

Please if I made mistake excused me.Because My English not good,. 



What you will learn in it,.


solution of

wds pxe boot error pxe 52,Tftp,Dhcp no answer,Booting Iso Menu,hiren-bootcd, and more


​ Requirement:

1) Windows server 2012+wds(only)

2) EZbootcd

3) Serva

4) Pxeliunx



1st)Step Install windows Standard  2012

                                                                Add role only WDS Add boot+Install images

Friend here are so problem about if install Dhcp or tftp32 it not Support all Computer etc,.

Arp time out,pxe-e52 ,No dhcp or proxy etc.


when you install wds than automatically Windows TFTP installed,. (It not work for dual boot next time I tell how stop it)


2nd) Download Serva v2.1 from my skydrive link at the end

Set a static IP of you network card

Run serva64 Than setting as in the image


DHCP server Yes

IP same as network card you set but last digit +1 (I.e if network IP than Serva IP will

Pool size more than 10 recommended

Next server Automatic

Boot file \boot\x86\wdsnbp.com

Subnet Mask /24


Serva Best software MS-Dhcp server,Tftp32,Sunwinds,Etc


It easy and support all type of computers,. if you find Dhcp any Windows Boot.wim Say that mean lan driver not in image use latest one boot.wim


        trick when ever you start serva before turn on lan-hub or other computer.other wise it will not work,.it cause is that when lan goto sleep not work,if not work than no ip work,.



if you are on v-machines than just serva proxy boot file and subnet mask


Next I will told ISO+Wds+serva+pxelinux+grldr


If find than comment i will counties 

                                                                          sky-drive link:- http://sdrv.ms/VXEE5c 



#2 Shahzaib



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Posted 05 March 2013 - 03:34 PM

Now I tell how How Hiren boot load over Lan,. we need HBCD in Hdd drive or dvd,. but .Iso and .Ima show error,. All software and image guide in down sky-drive link,.


                             warning serva Allow fire wall in all windows,.


Next time I told how boot iso menu for wds,.


                                                                                                 Sky drive link,.http://sdrv.ms/VXEE5c

#3 llbranco



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Posted 05 March 2013 - 09:25 PM

next server = a second pxe boot server (other physical server) like for example

i really appreciate Serva too (and i use it)

u must to edit your pxe "menu"





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#4 Shahzaib



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Posted 06 March 2013 - 03:26 PM

Thank you For All reply and suggestion,.


Today we will learn how make wds Iso boot menu,.




2)Ezboot or Other Gui Bootable Iso Software,.

3)Serva both are in Skydrive (32bit n 64bit)

4)Windows server 2012 Tested (WDS running config PXE settings)



Lets start we need Sys-Linux 5.01





5)pxelinunx(folder)\ default(txt file edit menu and rename it as default without extension)


This example of menu that Im using in default,.


Default NafeesTrd Groups of Companies
Label NafeesTrd Groups of Companies
LINUX memdisk
INITRD NafeesTrd.iso
APPEND iso raw


Open boot EZboot


D:\make a new folder again new folder and again make Boot as(d:\new folder(empty beside one new folder)\new folder(empty beside boot folder)\boot)

create in it menu with ezbootcd it necessary make  two folder if you use one folder ezboot compile all your data of newfolder and boot folder.


for example you have music file in drive you make only one folder ezboot will compile all  data and iso will maked more capacity


Just copy wdsnbp.com to boot folder. enter syntax run wdsnbp.com in ezbootcd menu,

if want 64 bit than copy wdsnbp.com from D:\RemoteInstall\Boot\x64 and rename wdanbp64.com and wdsnbp32.com


Enter for 32-bit wdsnbp32.com

Enter for 64-bit wdsnbp64.com

Enter a local hard boot menu set default,. 


Make Iso 


Iso name and pxelinux default boot Iso must same. copy in     <drive>:\RemoteInstall\Boot in folder,.


Remember Iso must small size data other wise it will take time,.(100mb 4-Mints depend on system but we need not more from 3-MB)


Same Serva Settings as Last wdsnbp.com booting just change Boot file name \boot\x86\pxelinux.bin 


                                                                                                                                   ISO+Linux file in Starter Project.rar

                                          All tested File in my sky drive this Link:http://sdrv.ms/VXEE5c

why i make it I can do it with linux menu but I like best Gui splash screen,Best for Automatic Installer after reboot auto boot from harddrive option save time,.

Next time I will tell how Possible Hirenbootcd grldr and windows Installion work at time,.

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